久住小春の 2nd ソロ写真集 “Pop”- “Kohachan makes a bid for shashinshuu supremacy!”

Arriving today was my first order through HMV and along with Kohachan's PB I also received Rikachan's latest PB release. This was the first time that I've ordered shashinshuu's from anywhere besides Amazon Japan and while initially their shipping rates were significantly less than what Amazon Japan charges they did raise it with my approval before sending it out. Basically the cost turned out to be about the same but I do prefer having delivery done through EMS instead of DHL (which Amazon Japan uses) as lately DHL has been opening up my mail for some unknown reason. I can tell it's not customs as they re-tape packages using tape clearly marked "customs" on it and in a few cases DHL didn't even bother re-taping it and instead just chose to fold the flap back in. :O It's just a bit irritating but really not too much of a bother really as everything has always been delivered in perfect shape and the inner seal has remained untouched. HMV packaged the books quite well using bubble wrap and it took about 5 days to arrive from the time that they sent it out. 5 days is actually pretty quick although DHL usually has it delivered in 2 days.

Kohachan's 2nd solo shashinshuu wasn't published by Wani Books so the hard cover editions that H!P fans are used to isn't the format used here and instead this release is a high quality soft cover PB with a thick glossy outer jacket. Like Wani Books, "Kids Net" also includes a great making of DVD and this one runs approximately 10 minutes. Recently there have been a few special extended making of DVDs that have been released separately (Nacchi & Miya recently) and I found out that Kohachan was getting one of these too when Paul at Hello! Blog researched it and found out where it could be ordered from. You can check Paul's Hello! Blog for all the ordering details. This is a limited edition and I'm not sure how many of these they press so hurry if you want one!! With Kohachan's vibrant personality you can only imagine how entertaining 50 minutes of making of footage of her will be!! The 10 minute DVD that comes with this shashinshuu is already very good and that's a clear indication of how great this extended version is going to be as well. And the more Kohachan the better!

When compared to her 1st solo shashinshuu, "Pop" is an absolutely huge leap forward in pretty much every way. While only about a year and a half has passed since her first PB was released Kohachan's looks have matured beyond what is seemingly possible in that short amount of time. This new shashinshuu really shows us the different sides to her personality which can be playful, cute, thoughtful, and mature and Kohachan is able to turn any of these on at any moment which is a great trait of Hello! Project's "Miracle" girl! Her wardrobe has also taken a leap forward since her last PB and in this release we see her outfitted in a few much more mature outfits which include a couple of really nice dresses. The Summer kimono shots are also very nice but Kohachan is still all about the cuteness and this shashinshuu doesn't disappoint as it's primarily dominated with photos and outfits that capture her adorable side. Along with many playful expressions Kohachan can be seen wearing adorable bunny ears, cute mizugi, and they've included quite a lot of seifuku shots as well. Overall the hairstylists as well as the wardrobe department gets an A+ in presenting Kohachan with great hairstyles and an assortment of outfits that really match her well! I really like the shots of her wearing the bathing suit that she's pictured on the cover with and all of the seifuku pics are totally adorable! And one of her bathing suit bottoms is quite similar to one that Aichan was wearing in her most recent shashinshuuu. Her transformation into a much more mature look can be seen in 8 photos where she is wearing a white, blue , and yellow flowered dress which starts with her on train tracks. It's with much certainty that I can say that this PB would fall into my top 10 all time favorite Hello! Project solo member shahsinshuu's right now and perhaps this new release may help garner her more of a fan base out there. Kohachan is quite different from any other H!P member as there is very little middle ground it would appear as either you absolutely adore her or aren't a fan of hers at all. I find this to be quite interesting and I personally can't find any reason to dislike her at all. Kohachan is about as cute as an idol can be and there's still so much more for her fans to look forward to as she continues to grow and mature in H!P. PBs like this one represent a landmark step along the way!

The making of DVD included with this shashinshuu although only 10 minutes provides a great look into the numerous shoot locations, Koharu's different attire, as well as her endearing personality which shines throughout! It's obvious how much Kohachan enjoys her work as she's always in a light and playful mood and lucky for us fans that a camera's there to capture it all. She has such expressive eyes and she definitely knows how to ham it up for the camera! Without these making of DVDs we would surely would miss out on a lot of candid moments that these photo shoots present and as I mentioned earlier Kohachan fans are in for a great treat as she is getting an extended making of special edition DVD!! All Kohachan fans out there order yours now as you're not going to want to miss this release! 🙂

Below these DVD screen pics are a few of my favorite photos from "Pop." I used my camera to capture these as my copy of "Pop" is also scanner allergic. 😛 But I'm sure someone will be scanning this shashinshuu soon and I can only imagine that they bought 2 copies!


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8 Responses to 久住小春の 2nd ソロ写真集 “Pop”- “Kohachan makes a bid for shashinshuu supremacy!”

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Just checked on mine and it looks like it's been delivered a couple of
    hours ago, I'm out tonight, but hopefully I won't be in too late so
    they I can grab it off of my neighbour who I'm guessing has got it.
    I really don't think I've ever been this excited about a PB release.
    Both Sayumi's and Nono's last PBs were ones that I was looking forward
    to, but neither of them match up to how much I want this one. I'm even
    tempted to ditch what I've got to do tonight so I can get home and
    check it out, although I'm sure the girlfriend would really not
    appreciate that!

    Your photos of it are really making me want to go and grab my copy,
    Koharu looks amazing! She looks gorgeous in the bikinis, I can't decide which one I like more the white one or the yellow. The white one does look really similar to the Aichan wore doesn't it.


  2. Saburo says:

    Without stating the obvious, this is a breakthrough shashinshuu for Koharu. I really see the potential for Musume veterans like Reina and Gakisan to be leapfrogged by the Miracle Girl. I'll be on the lookout for that extended "POP" DVD (it'll be on Hello Online within hours of its release).


  3. Paul you're lucky that your neighbor does that for you! If I miss an EMS package then I have to hunt down the mailman. lol! With express shipping being as expensive as it is I hope he understands why I try to get it right away or perhaps he just thinks I'm wacko! Probably the latter. Heheh I'm thinking it's not a good idea to tell your girlfriend that you have to get home early to look at Kohachan's new PB! It's understandable that this PB is the most anticipated one for you as she's your favorite Momusu member!! Even above Sayu's & Nono's! Yeah that's the first thing that came to mind was Aichan's white (and if I remember correctly it had some red in it too) bathing suit bottom that had that cute little lace thing. I really like the one that she's wearing on the cover too! It's kind of Christmassy.


  4. Saburo, Ohta managed to get me a copy of it through Paul's link and he's just waiting for 1 more Manoeri set to arrive so that he can send everything out together at once. This DVD is guaranteed to be great!!


  5. Hotaru says:

    I really like all of Koharu's outfits in this photobook.Koharu, why must you use your evil magic to win me over?!


  6. 😀 Koharu has cast a spell over you!…and when you awake you will be part of her fan club!


  7. Saburo says:

    Number Three coming in July…I'll bet this gets a special "making-of" DVD too (Aichan is getting one even though her last book is from Wani).


  8. The H!P shashinshuu merry-go-round never ends!!! ^-^ Judging by the frequency of their releases I imagine that they account for a substantial amount of their profits…hmm just a guess! Interesting that Aichan is getting a special making of DVD even though her pb is being released by Wani Books……maybe Wani is getting into the act too I wonder….


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