HM@ 9/30/07″The one with Stich, a big piece of meat, the Boy Wonder, & Tanakachi’s walk off victory!

While the travelogue episodes were entertaining the return to games whether they be in studio or on location somewhere are the true joy of HM episodes! Today's "Chibikko King" is a master at arcading and in particular the crane type games. Representing Momusu is Kamei :D, Sayu, Tanakachi, & Jun Jun. Jun Jun has really matured so much as an idol and she truly feels like a natural part of the group for me instead of a new member. Heheh and the others make her look so tall!

The location for the showdown featuring the wiz kid vs. Momusu is Tokyo's Joypolis and we are quickly introduced to the one who wins so many toys out of these machines! The four girls are dressed in really cute dresses today and their tops have a great looking net design. Kamei's honest laughter can already be heard in full force! 😀 Heheh the little "king" in the stroller remains as a fixture on this show and Tanakachi gets the "honor" of pushing the little guy around. After Sayu gives us a cute rendition of how the crane in these games operate by picking up the little "king" we find out that there is indeed a crowned champion of these crane type games in Japan! :O Ahh to be crowned the "T.V. Champion of the Crane Game." :O!! And after a brief VTR clip she's introduced as a special guest on today's episode!

With the help of a special "crane cam" we are treated to a trial run by the Chibikko King aka kid who wins a lot of toys and goodies from crane machines. Without breaking a sweat he routinely captures a toy on his first try! I don't know about anyone else who has played these types of games but it's definitely not easy, at least for me it isn't. After about $20 I'll go home empty handed and wondering why I kept playing. 😛 Next using another crane the boy wonder of crane games manages to capture not one but two Pocky treats in a single attempt! :O The four girls and I are all amazed at this point and I think you throw in the towel before this bout begins. :O The girls receive a few tips on working the crane from the reigning champion and I imagine that Sayu & Kamei would like to take this kid out on a date so that they can win lots of stuff! Heheh they just seem to be the most excited by his talent. Just imagine him cleaning out all of the machines with minimal cash and eventually the arcade would have to close. lol! I've never seen a figure (in box) in one of these machines but that's exactly what the kid captures next in just one try! :O

Sayu is first to give the crane challenge a practice run and with remarkable skill…uh luck…she manages to capture a cute stuffed toy! The crane originally didn't look like it was going to grasp it properly and when it slipped out of its claws it fell into the chute! Heheh there's even a name for this technique.

At 100 yen per attempt team Musume is given 1100 yen to win as many prizes as they can and first up is Jun Jun who looked at first to have a chance at capturing a Stich plush toy sees it fall through the crane's grasp. Now this I can relate to as it's what happens the majority of the time when I've tried playing one of these games. Sayu begs "please" to the machine but Stich will have none of it. Kamei is next and after her failed attempt she bounces up and down in cute disappointment. Champion Nakashima gives a few words of advice before Tanakachi faces the crane game. They are now down to 800 yen and yet another Stich falls through their grasp. But out of the smoke comes Sayu to save the day and prove that her practice run wasn't a fluke after all!! With all of their money spent Sayu manages to capture the one and only Stich plush for team Musume.

Not to worry the Boy Wonder is playing on a handicapped format and gets "only" 300 yen which equates to "just" three tries. Ah I say only because I fully expect him to win three Stich plush dolls. With a slight grin on his face, that of a wolf stalking his easy prey he heads to the game to pull victory out of the machine one Stich at a time. The girls know that they are in trouble after the "King" effortlessly captures a Stich on his first try. Watching him operate you begin to realize that selection of your target is perhaps the key to success as he quickly selects his next target. Just like witnessing Roger Federer forget how to swing a tennis racket, the "King" watches as his second attempt goes awry! :O With the score tied at one Kamei, Tanakachi, Lin Lin and Sayu can be seen behind him praying for his…uh failure. lol! Well not literally but I bet that's what they're all thinking. :P  The pressure mounts and it's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, game's tied, and the Boy Wonder is down to his last 100 yen. The "onegai" jinx is on as Sayu…uh heckles the boy wonder into another miss!! Phenomenal! Team Musume survives with a tie! :O

