“Maple”, Kamei’s bid to outcute the competition is set to be released.

HMV has Kamei's 5th shashinshuu listed for an October 9th release date which means it's out today in Japan!! This article however has its releases date set on the 11th so I'm not too sure when my copy will be shipped out. By the looks of these magazine scans it looks like she's ready to reclaim her shashinshuu princess crown!

When it comes to her charismatic personality, her ability to light up the screen with comedic ease, and interact with anyone Kamei is close to being unmatched by any other member in H!P. Her "Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei" character on the H!M news segment really helped in developing the wonderful personality that was just waiting to get out! A small subtle aspect of Kamei that further endears me to her is her honest laughter. I don't know if anyone else has really noticed but Kamei's laughter isn't that of one which is carefully molded for t.v. but instead is one that you'd expect hear in the company of friends or at home when no barriers are "necessary." Her honest laughter all on its own brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh as well. 😀 Kamei also has great comedic timing and I don't think there's another member in H!P that I would like to spend a day with more than with her.

I wonder if anyone else has thought about the hypothetical idea of being able to spend a day with any one member in H!P. Who would you choose? And for what reason(s)?

Kamei has the most beautiful eyes and I think this is her most dazzling physical feature of all! Put it all together and as an idol I think she has the complete package. She's been my 2nd favorite Momusu member since December 2004 and only to Aichan who's been my favorite overall Momusu member since early 2004 after Nacchi graduated. I would normally wait until my next favorite member list update is due but I will take this opportunity to name her as my new #1 favorite Momusu member and Aichan will move to the second spot. This change isn't a result of her new PB in any way but has actually been a gradual move which has been developing over time in the recent months. In some ways it seems like this change would be inevitable as I adore Kamei far too much for her to remain 2nd forever.

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12 Responses to “Maple”, Kamei’s bid to outcute the competition is set to be released.

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    I didn't think much of Kamei before I saw some of her PBs. I was certainly surprised. Then I decided to watch her Maido Ari segment. Good to know she's releasing another PB, looks good as always."I wonder if anyone else has thought about the hypothetical idea
    of being able to spend a day with any one member in H!P. Who would you
    choose? And for what reason(s)?"Sure, it would be Konkon. She's been my favorite member since I got into H!P. Well, not exactly – I tend to change favorites all the time, as I start to know better other members. Maybe it's still too early for me to choose a favorite? (it's been less than a year since I found H!P) But I've always liked Konkon, with her slow pace and her love for food. And I don't know why, but I think she's the one I'd get along better with.


  2. Saburo says:

    woah, dramatic change in the AP/USA Today poll!
    FWIW "Mizu" will be released for a few weeks so brace yourself for another shift!


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Them shots are great, I can't believe how different she looks to her usual self, or is just me? I think that bottom photo has to my favourite bikini shot ever, Kamei looks amazing in it. I wasn't going to get a copy of this, mainly because I've got so much on order at the moment, but I'm thinking now that I'm going to have to grab a copy of this.I was wondering when Kamei would get to your No.1 it was inevitable. I must admit that Kamei (along with Gakisan) have moved up in my list.Hmmm, spend a day with a member of H!P, that's going to require some time and thought, lol if I don't I'll just blurt out the word 'Kohachan'.


  4. I can easily see why you'd choose Konkon. You can tell that she'd by a great person to spend a day with as she has such a sweet and kind personality and demeanor. And she's so smart!! All of those years watching her on H!M getting to eat a lot of treats is a joy in itself. It was really cute too when she was cooking on "Futarigoto" and I don't think anyone really savors wonderful food like she does! 🙂 I don't even like sweets and she makes me want to eat them!


  5. With Kamei constantly in my brain you probably knew this change was coming at some point. You're right this is by far the biggest change in my favorite member list in years! Kamei just couldn't be denied the top spot any longer. Heheh with "Mizu" being released pretty soon Aichan may try to pull the cross over move but I'm not sure if Kamei can be touched at this point. Will have to wait and see.


  6. Kamei may have a way of getting you to buy things that you weren't intending to get! Heheh look into her eyes…an now go get your wallet! 😉 But seriously, what makes her look so great in a bikini has to do with something that you said awhile back. It's in no way a knock against anyone else but Kamei isn't overly thin but instead is in perfect shape. Kamei has curves!! I remember you mentioning this but worded differently and it's really true. 😀 Kamei has finally reached #1! It was just a matter of time although it did take awhile as she was stuck in 2nd for a really long time. Even if you'd thought about it for awhile I may still think you'd say Kohachan! I think it makes perfect sense or perhaps a day with Sayu may be just as great.


  7. Outcute? he he he ok.
    -I'd say she's well on her way! Wow, nice pics Saburo sent you! I like the bikini pic the best! She looks GREAT!
    As for your question… -We can only pick one??? he he he
    I was only able to narrowed it down to two! Aichan and Kamei.


  8. Sometimes I use made up words. 😛 Those are 2 very good choices! I may be a bit biased though as those are my 2 favorite Momusu members. 🙂


  9. Hotaru says:

    Kamei's so cute and has reached #2 on my list! She is slowly rising, too! She's so lovable! Especially in recent Haromoni@'s, I swear they purposely make her do things where she has to draw. She is also my #1 choice when picking a new hairstyle…I often look towards Kamei!


  10. Well, sometimes I use bad grammar ("I was only able to narrowed it down"?)
    he he he. We all have our moments!
    Yeah, if I were to have to narrow my choice down to just one, I couldn't decide at this point.
    Honestly, why not a day with them all?


  11. Hotaru I'm so happy to hear that she's so high up on your list too!! Aw Kamei's drawings! Heheh I love seeing her draw and I'd frame one of her "masterpieces" 😛 and display it if I could only get one. Just think…an original Kamei! 😀 The producers of H!M and HM@ really know how much fun can be had when Kamei and drawing are mixed together. She's the best!


  12. Dark Knightingale I bet I have worse typos on my site than yours! Ah I rarely proofread before hitting post. 😛 But hopefully everything still makes enough sense despite my errors. "Outcute" though was intentionally used and is a new favorite of mine which was penned by Paul Thomas in the U.K. 🙂 It's great how you can make up your own language sometimes! 😛 Oh no you can't use the I wish for more wishes trick here! lol! Just one. 🙂 But really that is probably the best answer, 'a day with them all.' There'd be a lot of people there! :O


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