2008 C-ute calendar takes us on a musical journey!

I usually don't open up my calendars until January 1st but after seeing a preview of this year's C-ute calendar I couldn't resist the temptation. Yesterday I received my calendar order which consists of Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute. They seem to be getting released earlier every year and luckily I still have room on my wall for 3 calendars. The producers of next year's C-ute calendar put much more effort into creating something fresh and unique than what has been seen in recent years as far as H!P calendars are concerned. In the past Momusu used to have calendars with a theme and a cute highlight back then was Gotou Maki as a cheerleader!! I remember keeping that page long past it's due time on display. 🙂 Recently some of the H!P calendars have become a series of poses and group shots which don't get me wrong are very nice but sometimes it's seeing something a bit more creative that catches the eye. Bring in C-ute for just that job this year!

Originally when I saw the cover I readily thought that this calendar would be all about a jazz band look but to my pleasant surprise C-ute has covered many genres of musical styles and the stylist were definitely on their game! From the aforementioned jazz, to classical, to hip hop, to folk, to pop, and R&B C-ute has been outfitted in a completely stylish manner as they embody each role.

Sorry these pictures are a bit dark but I took these at night and my room's not too well lit. Just while looking at January & February's picture it's amazing how much the members of C-ute have matured…or perhaps it's the styling! Nah! they're all really looking like fine young ladies here and this theme continues throughout the calendar. Kanna has really changed her look :), Nakki looks amazing, and this is perhaps the first time that I'm really beginning to appreciate Erika's beauty! She just looks so elegant and mature here! And when it comes to Maimichan…well she rules over all C-ute members in my book and she appears to be getting cuter every day!

March & April present a "hip hop" theme and this trio is really dressed up in c-ute attire. With Maimai rockin' the turntable while Airichan & Chisato work the mikes ah this one's too adorable for words!! Maimai has such a c-ute beyond her years aura and she never ceases to impress me. The stylists really had a great time creating their looks which is well as c-ute as the bunny pendant that Chisato is wearing. If you want this trio to cover your next party that may be difficult as I believe they're in high demand! 

Next year's Summer months will be covered by Kanna & Chisato who are being labeled here as "folk" but I'm thinking a sweet Hawaiian lullaby with…uh wildy c-ute attire! Kanna' shorter hairstyle really suits her well and she looks as adorable as ever!

July & August present a c-ute match made in heaven as Maimichan & Airichan pair up to become the ultimate "pop" duo!! Maimichan is more beautiful than words can describe while Airichan looks like a former classmate of mine which gets her 5 bonus points. 😛 I think this page could stay up all year long!

As late Summer rolls into Fall the wild looks of (is this really r&b?!) Nakki, Maimai, & Erikachan will adorn your wall. Erikachan gives Gocchin a run for her money in the SEXY department while Nakki & Maimai are given looks beyond their years although Maimai has always somehow looked older than she really is. Ah you could also leave this page up all year long! :) 

November & December brings together all of the girls as they represent their music genres in c-ute fashion. Nakki looks so sophisticated in this photo along with Erikachan, while Airichan & Maimichan are setting the room afire and Maimai seems to be flashing some uh…c-ute signs! Yo! 😛 I can't emphasize enough how much of a little woman Maimichan has grown up to be! She just really looks amazing and Airichan isn't too far behind.  

Recently H!P calendars have been featuring an extra page which I imagine could be torn out and used as a poster although I haven't taken apart any of my calendars to this point and have elected to keep them in storage after their years have passed. C-ute's extra page is a nice collage of photos of each member representing their musical style and Airichan is most animated here as she goes…uh ghetto on us…that being the c-utest ghetto on earth!! Heheh let's hope that the Yanks & Socks do meet this post season and that Airichan continues to represent! C-uteness! Nakki has proven that she can look adorable with her hair up or down and Erikachan & Maimichan look as elegant as ever in this year's calendar's photos. Maimai continues to push the c-ute envelope while Kannachan & Chisato have gotten great new c-ute hairstyles! Next year's C-ute calendar is a well produced one which is both imaginative and great looking in every aspect and if you haven't ordered one yet time is running out! This calendar can still be ordered through Cdjapan.

Hmm…count how many times I've written the word "cute" here as I think I may have written it too many times. 😛

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10 Responses to 2008 C-ute calendar takes us on a musical journey!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I've yet to order a calendar for next year, I still can't decide which one to get and this is made all the harder with seeing your shots of C-ute's. I'm really becoming a big fan of C-ute so the main choice for a calendar this year is between theirs and Morning Musume's and after seeing these shots it may have to be C-ute's!It looks great and it's so good to see some effort going into it, that and the fact that everyone looks amazing!!And it's good to see my fave C-ute girl, Erika, looking so good, the only problem with getting this calendar is that I may end up leaving it on the September/October page all year! It's also good seeing Maimai looking great, it's amazing how she just makes everything look so cute!! OK, maybe it won't end up on the September/October one all year, it would probably alternate with the March/April page every other month. If only they released these pages as posters without the dates on, life would be so much easier, I'd make room somewhere for the R&B shot so it would have a permanent home.


  2. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  3. Hotaru says:

    Wow, that looks like a really great calender! Its very creative, compared to other Hello! Project Calenders. I don't think I'll be getting this one though…I'm just not interested in C-ute enough yet, really. The Competition is now between Momusu and Berryz!


  4. Paul I very much had the same dilemma as you and the only solution was to get all 3 calendars of my favorite H!P groups. Of course it probably seems totally nuts to have 3 calendars. 😛 Heheh I love that you already have a schedule of how to alternate your favorite shots throughout the year!! You've long liked Erika's looks but I have to admit this is the first time that I'm feeling the same way. She looks really beautiful in these calendar shots and all of the styling and outfits are perfect! My favorite C-ute girl Maimichan never ceases to stun me with her incredible looks and I just love something about the Airichan's c-uteness! You can't go wrong with either a Momusu or C-ute calendar and it'll be interesting to see which one wins you over in the end. 🙂


  5. guacg I was hit the exact same way when I first opened up this calendar and saw how beautiful Erika looks! I too have not really been that much of an Erika fan until perhaps now after seeing her in this release. She really does look great and I think that my eyes have been deceiving me all this time. I haven't opened up the other 2 calendars yet but am seriously thinking about it now. Still I don't imagine either Berryz Koubou or Momusu surpassing C-ute's calendar in terms of creativity. The whole music genre concept is just such a great idea. Think I'm going to open one of the others now. 🙂


  6. Hotaru I'm curious to know which one you'll be getting! Momusu vs. Berryz Koubou! It's like Hello! Project's Superbowl!! Minus the half time show and widespread wagering!


  7. Nihon Kitty says:

    I can't wait for mine to come now! It's my first H!P purchase so I'm twice as excited. I was going to get the momusu calender but changed my mind at the last minute.


  8. Hello! Nihon Kitty! This is a great first H!P purchase as C-ute is really emerging as a force to be reckoned with! The originality with their calendar's design is pretty much unmatched to this point in H!P and every month looks great. Now you just need to find the perfect spot to display it. 🙂 Any favorite members?


  9. Nihon Kitty says:

    Hagiwara Mai Is my absolute favorite. She's so cute! Her voice is really pretty as well.


  10. Ah I can relate to Maimai being your favorite member. She's seems so mature beyond her age and also has that ultra c-ute factor. Her voice is so unique too! Nihon Kitty thank you for sharing! 🙂


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