Time for the tie breaker and team Musume's pinch hitter Tanakachi is set to face the Nolan Ryan of crane games…let's just hope none of them charge the mound if he wins. With only one chance each the Mr. Ryan step up to the machine and…misses again! :O Tanakachi can now win with a walk off stich capture! With USC's recent upset and tumble in the polls anything's possible. On paper it looked like a sure defeat for team Musume, a free bingo space for boy wonder, a…..well you get the picture. With amazing poise and confidence, two wonderful traits that define a part of Tanakachi's personality she CAPTURES a Stich in this sudden death playoff!!! Boy wonder has been upset and the celebration begins! The unthinkable has just occurred and………..while the tune from Rocky plays in the background Reinachan begins to tear a bit as happiness has overcome her. 😀 Yo Adrian I did it!!!! And with the victory come the spoils of a special treat! 🙂

And now it's time to eat, a long time tradition of Momusu t.v. shows and Gakisan, Kamei, Jun Jun, & Lin Lin are treated to some special cuisine at "pueruto panuusu." They meet up with a 12 year old food "expert" and a large piece of well marbled meat. Heheh watching this food "connoisseur" is quite amusing and after he neatly lays several pieces of meat on his bowl of rice he starts chowing down like there's no tomorrow! :O It gets a great reaction from all of the girls as they are all cracking up! It never ceases to amuse me watching the reactions of H!P members whenever meat is presented before them! The excitement is always amazing! 😀 They sure love meat!! Hmmm…I wonder if their parents don't serve meat at home. "Kids Gourmet" corner gets rolling but first a game must be played of course as it's HM! Literally a "Joker" comes out to greet them with a bit of pyrotechnics and freaks the girls out! (See photos 1108, 1112, & 1113 for some great reaction stills) :O!! The "Joker" game involves four cards three of which are blank and a single card which is the Joker. The goal is to not be the member who chooses the Joker card as that member will not be able to dine today! After some shuffling which didn't involve magic or really any slight of hand tricks I thought it was pretty easy to see which card was the Joker. With two cards left to turn over and Kamei & Lin Lin praying theirs isn't the Joker the suspense is as thick as that piece of meat that awaits the winners. Ah Kamei must eat! And to her delight Lin Lin has picked the Joker card. It's always amusing watching members of H!P eat and for a second there I thought that Gakisan was going to give Lin Lin a piece…but she just let her smell it. :O With such short episodes these HM@ programs go by so quickly! Heheh I forgot to stop the disc before the credits starting rolling as I've been trying to avoid any new PVs that they may show as I'd like it to be the first time I'm watching them when I receive the actual releases. So I ended up catching a short glimpse of Biyuuden's new PV during the credits and indeed it's very pink as I've heard!

Don't forget to feed the fish whenever you visit as they always seem to be hungry! Their pond is on the right side. 🙂


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10 Responses to HM@ 9/30/07″The one with Stich, a big piece of meat, the Boy Wonder, & Tanakachi’s walk off victory!

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    This was a great episode. My Evangelion otaku heart was really touched when the genius kid got that Ayanami figure, 10th anniversary edition T_T I want it T_T From where he was, he couldn't even see those two small holes in the box and yet he got the crane into them perfectly T_TSayu was really lucky with that first try. The woman even says it was a very rare move.I liked those episodes in Hello! Morning where a magician would do some tricks, and all the members had to guess what the magician would do next. So I was really happy when that clown-like man appeared, but in the end it wasn't magic -_- It was easy to see what he did with the cards, but maybe that's because the camera was directly above them? It might be more difficult to follow it from another angle..


  2. HarimaKenji I'm happy that someone else actually watched this episode too! The kid was amazing getting that figure on one try! It was amusing that there was actually a name for the move that Sayu achieved and I loved when they showed the skit clip of the table being flipped over by it's edge to demonstrate what the move was like! Heheh it cracked me up! Yes Magic Restaurant should make a come back!! There were so many great episodes when this segment was part of the show. I'll never forget when Mikitty suggested that Kohachan be the one to participate in the magic trick involving the broken bottle which was covered by a paper bag! It was a bit "mean" but funny at the same time and the fear on Kohachan's face was priceless! :O I was wondering how they decided who got to choose a card first and next and so on. I also thought it was easy to tell which card was the Joker and there's no way you'd want to pick last! Poor Lin Lin…no steak filet for her. But I guess someone was going to lose and I'm just glad that it wasn't Kamei! Heheh but of course that's just because I adore her so much and wanted to see her get to eat! Have you been watching H!M for a long time? My friend Saburo has been giving me every week's episode since 2002 and some from 2001. Only problem is that it's hard to find a particular episode as they're mixed in with other H!P stuff on a bunch of spindles. I was sad to see the show reduced in length dramatically when it became HM@. I miss all of the different versions of their "news" segment and especially "Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei!" It was best when Yukosan was the host as she was the best person for that role and I wish that she would be featured on the show more often! You hardly even see her now days.


