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HM@10/21/07-”The one with Furuhata,the wheels come off Speedwagon & Kame’s masterpiece is unveiled.”

Today's episode has switched back to the "Uso Queen" game format as HM@ continues to rotate between this and the "Chibikko King" game segments. The featured members are Lin Lin, Aichan, Kamei!!! :P, & Tanakachi and my hopes of finding … Continue reading

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Up to boy Vol.183 (December 2007)

Up to boy (December 2007) I was able to pick up the latest issue of Up to boy this past Saturday and happily it contains features on 3 Momusu members. Aichan, Kamei, & Tanakachi who have all recently released their … Continue reading

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Gocchin graduating from Hello! Project.

Gotou Maki While details remain light, reports coming from a recent Gocchin concert are that she officially announced that she will be leaving Hello! Project. I never saw this coming and there is speculation that it may be related to … Continue reading

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中澤裕子 TYPE-Y 2007 BIRTHDAY LIVE 魔法のプレッシャー!今年もやります。

Nakazawa Yuko "Danna Sama" & new concert release DVD After listening to Yukosan's latest single release yesterday I was then immediately inspired to watch her new concert DVD. "TYPE Y- 2007 BIRTHDAY LIVE Mahou no pressure! Kotoshimo yarimasu special" is … Continue reading

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中澤裕子のニューシングル だんな様。

Nakazawa Yuko "Danna Sama" CD single It's been about an entire year since Up Front Works showed Yukosan some release love as her last single "Urara" was released in late September of last year. Ever since she stopped being the … Continue reading

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Halloween safety tips to ensure a fun & safe night! :P

With Halloween fast approaching it's time for the annual safety checklist. Whether handing out candy to ghouls & goblins or Harry Potter,  attending a party, or just checking out the sites around town you can never be too careful! The … Continue reading

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Biyuuden finally reaches Charmy’s plateau with “Jaja Uma Paradise.”

Biyuuden "Jaja Uma Paradise" LE single & PV DVD single No other Hello! Project group pushes the sexy button quite like Biyuuden as they've been presented as such since their debut. For awhile some may have questioned the validity of … Continue reading

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HM@ 10/14/07-”The one with Jun Jun’s move, the banana, & Kamei’s magical umeboshi pan!”

Today's episode returns with a new Chibikko King challenger who just happens to be a 7 year old ping pong wiz kid! Hirano Miuchan is introduced and apparently she's been going "Forrest Gump" on other older kids since she was … Continue reading

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I feel a “Heroes” marathon heading my way.

Heroes Season 1 (HD DVD) Last Friday I finally caved and purchased a HD DVD player, something that I was planning on holding off on since the HD vs Blu-ray war is in its very early stages. The real loser … Continue reading

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I am your father’s second cousin’s brother’s dentist’s neighbor’s mechanic from down the street…

…and that can only mean one thing. I bet you're wondering how I can possibly fix your car. 😛 And also if you haven't yet got your pet(s) a costume for Halloween don't wait too much longer as the good … Continue reading

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