There really should be a photo of Maimichan next to the definition of “cute.”

Maimichan was also part of my recent UFA photo shopping rampage as I was able to purchase these before Ohta put them up on his eBay store's site. I picked out 4 sets which includes sixteen 3 1/2" x 5" photos of the incredibly c-ute Maimichan. The Berryz Koubou concert photo album that I just received a few days ago is already full as there are only space for 4 more photos and I didn't see a problem mixing Berryz with C-ute as they all connect in the world of Hello! Project.

Maimichan has been my favorite member of C-ute since they debuted and she has come quite a long way since her days in ZYX. If you had asked me what I thought of her back when she was in ZYX I might have not had a lot to say. Maimichan, perhaps out of all H!P members no one else has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. It's very fitting that she has been appointed as leader of C-ute as she has a great maturity about her which exceeds the rest of the group and her hard working and professional work ethic has truly earned her this title. Maimichan's  unique and c-ute voice also really stands out in C-ute's song releases and is easily identifiable as part of their trademark sound. Maimichan has one of the most radiant smiles and her beauty is completely undeniable as I think that she's one of Hello! Project's c-utest!!

I've scanned all 16 photos and included are 3 "metallic" type photos as well as a couple photos from the last Hello! Project Sports Festival where Maimichan showed that she is one of H!P's most athletic en route to winning the "MIP" award. When she competed in the long distance run, for awhile I thought that she may actually catch Konkon but when it comes to running Konkon is just amazing but still Maimichan stayed close till the end. Maimichan may not be able to throw darts 🙂 but I'd pick her for just about any athletic event.

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18 Responses to There really should be a photo of Maimichan next to the definition of “cute.”

  1. Zush says:

    Maimi has always been my most favorite C~ute girl. But we can always argue about that dictionary addition you are suggesting. 😉 If we take only C~ute I think I go with Mai. If she is not super cute who then is?


  2. Zush I'd imagine that this topic would be up for quite a big debate as a lot of different member photos would be mentioned to represent the definition of cute. So without thinking too much or too long, who'd you choose for your dictionaries' entry? It is good to hear that Maimichan is also your favorite member in C-ute!! Maimai?…yes she can definitely define cute as well!


  3. Hotaru says:

    …I usually don't prefer Maimi…probably because of her voice. It just doesn't sound totally how her voice really sounds, like the voice-teachers are doing something wrong. She sounds a lot better in Tokaikko Junjou"…but oh well…She's definitely C-ute!


  4. paul.thomas says:

    Maimi always looks good and these photos look amazing.As for who would define the word cute it a dictionary I'll have go with Zush and say that Mai.


  5. Ahhh I've always loved her voice! Glad to hear that she sounds better in their new single. She has such perfect facial features.


  6. Paul I really thought you were going to say Koharuchan! Maimai could easily fit the definition as well and by the sound of things Webster may need to insert a pic of her in their next edition. 🙂


  7. Chiakii says:

    You already know this, but Chiakii thinks that MAIMI IS LOVE. ABSOLUTE LOVE.I really like her facial features, they're so…different? In a good way. She's not the typical Japanese cute girl. And omg Maimi in Tokkaiko Junjou – the introduction alone made me squeal like the fangirl I am.(I think Maimai's cute too, but like little girl cute…and everyone's cute when they're little! Even the Grinch was. Aww, he was so precious…oh, er, anyway. I think as far as being cute past the baby stage…well, I don't know who wins, but I don't think it's Maimai. I love her too, though.)


  8. empire1468 says:

    Maimi was too skinny and quite awkward looking when she was little, and that's putting it kindly. I never would have thought she'd grow up to be as pretty as she is now, and the scary thing is she'll probably look even better in her 20s. In my opinion, she's definitely the top in HP Kids in the looks department and bests most of the "senior" girls in HP.
    I think this serves as a fair warning before you call a little girl ugly. Who knows? She might grow up to be an incredibly beautiful idol!


