モーニング娘。誕生10年記念本- A celebratory look back at 10 years of Morning Musume

B.L.T. magazine like Wani Books & Up to Boy has had a long relationship with Morning Musume that dates back to July of 1998. Back in June of 2003 Wani Books released a 5 year anniversary photo book dedicated to Momusu through the strong relationship they have with the group through their publication Up to Boy which has covered the group since their debut. B.L.T. isn't a magazine that I'm familiar with and I only heard about this special "mook" (magazine/book) release from momo in New York. It's a soft cover book that's beautifully presented with its thick glossy outer jacket.

The set up of this book is pretty original as it's presented with either an introduction and interview with the current members if read from the front or from the graduated members (who are still active in H!P with the exception of Makochan who's presented here with an older interview from their magazine) if it's read from the back. Interviews include: Lin Lin, Jun Jun, Mitsii, Kohachan, Tanakachi, Sayu, Kamei, Gakisan, Aichan,Yukosan, Kaorin, Nacchi, Kei, Marippe, Gocchin, Rikachan, Yossi, Nono, Konkon, Makochan, and Mikitty. This book is wonderfully illustrated with all new pics of the girls shot special for this release as well as a well documented walk through their entire 10 year existence. A time line of every Momusu related commercial release is listed on the sides of each page and accompanying articles from B.L.T.'s past issues are also included.

This book also features off shots from B.L.T.'s vaults, cover galleries of past issues which show us some really great looking covers some of which feature group shots, solo member covers shots, as well as a few special unit cover shots including Ongaku Gatas & Kira Pika. Another unique aspect of this publication is that they release some of their issues with various collectible covers! Their March '07 issue actually had 5 different covers!! If I came across this sight at a bookstore I would've had the hardest time choosing which one to get and probably would have wound up buying every cover even though it's the same issue. 😛

Here's a glimpse of what the inside of this release looks like to give you a feel of this book as I took a few shots of some of the pages. Above I've scanned one of the photos which accompanies Kamei's interview article to commemorate her finally becoming my favorite Momusu member just a couple of days ago. 🙂

If you're interested in acquiring a well produced book which celebrates 10 years of Momusu then I highly recommend this publication. And while history is still being made by Momusu this book provides a nice memorial for any fan.

I think its cute that they have the members imposed on each page pointing to the various articles.

Sorry some of these photos are a bit blurry.

The 5th anniversary Up to Boy special edition Morning Musume book that was released back on June 15, 2003 is presented as much more of a photo book than B.L.T.'s recent release. With lots of beautiful off shots many never published before this book is a very nice journey through their first 5 years! Starting off each chapter are photos of every cover that H!P was featured on during this period. What's really nice are the candid photos including numerous polaroids that the members have affectionately written and drawn on. Also included is a question sheet, many features on the various t.v. shows that they had during this period including the sensation that was Hello! Morning, shuffle groups, H!P movie articles, and shashinshuu recollections including solo member and group works. All beautifully put together making this an essential fan collectible!

Here's a brief look at this sensational release.

The final pages reach the introduction of Gen.6's Sayu, Kamei, & Tanakachi and the book closes with the announcement of Sakuragumi & Otomegumi.

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19 Responses to モーニング娘。誕生10年記念本- A celebratory look back at 10 years of Morning Musume

  1. momo says:

    I knew you'd like this book, it's layed out very well and it's got some nice pictures of everyone. It's a great way to go back in time and see momusu from the past to the present!btw, Ohta did win that listing for the earth fest goods for me, so i'll have that in a few weeks time


  2. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  3. Thanks again for sending me the information and link for their 10th anniversary book! It's a really nice celebration and memorial of their first ten years!! Ohta is so incredible!!! I'm happy to hear that he won those items for you! 🙂


  4. guacg a lot of things had to line up right back then when I ordered their debut single from a new release catalog. I had gone back to working at a record store here in Hawaii and when the J-Pop buyer left I was given the position and then the day that I was looking through new release information and how Nacchi's picture caught my eye back then. It somehow was fate that I ordered "Morning Coffee" and it was actually the b-side "Ai no tane" that blew me away and made me into a fan for life from that day. I never imagined that an "idol" group would last this long! I had been into CoCo and Ribbon before but they had just disbanded by the time I knew of them and I had to backtrack and it took about 10 years for me to acquire all of their releases which are all out of print. Used record stores, Saburo's trip to Japan, & the great online used record shop Otokichi Premium helped me a lot in completing their discographies! So with Momusu & Hello! Project this was the first time that I was into an idol group from the very beginning so they're very special to me and always will be. I still can't believe that 10 years have passed already! It's been a wonderful & expensive 😛 journey so far and I hope that it continues for many years to come! Tsunku's recipe for success was how he started the trend of graduating members and adding new ones through auditions although he may have gotten that idea from Menudo! Heheh I wonder if Tsunku knows of Menudo. Sorry I'm rambling on.I can easily imagine how the Minimoni movie would've been quite a sight for you back then! Shock maybe. Heheh it is an outlandish movie but so much fun! So many people love Minimoni and many have discovered H!P through Minimoni. It really shows how much of an important part of H!P's history they were and will continue to be in all of their fan's hearts. I wish Aibon the best and hope that she made the right decision for herself. I wish she had come back like she was supposed to. But in her own heart she has moved on and I can respect that decision as only she truly knows what she wants in life. W's new album was just about to be released too when everything began! I imagine that it was already recorded and have been hoping that somehow someday it would be leaked or officially released. They must have lost a lot of money on that project I'd imagine and I was thinking that they'd want to make up some of that revenue. But it doesn't look like it's every going to happen so oh well. Aibon was indeed a very very important part of H!P's & Momusu's history and I do wish that she'd been part of this new 10th anniversary book as well. I am happy to see that Konkon who just returned was involved in the making of this book as there are new pictures of her in it along with the interview portion. And I'm ecstatic that Ongaku Gatas is getting a 2nd single!!! Okay I talk too much!!


