Berryz工房 2008 calendar strives for a more mature look.

Berryz Koubou's 2008 calendar is perhaps the most understated of the 3 H!P calendars that I chose to buy this year but the girls still manage to present their fans with a cute calendar to grace your wall next year. The styling is more on the casual side but its simplicity is perhaps where the charm is found in this release. With the creativity put into this year's C-ute calendar I can only imagine how things may have turned out if Berryz Koubou had been allowed to invade the band room too! But the producers of BK's calendar obviously wanted to give them a more mature look and with that intention they've succeeded quite well.  

Try to imagine a Berryz Koubou country house Summer picnic. Do you fancy a spot of tea? 

This entire calendar stays with the theme of simplicity which includes the locations of the photos and each member is featured in a couple of different outfits throughout this release which can be best described as casually stylish with a touch of cuteness. September & October are my favorite months as Risakochan who never fails to look adorable is paired up with Kumaichan. Risakochan once again appears to be going for a sophisticated serious look in both of her month's photos or perhaps she just found out that Mr. "P" likes C-ute more than Berryz Koubou. :O Heheh just kidding! 😛    

Interestingly the extra page included with this calendar is my favorite shot and it absolutely is designed like a stand alone poster. This is a really cute shot with the entire group and with group name & member's names listed bottom center it really does resemble a poster which could actually be framed.

All 3 calendars as well as many others can still be ordered here:
2008 C-ute calendar
2008 Morning Musume calendar
2008 Berryz Koubou calendar 

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to Berryz工房 2008 calendar strives for a more mature look.

  1. Zush says:

    omg these girls look so charming! What's nice with these wall calendars is their large size. Always when I have the new calendar, I cut all it's pages off very carefully and put the right sheet to my self made plexiglass frame.
    I wouldn't have been sorry if this Berryz calendar had come even in larger size than this one. Much wider size like 75 x 100 cm could have been nice because I "hate" when they have cut off girls legs in those close-up pictures. I prefer my Miya & Risako with legs 😉
    YesAsia has not yet got this claendar in stock although they say it's release date is TODAY. Well, I can wait…


  2. Zush I knew there would be no question in which one you would be getting. That's a great idea you have there with framing each month separately and changing them as the year goes by!! I'm impressed! You made your own plexiglass frame?! I imagine if you built another frame you could permanently put up the "extra" page at the end as I really think it resembles an actual poster. Hmmm…I wonder if that same guy in the kayak that delivered my Arashi single will be delivering your Berryz Koubou calendar. It's important that he doesn't see it or he may want to keep it since they're so cute!


  3. Hotaru says:

    After looking at all three of the calenders for the year, I think I have made my decision…They're all very nice calenders! I am impressed! But…I think I'm going to have to go with a Morning Musume Calender. I have been known to change my mind, though!


  4. paul.thomas says:

    H!P always release great calendars, In the three years I've been getting them, the decision of which one to get is always a tough one, I think this year even more so, as everyone I've seen looks great.For me I think the March/April page looks the best out of the months, it's a great outfit Risako has got on and I'm loving the hair style! The extra page looks great and Risako in the same outfit. I really wish they did release these shots as posters, as some of them would really look good framed and put up on the wall. With last years W calendar I removed a couple of pages with the intention of framing them, but I just never got around to it, in fact I'm not even sure where they are? Somewhere under my bed I guess! I'd be too scared to remove evey page from the calendar, especially before it's time for the next page…I have this annoying habit of always mucking up delicate cutting/tearing, always comes out wonky or with a large tear down the page.


  5. siaoliao says:

    I have to say, this mature look totally works. It reminds me that Berryz aren't exactly kids anymore. Gosh I love the cover! It reminds me of those old Japanese fashion magazines my mum used to have. Simple, yet totally gorgeous. (I also love their shoes XP)


  6. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  7. Hotaru I don't think you could go wrong with any of these calendars. Momusu's is really beautiful and a great choice!


  8. Paul sounds like you're still unsure but you still have a lot more time to decide. Looks like Risakochan got a perm! 😀 Heheh you have a treasure trove under your bed of forgotten H!P artifacts! Time to have a look there! It's funny I've never removed a page from any of my H!P calendars all these years. I've just been folding the pages over and hanging them up like that. They're beginning to stack up in my closet! :O It would be a delicate matter removing the pages and I'm not sure that I'd be up to that task either. Did you get a W & Momusu calendar last year or did W beat out Momusu?


  9. siaoliao the producers really did a great job of presenting them in a more mature way. That's really cool that your mom had Japanese fashion magazines! They must have been great to look through. BK is growing up!


  10. guacg, Risakochan does seem older at times and I think a lot of that goes to how well she carries herself. But yes the styling adds to that and really looks great as they've really made her look quite mature in this release. Maybe your brother will have a crush on her!


  11. Zush says:

    I had another similar frame but it fell down and was damaged. I should buy more plexiglass now to make another one.
    Now it's friday and YesAsia has sent my Berryz calendar today! With this order I get also Ai Otsuka's new ltd edit album (cd+dvd).


  12. That's a really wonderful idea and you really should build another one for the last page as I think it'd look great! Wow your calendar arrived really quickly from YesAsia!! I guess the kayak guy was on vacation. 😛


  13. paul.thomas says:

    Last year W beat Morning Musume, out of the three H!P calendars that I've owned I think the W one has to be my favourite, the shots are great. I suppose the one good thing with not having W around it's one less to choose from, so it makes it little easier :S


  14. Heheh that is one positive point. I'd imagine that for you W would win again this year if they were still around! So I imagine it's C-ute vs. Momusu in this year's calendar showdown…who's winning or have you already ordered one?


  15. paul.thomas says:

    You're right if W were still around they would have probably won and I
    would have probably already ordered it. At the moment I still can't
    decide, Morning Musume…C-ute…ARGH! I think I'm edging towards
    C-ute's though, such a great idea and some good
    shots…I'd say at the moment it's 60-40 to C-ute.


  16. Paul's 2008 calendar Superbowl update: C-ute leads by 20 late in the fourth quarter! 😀 With Airichan showing some…uh gang signs I think you need to get the C-ute one! lol!


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