「Featured post」~Japan’s “Renai” gaming revolution (1/6 スケール 向坂環 水着 ver.)

In collaboration with Aquaplus, Dream Tech has created a beautiful 1/6 scale pvc statue of Kousaka Tamaki who is one of several featured characters in the popular Japanese “renai” (aka dating simulation) game “To Heart 2.” This series has gone from Playstation2 to pc and has since become an anime and manga series in Japan. The Japanese really do come up with some of the most innovative ideas in the gaming world and these type of “renai” games are hugely popular and even feature “real” time voice acting as these games play out.

Tamaki (1)Tamaki (2)Tamaki (3)Tamaki (4)To Heart 2 Kousaka TamakiTamaki (6)

However you’ll need a chipped  PS2 to play this version as I don’t think it’s been translated for the American market as of yet. Gaming has never looked so cute in this highly interactive form!

To Heart 2 Kousaka Tamaki2Tamaki (14)

Several Tamaki figures have been released in the past 2 years but I found this one to be the most original as she’s lying down in this mizugi version.

And now she’s free out of the box…

This Tamaki figure also comes with a clear oval base and with that hairstyle she kind of reminds me of a cat and brings to mind “Cat Girl Nuku Nuku” which is a really fun anime which answers the age old question: “What would life be like if your “sister” was half cat and half robot?” 😀 School will never be the same…

I own a couple series of this anime but the original which is pictured here on VHS remains the most entertaining and best written…and back to the figure. Here are a couple more pics and as always this imported figure is beautifully detailed.


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17 Responses to 「Featured post」~Japan’s “Renai” gaming revolution (1/6 スケール 向坂環 水着 ver.)

  1. Hotaru says:

    I've heard of that "to heart 2" series. I was reading a magazine and there was an advertisement for it…there was also a coupon to buy it XD. I didn't get it though, and now the coupons expired…Oh well!


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    The series went from PCs to Playstation and then, with the second installment, Playstation 2, not the other way. That's what happens with most renai games that get really successful – first comes a hentai version on PCs, then a non-hentai version on consoles. Exceptions are some games based on anime series, those might be released first or only on consoles.And there's no way one of these games is getting a translated version. Almost no return of investment. There were some translated hentai games on PC, old ones. I think the company that did them was called JAS…. something -_-


  3. paul.thomas says:

    That's a really great looking figure! At some point I need to start getting some more figures, it's been an age since I've bought any, the last set of figures I bought was a capsule toy series called Mecha Musume, I keep meaning to grab some from the Battle Vixens manga but just keep forgetting.Dating Sims, I've never actually ever played one before, well that's a lie, I have, but only for about 2 mins before the language barrier had me going ARGH!! But the artwork in these games are simply amazing, they always looks so good! Along with my H!P posters I have a couple of dating sim posters up as well, lol, never played the games, but the artwork on the posters are simply amazing!JAST USA do translated dating sim games, HarimaKenji, I think that's who you probably mean.


  4. Hotaru I imagine that playing one of these would be quite amusing as long as you understand enough of the dialog. It's interesting that there was actually a coupon for this version.


  5. HarimaKenji I actually knew that but wrote it backwards…doh! 😛 I really should edit before hitting the post button but sometimes I'm just too lazy. Hmmm I guess I thought that there might be a market out there for these types of games in the U.S. The game play and visual aspects are so good but perhaps these are only successful in Japan. But if marketed well you never know they could become popular on the right console.


  6. Paul with all of the H!P releases coming out in force now days it is quite difficult to get around to collecting these figures. I've slowed it down quite a lot and only get a few a year. I can totally understand you having some of these game's posters without owning the games as just as you say the artwork and characters are done really well and would indeed make an attractive wall display. In this game, visually Tamaki really stands out and she actually has a few figure releases but I liked the looks of this one the best. I love the way classic anime characters are drawn with those large eyes and add in some long red hair and wallah! you have the perfect character!


