“About a Girl” starring Tanaka Reina.

Arriving this morning via EMS was Tanaka Reina's latest shashinshuu release "Girl." This has seemingly been a quiet release as I haven't heard many people talking about it but Tanakachi shows here that she definitely knows how to handle herself in the spotlight! "Stylish" is the word that immediately comes to mind when you first see her new cover. This shashinshuu is published by our wonderful friends at Wani Books and therefore is a hard cover release which also includes the best innovative idea in the land of PBs, that being the "making of" DVD. In the past these DVDs have typically run approximately 10 minutes but as some good things can leave room for improvement, Wani Books has yet again raised the bar as Tanakachi's "making of" DVD runs an impressive 20 minutes!

When it comes to style, no other member of Momusu can quite create the same splash of intrigue quite like Reina! While she has long stood out in this regard, it is with this shashinshuu release that she fully shows off her striking fashion sense as well as her ability to capture the aura of anything from fun, playful, to elegant. The above shot is just a small example of Tanakachi defining elegance as the perfect dress is matched with the right accessories creating the look of a covergirl! While it could be the initial effects of being vastly impressed with her new PB at the moment just having received it, the feeling I get while looking through this PB is that it is perhaps produced in a manner making it H!P's best put together shashinshuu in terms of how the fashion & overall transition reflecting Tanakachi's different emotions transpire from page to page. Somehow it seem more seamless than its predecessors but that indeed may just be the cloud 9 feeling it gives me while paging through it.

When it comes to an idol's wardrobe within H!P, there are simply those that only Tanakachi can effectively pull off including the look she is sporting above. There indeed must be a separate wardrobe room for Tanakachi which remains as off limits to the other girls.

Awhile ago Tanakachi was perhaps becoming a bit too thin and it worried me back then. While remaining slender she has looked much more healthy as of late and embodies the look of radiance throughout this new PB. The mizugi shots of course offer the best look into this and the producers sure have found those that best match her personality. In particular her leopard design bathing suit with matching hair band is a match made in heaven and I love the cute pout that she's wearing in the photo on the right (below).

A great aspect of her personality is her ability to be both sweet and cuddly in frilly pink…

…and on other occasions "fierce" and moody in black…

Add into the mix playful, sultry, hip hop, & casual and the versatile "Girl" that Tanakachi embodies has been aptly described. So impressive is the look of her new shashinshuu that I believe that even a casual fan of hers will find this a great addition to their H!P library. Also mid way through its making she opts for a hairstyle that's a bit shorter and it's really a sweet look for her! 

The "making of" DVD that runs just over 20 minutes takes the viewer through a well documented look into each day's photo shoot and it really brings this PB to life as each different and highly notable outfit is featured. The feeling that one gets while watching this DVD is how much fun a day spent with her would be as Tanakachi has more dimensions to her personality than some other idols have put together. Ouch!…but it's true. 🙂 While not all PB releases get better with each new offering, Tanakachi's history has shown that she indeed gets better each time. Another thing to note is the wonderful scenery that surrounds her in this release. From exotic locations, serene poolside, ocean, to traditional surroundings this PB truly treats us with a beautiful visual experience…one worth taking.


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to “About a Girl” starring Tanaka Reina.

  1. Hotaru says:

    Ah! I am hoping to get this shashinshuu near Christmas time! I've seen several previews for this, and they each keep making me want it more and more! Reina really does look great in this shashinshuu…I'm really excited about getting it!


  2. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  3. Hotaru it's great to know that you're a big Reina fan!! And Christmas time will be great knowing that her best PB effort to date will be under the tree. 🙂


  4. guacg those are really great shots and both are favorites of mine too. The polka dot dress gives her such a sophisticated & mature look and I easily can imagine one of these shots being on the cover of a publication like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. There really is something wonderful about the photo of her in the red bikini looking up towards the sky. She's caught in such a great moment of thought it appears and gives me a feeling of optimism and hopes for the future. Hmmmm…is it strange that I get all of that from a single picture? 😛 She's one cute cat!


  5. paul.thomas says:

    Reina's PBs never fail to impress, they are always of such a high standard!I still think Reina still looks a little too skinny, it's mainly just her arms, in some shots they look really skinny, but that doesn't stop her looking amazing!Out of the shots you have up I think my favourite would have to be the third and forth photos, the one in the stripy skirt, there's something about her in knee high socks/stockings/shoes that just make her look unbelievably good.


  6. Hmmm…maybe Reina needs to hit the gym! (tries to imagine Reina with toned muscles…) 😀 For some reason that look in particular that you mention somehow seems to suit her better than any other Momusu member.


  7. 😀 Heheh she sure is looking great!! Her PBs just keep getting better and better! I hope yours arrives soon. 🙂


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