  5. Hotaru says:

    Oh my goodness, those are quite possibly awesomest (I know thats not a word) magazines B.L.T. has come out with…if I ever randomly saw it, I would definitely purchase it…The newer one seems more informative than the older, but the older has more pictures…….They are equally good (or something)!


  6. 😀 Hotaru I was just talking to Dark Knightingale about using our own made up words so 'awesomest' can definitely be used here as it helps to get your point across. These both are really high quality publications and either would be a great addition to any fan's collection.


  7. Zush says:

    I think I'm not going to get that Anniversary book at this moment. I already have that 1998-2003 PB and as you said, it has lot of cool photos. Don't know if 5th Anniv. PB is sold out but every now and then you can find it from eBay's.


  8. Zush I actually didn't check and didn't know that this book was out of print. Most H!P books seem to be around forever on online book seller sites. Nacchi's last shashinshuu "Scene" is an exception as it went out of print and never came back!! :O


  9. Cory Roberts says:

    It's been 10 years since they have existed in 1997…


  10. Rad♂ says:

    I am stunned at the amount of printed literature that exists on Morning Musume. These books aren't just photos — they're text, and the writing has to say something! I must confess I do not have a passion for the books because, frankly, my Japanese reading skills are so poor, and I would really like to know what these girls are saying. I'm starting to learn a little vocal Japanese and can pick up what the girls say during performances and on DVDs, but my Kanji remains weak.


  11. Cory Roberts, time has a way of passing so quickly and here's to many more successful years of H!P!


  12. Radicalpatriot indeed being able to read the articles and notes vastly adds to the enjoyment of these types of publications. I think you're going about it the right way as being able to listen and understand lends itself to many more releases like their DVDs and lots of t.v. programs.


  13. paul.thomas says:

    Looks like a great book, lol, another item to add to the list of things I want to try and get! This is the kind of release that makes me wish I could read Japanese. It's the kind of book Id love to be able sit down and go through, the interviews with the girls must make for a great read and I'd be really interested to read the JunJun and LinLin.


  14. Paul, October is turning into a really expensive month for a H!P/ J-Pop fan! So much stuff I want too and this new book was a must have for me. It really makes for a great reference and walk down memory lane. It's also a good thing that the members were actively involved in this publication with the interviews and new candid shots on each page. Did you get a chance to buy their 5th anniversary book? It's directly tied in with our favorite idol magazine Up to Boy and is filled with lots and lots of great pictures. I would highly recommend getting this one and perhaps even first. You get to see a lot of off shots from each of the issues that Momusu & H!P appeared in.


  15. wu-san says:

    wow!!!! i'd surely love these books for Christmas ><. They're the type of things I'd really enjoy pulling out, looking through the pages on my beanbag by my bookshelf, listening to some music under a low-lit lamp on a rainy day lol.
    This really is my kind of thing, as I'm a nostalgic fool, and it'd be like photo albums. Kind of.
    awww, anyway I think these sort of things are really great. And if I could afford I'd buy them straight away 😛
    those momusu are probably actually alseep on one of the pages you took photos of, where they're all lying on cushions, such is their hectic scedule heheh.


  16. That sure paints the perfect way to enjoy these! I think they'd also make for great coffee table books although a friend of yours may "borrow" it and never bring it back if they were left out in the open for too long. 😛 If I remember correctly I think that shot is from their Hamilton Island shashinshuu and it does look authentic. I imagine they don't get much sleep most of the time and with this shot being taken it's almost like they're actually still working. 😛 Both are really great collector items full of nostalgia.


  17. wu-san says:

    haha, yeh coffee table books for sure :P, but like you said, could you trust your friends not to take it…forever? hmmm I'd have to wonder with some of mine.
    Jin of Hello Pro-Non hour recently picked up the 10th anniversiry one recently in Bangkok…so he's enjoying the book too.
    thanks for info on 'Hamilton Island shashinshuu' as it's sometimes these little details that I'm not so clued up on.


  18. wu-san watch your coffee table books closely! H!P ones may have "legs." The Hamilton Island pb is an interesting one as it's protected in a vinyl outer jacket and its size is a bit smaller than the standard shashinshuu but it's rather thick. So much of the old gang is in there! I really should get mine off the shelf as I haven't looked through it in quite awhile.


  19. wu-san says:

    You should get the pb off the shelf 😛 as for the H!P books with legs, the thought in my head now is full with crazy images of books that run away!!!
    Again, the pb is another Item I must look into more closely. old vinyl jacket? sounds interesting.


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