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    @MorningBerryz: About these games coming to the U.S… There are two main difficulties for that. First is the market one. There would be a market for them in the U.S.- people already familiar with dating sims and the animes based on these games. In other words, otaku. It just isn't the kind of game that goes mainstream – it isn't really mainstream even in Japan. Only some very big titles are mainstream.Risks would be very high if these games were ever licensed. Translation costs money, translation for console games costs more.BTW, you said "the game play is so good"… I agree, but most people I know wouldn't really consider "game play" the read-dialog-choose-answer-read-more style typical of these games.The other difficulty is that most of these games are done by circles and sold only in conventions and specialized places in Akiba, even in Japan. They usually don't have resources to even dream of making it overseas. Sure, some circles can get very successful – TYPEMOON (fate/stay night, tsukihime) comes to mind – but that's rare.In the end, it doesn't really matter if there would be a market for these games. The truth is that there's a bigger market for something with Naruto or Dragon Ball in the name. We did, however, have some good surprises in PS2, at least for me – great JRPG series like Atelier finally appeared in the U.S market, and with original voice acting available. I think if there's a translation, it would have to be something on PC and that already has an american public – that would mean Kanon/AIR, Fate/Stay Night or To Heart.


  8. Ah love the Konkon avatar!! Thank you for your reply! These are all very good points and lots that I wasn't aware of. You're very knowledgeable of the Japanese gaming market and I imagine you must play a lot of these games! I used to like reading those interactive books where you at some points needed to decide what path or action to take and then you'd be instructed to turn to a particular page and continue the story witnessing the gains or consequences of your actions. Heheh was I a nerd for reading these? 😛 These "renai" games remind me of those books only you get great graphics and voice acting along with it.


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    I knew she was familiar ~ as I probably said 3 years ago o.o’ I have this game, but could never play it since I didn’t knew enough Japanese. Now I’m too busy reading the Haruhi light novels, but I’ll play this one day too.
    It had an anime adaptation, but I didn’t like the first episodes and gave up. The first To Heart series was good though, very VERY slow paced but good anyway. I guess I didn’t have the same patience anymore when I watched To Heart 2?
    Playing however is another story, I want to ~


    • Oh and I’m waiting for season 2 to arrive!!!…they delayed the domestic release~* of Haruhi but hopefully soon it’ll arrive. Gosh~* this was so long ago lol the front of the t.v. now has sooooo many more figures there now :P! Maybe too many.


    • I just earlier today received an e~mail from Cdjapan about this PSP game~! They’re releasing three versions but the limited ones are pricey! I’ve kept you up sooooo late!!! Okay~* I’m going to have dinner now…and a shower~ too I’m sort of sticky* (*>ω<)!!

      Thank you~* so much for today and every day! You're wonderful~*! You're a best friend (*´∀`)♥。。。。眠いそうね~?おやちゅ♥みなしゃい^ ^*。


      • HarimaKenji says:

        I’m going then. Good night ~


        • The game sounds amazing~*!!! I remember a long time ago purchasing a PS just to be able to play “FFVII” which was my very first rpg and I didn’t actually know anything about rpg’s then but a friend @ work really recommended it so he sold me on it and my PS……so now I’m thinking that I’ll need to purchase a PSP too! Well I mean rather I must as I’ve pre~ordered “AKB’s 1/48” game :P. It’s funny that maybe even equally alluring to the game itself, I so want to see the extras and especially the making of DVD…..that’s going to be sooooooo cute~awesome~♥! Thank you~* for linking me above!!!…I became completely sold っo(*´∀`)o!!Now there’s the oh so long wait until December 23rd。。。。。(/∇\*)!Hmmm。。I think I could become infatuated with Akicha but then Miichan would be so sweet~♥ but then Yukirin’s really pretty~* and Aamin has the most beautiful eyes~*…..Acchan though and Natsuki but then I think Yuko~♥ would be most interested in kissing~* ne…I mean I don’t think the girl~girl aspect would bother her at all (*≧▽≦)♪ But then there’s Sasshi~♥……I think I may take forever to “complete” the game XD.


        • Totally unrelated but I just noticed that as of 7 pm tonight 658 visitors have gone to my Vox today and 83 have come here…I don’t think anyone’s reading my “I’ve moved to WordPress” post…(u_u*).

          Sorry to keep babbling (._.;)…..I hope~* you love♥ the movie o(*´∀`)o゛!!


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