Some berry berry c-ute Momoko pics!

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but recently Ohta has begun selling more UFA photos on his eBay store's site. A few weeks ago he informed me that he was about to upload a lot of new photos and asked me if there were any member's in particular that I was interested in getting more pics of as I've been asking him to bid on a few photo auctions on Yahoo! Japan Auctions recently. A few members that came to mind instantly were Tsugunaga Momoko, Kusumi Koharu, Yajima Maimi, Jun Jun, & Lin Lin. While he didn't have any Jun Jun or Lin Lin pics at the moment he did however have a surprising amount of Momoko, Koharu, & Maimi photos that he was intending to add to his store's site. In particular he had acquired an impressive amount of Momoko pics which was a really pleasant surprise as I've been wanting to get more pics of her recently. In all I purchased a total of 92 photos including a 5 X 7 photo which is a size that I've never seen before from official UFA photos as well as some mini clear files and some other H!P merchandise. Out of the 92 photos, 25 of them are Momoko pics and pictured above are 22 of them.

He had quite an assortment to choose from and they covered a great deal of her career in Berryz Koubou as some dated awhile back. I've scanned a few of my favorites below. 🙂 Be prepared for some of the most adorable Momo pics ever!

The next 4 are quite different types of photos as they're described as being "metallic." They're about twice the cost of the standard 3 1/2" X 5" photos and the only analogy I can think of right now is to compare them to those special cards which baseball & basketball sets include randomly. They're printed on a thicker "Kodak Professional" grade paper and the front image is seemingly coated with a silver layer which gives these photos an extra thickness and a much different glossy type of feel to them. The color of the image isn't affected by the silver coating which creates an interesting effect and you'll notice that all of their backgrounds are silver.

These scans fail to capture the unique look of these photos which have an almost holographic look to them and I'm finding it difficult to describe them properly here. 😛

These next 4 photos really caught my eye right away as Momoko without bangs seems like such a distant look for her! It seems like she's had bangs forever now so I found these to be particularly special, plus Momoko breaks the cute meter with these shots.

Momoko could easily go back to a longer hairstyle as I think these shots prove how great she looks with longer locks!

The next couple of photos of Momoko dressed in running gear brings back fond memories of the most recent Hello! Project Sports Festival where Momo ran so slow! :O It was soo cute watching her run as "fast" as she could only to have the field of other members lap her again and again. Konkon was busy lapping the field repeatedly as only Maimichan could keep up with her and at one point you even see little Maimai pass Momoko! :O Momoko was great in the horse jump competition though!! And for such a small person she can really get up high!!

Below we have Momoko for the environment. 🙂

And the next picture makes me believe that Momoko could be a superhero fighting ugly crime everywhere!

  And here Momoko strikes a pose in concert…

This last photo gets my vote for most adorable Momoko UFA concert photo of all time!! And for anyone who thought that Momoko didn't have curves…Momoko would like to argue otherwise!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to Some berry berry c-ute Momoko pics!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Ohta store has always been a great source oh H!P merchandise, but now it's so much better!! With the DVDs and photos he has an amazing amount of items, all of which I want, so tempted to pop along to his store after a pay day and order far too much. I order a set of Risako photos awhile ago, which should be coming along with my Morning Musume tshirt in a couple of weeks.Momo looks great without her bangs, the long straight hair looks really suits her. The last two photos look great as well and them outfits really look good on her.


  2. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  3. Paul did you happen to ask Ohta to order Risako's 10 photo set from the H!P Official Store? I think it might be her most recent set that I saw there and if you ordered that one then we're both getting the same set of photos!Perhaps Momo will go back to a longer style in the future as H!P members seem to change their hairstyles quite often. I think either style suits her well. I ordered the "live" picture set just to get that last photo! She looks so cute there!!


  4. guacg now that you mention it it does appear to be the same outfit she's wearing in those pictures and I love her striking that pose in concert too! I love the bottom one the most though but both are great shots! Hmm that's a good question. I never thought about how they actually get the writing on these pictures and I imagine there must be a cool program out there that allows you to transfer writing from the computer to these pics. Or I wonder if they can write on one and have it duplicated. I have no idea but it looks really great and adds a nice touch to these! Heheh I like your reaction to Momo without bangs! 🙂


  5. Hotaru says:

    I'm not too familiar with these photo cards…I only have one, a Mitsui Aika card from Sexy 8 beat…I think! Those might not even be actual cards….All of these are really great photos of Momoko! She has a strange cuteness, but its very likable 😀


  6. paul.thomas says:

    The ones I ordered were just a random bunch of 4 that I saw in his store, I hadn't intended on buying them, I was just intending on buying a T-Shirt, but when I saw them I just had to have them.


  7. These are actually photo sets that are sold on the official Hello! Project site and this is the first time I've heard her described as being strangely cute. I love that!! Momo may be a little strange…but definitely cute! Her voice may be even stranger though. 😀


  8. Risakochan has a way of causing unintended purchases! 😀 That reminds me…I think she could also represent the definition of cute. Hmmm…we need to have a cute poll to decide on a winner! Paul I imagine you could create a great looking one just like your favorite Momusu member poll which was a great success!! Or does a "which H!P member best defines the word cute?" poll sound like a silly idea? 😛


  9. paul.thomas says:

    I can certainly give it a go and it really doesn't sound silly…there's so many cute girls in H!P it's certainly a tough line up to choose. Only question would be who would be in it?


  10. Wow you're up late!!!! I'm glad that you think a poll like this would be worthwhile! Defining cute will never look so good!! 😀 I think every member in H!P should be eligible for votes as crazy as that sounds. Otherwise I imagine there will be someone who asks why a particular member isn't listed. Hmmm…that will be a lot of people!! :O And you should include the Eggs. I'm thinking not all of them but only those who have been involved with actual releases like the 6 that are in Onagaku Gatas. With only one vote it will be tough!! Maimichan headed my defining cute post but I never intended it to be taken as the only member right for that spot and I don't think that I expressed it that way. The amazing thing about a poll like this will be whether a dominate member wins or not. What I mean, will there be a landslide victory or will the votes be distributed all around making the eventual winner victorious only by a slim margin. I think that would really say something in the results. "How do you define cute?" Are you up to this much work? Heheh I think it's going to rock!


  11. Saburo says:

    Second photobook being released… in less than two weeks?!! gets all the chicks…


  12. Mikey says:

    She is darn cute – you know how to pick 'em! 🙂


  13. Momo deserves another shashinshuu so much!! I'm so happy for her!! She's in Guam this time?


  14. 遅いでも。。。誕生日おめでとうございます ももちゃn!


  15. Mikey says:

    If you say so! 😉


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