  9. She really does have amazing facial features and it sounds like she rocks in the their new PV which I haven't seen yet. Why must their PV DVD make me wait so long?! Chiakii you crack me up!! I suppose the Grinch was cute in the days of youth. 😀 Heheh 'precious.' That is a good point you make about age and cuteness. You can never really tell I guess as Maimichan didn't bloom into her great looks until after ZYX. I was like Wow…is this really the same girl?! :O If those top 2 pics of her don't make you want to save the environment then nothing will!


  10. empire1468 you and I have the exact same take on Maimichan's looks developing. Even as recent as her time in ZYX she never struck me as having these amazing facial features that she now has. I also never could have imagined it! She could go from idol to model if she wanted to and I can totally imagine her gracing the covers of fashion magazines. A very good point and Maimichan is living proof!


  11. Rad♂ says:

    Maimi, staggeringly athletic, like a long piece of rubber twisting in the wind. One of the best dancers in the world, hands down, any genre. Very much a presence, but somehow I don't see her as sexy at all. A great talent? Absolutely. Voice? Not really there as a soloist, but still on pitch and great for the ensemble. Awesome in many ways.


  12. ablestmage says:

    Maimi was my original draw to Jpop in general, after I saw Fark's video section post a "cutest thing Japan has ever produced" link in September of 2006. Although I still think she's super cute, after watching most of the other videos after that initial one (Ookina Ai de Motenashite) I began to think Saki was really going to take the lead — and boy has she with this new video they just released, Tokaikko Junjou. She looks remarkably more mature, and not a bit of the 13 the wikis claim she is =P


  13. Radicalpatriot your description of her athleticism is quite vivid and I'm trying to imagine that long piece of rubber! Hmmm…not 'sexy' :O. But how about c-ute? You're right she sure can dance!


  14. That's a really wonderful way to have gotten introduced to J-Pop!! I love the shuffling part of the dance that Maimichan does in "Ookina aide motenashite" where she goes from side to side holding her hands up beside her face. And I really like those pink outfits as well! Saki really is a stand out member in C-ute as well and I'm happy to hear that she's getting presented much more up front! I'm using a lot of willpower to try and not watch the PV until I receive the actual DVD release which can be difficult. I have however seen some pics of C-ute's new (hopefully they stick with it!) image that they have for this new release and they all look incredible!! Heheh even Maimai looks way older than she is.


  15. ablestmage says:

    Not to tempt you (muaha), but I think seeing it in lower quality first
    makes the higher quality that much more drastic and good. I watched
    that initial Ookina video a dozen times or more on super-compressed
    YouTube quality before I even considered looking them up on
    higher-quality sites like Stage6. Seeing it in lesser detail makes the
    greater detail all that much more drastic, being able to see higher rez
    on things you'd seen before, but just in a much better way. If you see
    the HQ first, any other impression of compressed versions always seem
    really corny xP


  16. It's over 3 weeks of waiting until the PV DVD single arrives and you make an interesting point on the impression of seeing it in lower and then high quality later. The quality was actually decent but the screen size was really small when I first saw Ayaya's PV for "Momoiro kataomoi" and I played that clip over and over and over and over. I've had to have played it at least 30-40 times before I was able to get her first PV DVD collection and watch it full screen size. It may sound funny but it was like seeing it for the first time in a way. I'm going to try to resist but that is quite a long to wait! I may cave.


  17. Saburo says:

    Did you hear the news? Copied from JPH!P thread:1/16 Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi single [untitled]1月16日(水)発売★安倍なつみ&矢島舞美シングル「untitled」初回盤:HKCN-50061 税込 1,260円通常盤:HKCN-50062 税込 1,103円 V :1月30日(水)発売★安倍なつみ&矢島舞美シングルV「untitled」DVD:HKBN-50095 税込 1,575円


  18. That is some amazing news!!! While Koharu & Maimai is a super duo this one may be even better. :O


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