And now the “home” team shows why choosing a Hello! Project calendar this year may be difficult!

Still having trouble deciding which H!P calendar to get for next year? It's possible that this may either help or make the decision…even more difficult. 

Again sorry for the dark images as the lighting in my room isn't the best and using the flash kind of obscured the images so I took them straight. It's been a few years since Momusu has produced a calendar in the likes of C-ute's 2008 calendar where a theme was used but they always seem to come out with a visually stunning release and next year's calendar doesn't disappoint!

Get your year started off with a great mixture of veteran members & youth and initially when seeing January & February I thought that this year's Momusu calendar would be a series of shots exclusively using these red outfits. As great as they look the producers had other ideas. 🙂 One look at this shot and immediately the styling really stands out as the essence of elegance really makes for a beautiful beginning to next year's first image.

Ahhh March & April could stay up on your wall all year long! A sweet Spring feeling is in the air as the casual and light styling of Gakisan, Lin Lin, & Sayu's dresses decorate your wall. Sayu looks too cute for words!!!

Summer will heat up with 2 of Momusu's hottest members as Kohachan & Tanakachi present us with very cute poses and by this point I have to note just how great a job the stylists did when choosing the various wardrobes for the girls! They should shoot a PV using these outfits as they are incredibly beautiful but in a very subtle way that makes them all very sweet.

July & August may just be my favorite page as the incredibly adorable Kamei is paired with Jun Jun who has really impressed me recently. Jun Jun has really become one of Momusu's sweetest members and Kamei is incomparable to any other member in the adorable department! The styling here is such a great balance of elegance & casual attire and next year's Momusu calendar is shaping up to be one of their absolute best so far. Kamei! Too cute!!

I love how the four seasons are really brought to life in each of these photos and none may be more profound than Aichan & Mittsi's Fall photograph. I've really gotten used to Aichan's shorter hairstyle and Mittsi has really grown as an idol and is 100% adorable here!!

The holiday season will be greeted with those beautiful red outfits which started the year off and like perfect bookends to a calendar, the 5 members which didn't appear in the January & February photo are represented here looking as radiant as ever. In particular Kamei looks about as cute as I believe possible!!! Of course I'm a "bit" 😛 biased but I really think that she is cutest and most adorable in Momusu's 2008 calendar production!

I won't hesitate in saying that this is perhaps the best Momusu calendar that they've released to date and I think after viewing these shots some others may agree. Anyone who may be trying to decide on which H!P calendar to get for next year may find these shots a good reason to go with Morning Musume's release. On the other hand C-ute's release really presents a great dilemma as theirs is equally as stunning and they also incorporated the great theme of various musical genres. I've yet to open up Berryz Koubou's 2008 calendar and at this point I see no reason to hold back till January for a sneak peek now. 🙂

H!P continues to treat their fans with an extra page in each of their calendars and while this shot is an alternate pic of the cover it's really a nice "genki" shot!! And just like the others it makes for a perfect poster which can be removed from the calendar quite neatly. 

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to And now the “home” team shows why choosing a Hello! Project calendar this year may be difficult!

  1. sitiko says:

    They all look so pretty and cute…haiz…think they do look good in red


  2. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  3. sitiko this really is an attractive line up that Morning Musume has right now and the stylist did a great job! Their red outfits make me think of Christmas.


  4. guacg I'm just so happy with Kamei's current look and perhaps her new PB "Maple" couldn't have come at a better time. It's just amazing how quickly they keep releasing these! The Autumn colors really create a nice background for Aichan and Mittsi! You're absolutely right, Aichan's new hairstyle has really given her a more mature look and I guess with her becoming leader of the group she perhaps did this for that very reason. It took me a little while to get used to it but it really does match and look great on her. I hadn't taken enough notice of their earrings & hair ribbons until you mentioned it and they really do add a nice touch to these photos plus they're so varied from member to member. All of their ribbons are very pretty and in particular I really like Sayu's butterfly and Gakisan's red & white bow. Gakisan's large hoop earrings are also really cute! Heheh I think I prefer Lin Lin with her hair down all the time and that flower on top of her head might begin to bother me now that you've mentioned it. lol!


  5. sitiko says:

    Hehe…ya…come to think of it, it does reminds you of christmas or rather the festive mood of it! They're like the cuter versions of Santarinas!


  6. paul.thomas says:

    This is a really tough choice. C-ute's calendar is obviously so much more creative, but could handle not waking up to a wall of Morning Musume? Everyone looks great, I would have to say July/August and September/October are my favourites. The colour scheme for these work really well and Kamei looks really good in that outfit.I get a feeling this will be a last minute order, I really can't decide.


  7. 😀 'Cuter versions of Santarinas!'…I couldn't have said it any better!


  8. Paul I imagine that you still have a good amount of time to decide which one to get as it's only October and I figure they should be selling these for awhile more. I hope that these pictures helped! You would be making quite a statement if you went with the C-ute calendar over Momusu this year! I think that Kamei looks the absolute best in this calendar but then you have to remember who just typed that! 😛 Hmmm…how to decide: Flip a coin, blindfold game, or arm wrestle Chris. I like the arm wrestle challenge and if Chris wins get the Momusu one, if you win get the C-ute one! 😉


  9. momo says:

    I ordered the MM one, have not gotten it as of yet, but i'm still waitingat my blog I made a new posting. I also have a request if anyone's willing to accept it, my request is posted there. if you can help me out, leave a note at my shoutbox


  10. momo there definitely was no question which one you'd be ordering this year! They release these so early and perhaps they should consider making them 14 or 16 month calendars in the future. Heheh one can dream.


  11. Rosa says:

    Hello!I have this same calendar and it's confusing me a little, so I was wondering if you could help me.Are you supposed to cut the pages off when the month is over? :S


  12. Hello Rosa! That's a very good question and it depends largely on how you plan on preserving the calendar after the year's over. Typically the intention is to remove the pages as each new set of months come up and cutting them can be tricky as you don't want to cut the next month prematurely. These types of calendars are sort of like posters when you think about them as the types where the month's days are represented at the very bottom on each page can can be easily cut off making them into separate posters when each set of month's are over. Some people like to remover the pages and display them in acrylic type frames one at a time by disassembling the entire calendar. I however like to preserve the calendars so instead of cutting each page off I just fold them over the top and use a clip to hang them up instead of using the loop on the back of the calendar's top. This way I can roll the calendar back up after the year's over and store them away for safekeeping. Hmm…I do wonder however what purpose this really has as there just in storage and not finding any other use in this state. But I like to view them as collector's items as well so keeping them uncut and in their original state is what I prefer to do although that may not be practical for some. I have some photos of my calendars hung up in this manner using a clip on the top somewhere on this site although I'm not sure where exactly. 😛 So it really depends on whether you'd like to take apart the calendar or keep it in its original state…whichever suits you best. I hope that this helps you. 🙂


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