  3. Ahh, games… -How cute!


  4. HarimaKenji says:

    When I got into Hello! Project, H!M ended T_T I mean, when I started downloading things from Hello-Online and saw H!M, there were 3 more episodes and then it turned into HM@. And I hated HM@ in the beginning. Those first episodes were a little too boring for me… I'm also not very fond of those "Liar Queen" episodes, like the last one (10/07/07). But this episode and the other one with the Bowling Chibikko King were great, they give me some hope for this program's future.I've downloaded episodes from the beginning of the show up to beginning of 2004, and then everything from 2006/2007. Now I'm watching all of this… I've already seen 2006/2007 (that's what I downloaded first), second half of 2003 and now I'm seeing 2002. Sometimes when I find something interesting, I make some notes of what episode it was in… But generally the list of episodes from ThePPN is enough, so I don't do that a lot with H!M episodes…It's strange that they didn't give HM@ a news segment. They were perfect from a marketer's point of view: a commercial that everyone gladly watches, with no intention to skip. They probably cut the segment because they didn't have time for it. Too bad, I'd rather cut something else.And poor Yuuko-san, she gradually disappeared from the show…After she lost the host position, her appearances started to decline. She appeared mostly on news segments and comedy skits for quite some time. Then, on 2006/2007 episodes, she appears only in special occasions. Never on HM@, as far as I know. She would be very welcome now, her personality is needed in these programs. Especially with Yossie/Miki gone, her strong personality would complement momusu. That's because I think momusu now has too much kawaii and too little kakkoii. Hum…. But the way HM@ is, Yuuko wouldn't fit very well. Imagine her using animal ears. -_- It just doesn't work.


  5. Dark Knightingale it's been quite awhile since I wrote anything about HM@ but the return of the games has brought back the joy! 😀


  6. Hotaru says:

    Tanakachi is great in this episode when she falls over and starts crying tears of victory when catching the tie-breaker Stich! Actually, all of the girls were great, and Sayumi's victories make me believe that she is naturally very lucky. Haha.The meat segment made my mouth water, all of the meat they eat makes me hungry…it looks so good! It also makes me always feel bad for the member who doesn't get meat, in this case, Linlin. D:


  7. Saburo says:

    It's also cool that the arcade kid was a good sport in defeat. Can you imagine how the bowling brat would have reacted to losing to Musume and Company? He would have flung the bowling balls at their feet…


  8. HarimaKenji I too really hope that the format for the new show will be going in the game direction. It's much more fun to watch and I love seeing how the members interact with special guests. Hey we're both H!M junkies! 🙂 I usually write notes directly on the discs after I watch an episode so when I'm flipping through them something will catch my eye. I use different colored Sharpies to highlight my favorite segments. That probably sounds goofy though. 😛 Yes the much shorter show unfortunately has caused them to not continue with their news segments. It really was a win win situation for them as well as the fans. We got to see some of the cutest segments ever with all of the news characters and personalities and they were able to advertise their new releases. The segments weren't really that long so I say make the rest of the show a little bit shorter and bring back the news! Heheh Yukosan wearing those animal ears would be quite an odd sight! I kind of want to see her wear them now. 😀 But yes the show could really use her authority and strong personality. I'd be so happy.


  9. Ahh Hotaru seeing Tanakachi react that way in a moment of joy was truly touching and great to see! She normally has kind of a tough and competitive exterior so it was quite endearing to see this side of her. 🙂 And Sayu's initial success was pretty amazing!! I think she even shocked herself a bit. Japan really does serve some of the nicest and well marbled cuts of beef. I don't even eat that much beef and it made me want some! Poor Lin Lin but I didn't think that the Joker guy fooled anyone and I was kind of expecting a round of jan ken po to decide who gets which of the last 2 cards as I figured all of them must know where the Joker was. But I was really happy that Kamei won because watching her eat is always a cute sight.


  10. Saburo that's a good point! The crane champion kid was a really great sport and despite all of his past success he appears to be a humble champion which is the best type of champion to like and respect. Heheh 'bowling brat'…had he gone wild in defeat they would've had to call in Risakochan to mop the floor with him! 😛


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