10 years later Final Fantasy VII still making its legacy felt.

On its 10th anniversary Final Fantasy VII continues to remind us why it's one of the all time greatest rpg's ever made. While many advances have come in the gaming world including much improved graphics, gameplay, and the ability to interact with others online, Final Fantasy VII has transcended the times and remains as relevant today as it was when it was released 10 years ago. I can still remember when I first purchased a Playstation system as the sole reason at the time for getting one was the announcement that the Final Fantasy series would be making the move to Sony's gaming console. This installment has inspired the release of countless figures, cosplay items, tapestries, and even the magnificent release of last year's CG masterpiece "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" which picked up the storyline 2 years later. The combination of in depth storyline and playability has made this landmark release a blueprint of sorts for all RPG's that since followed. While I have acquired the complete set of action figures from this series and a few tapestries, I've only managed to acquire a few of the articulately made PVC statue figures including Tifa, Aerith, and Sephiroth. The amazing looking figure of Cloud with his Hardy Daytona has since eluded me as it's long out of print. It does appear from time to time on auctions but the average asking price is usually around $300 and that's not including shipping!

Cloud & Hardy Daytona (NEOSL-12199)Cloud & Hardy Daytona  (NEOSL-12199)

Recently however Playarts has announced the release of a new Cloud figure featuring his Hardy Daytona and I didn't hesitate for a second and pre ordered it. While its release date is quite awhile away as it's slated for release on January 31, 2008 this really is a second chance at owning a very similar figure to the one that I missed out on. This figure is priced at 9800 yen and can be pre ordered here. The Japanese have long been the leaders in making well detailed figures and this one is no exception from the images that they've provided. It's really amazing that after all this time this particular installment remains as the flagship of this series. Even the soundtrack from this installment is much endeared and has spawned numerous releases. I will always find "Aerith's Theme" the most memorable and haunting in this series.

I don't know about anyone else out there but I spent literally over 220 hours of game time playing Final Fantasy VII. This is also the only rpg that I've played multiple times as I used a guide the second time to find everything that I had missed the first time around which included the memorable moment of seeing Aerith's ghost in the church as well as countless other "hidden" features in this game. I started to play it a third time and renamed all of the characters with names from the drama "Long Vacation" but never completed it. 😛 The final "movie" clip that you unlock when finishing an installment of Final Fantasy is always a well deserved one after logging so many hours of game play and this series has never failed to award the player with magnificent CGs and continued storyline. I'm just happy to have been given another chance at owning an amazing looking piece of Final Fantasy folklore.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to 10 years later Final Fantasy VII still making its legacy felt.

  1. Ivysgrandkid says:

    This game led me into photography!


  2. postback says:

    Final Fantasy VII honestly wasn't all that good. Quite frankly, it overshadowed numerous better RPGs that were being released at the time. It was unfortunate. Advent Children, also, was far from a "masterpiece". If anything, all it did was making the poorly written plot of Final Fantasy VII even more confusing and stupid.Final Fantasy V was better, anyway. But, that's probably because I prefer, you know, actual game play over a convoluted story that was a failed attempt at the Japanese attempting to mix Shakespeare with cyberpunk.The only good thing about VII was the music, and even that was flawed thanks to the terrible synth, which made everything sound even worse than a standard MIDI. Square obviously didn't put much effort into the sound, as Suikoden, a game that came out a year or two before Final Fantasy VII, had an exceptional synth.


  3. Hotaru says:

    Final Fantasy VII was definitely a memorable game…I never got to beat it because my 'friend' borrow the last disk and then decided to never give it back! D: Once I eventually got it back, my ps1 had died and PS2 was starting to have that "I'm a racist little PS2!" disease where it rejects black and blue discs….


  4. Ivysgrandkid the art of Final Fantasy can be really inspiring and it's great that it got you into what is now a great passion of yours. I hope you're continuing to explore your natural talent!


  5. Ouch!! I've never heard this installment take such a beating before! lol!


  6. Hotaru I never did try to play this game on my ps2 console and I wonder if mine will work properly. It's supposed to be backwards compatible but you never know. I can't believe that your friend kept the disc so long! So long that your ps one stopped working! :O Hide your games when they come over! 😉


  7. paul.thomas says:

    I may have already written this in one of the other posts about FFVII, but I literally bought a playstation for this game, and then promptly sold it after completing it. Amazing game and still holds up to the test of time. I've been tempted with FFIII on the Nintendo DS after I heard the winning noise of a battle, it was the same as FFVII. All I need to do now is find my damn charger and I'll be out looking for a copy.The figure looks great! I must admit to always wanting to get some of the larger/more expensive japanese figures but have never gotten around to it, the other problem is trying to find somewhere to put them 😦


  8. Paul that makes the 2 of us buying a playstation for the exact same reason! I can't believe you sold it right after though. I went on to a Tekken obsession soon after and have spent way too much time trying to learn all of the character's moves back then. It would come in handy later though when some friends and I would battle it out using the random character selection feature to make things fair. For some reason Jun Kazama was unstoppable and they didn't want me to use her anymore but once in awhile I'd get her anyway in random play. 😛 Space is becoming more and more of an issue and I just received a new figure yesterday but haven't taken it out of the box yet which I always must do because I'm a collector's nightmare! lol! I keep nothing in "mint" condition as I like to display everything but I'm still trying to figure out where to put it. Hmmm…it's kind of a sexy figure so it needs to be up front somewhere.


  9. wu-san says:

    OMG!!!! this game changed my life when my friend gave it to me in Secondary school because he didn't like it…man, those were the days, smiling just thinking about it…
    really suprised but happy when I saw this little post pop up on my delving into your archives – expect lots of comments – hope it doesnt mess things up for you.
    haha I copied you on the playing it through once, then with the guide again. It really is game you keep coming back to, although only once in awhile. Such a gripping stroyline as you say.
    The Aerith and Tifa piano theme songs on the Advent Children soundtrack are so moving. really amazing.


  10. Ah I can't believe you found this post! It's great to know that you were hooked on it too. I spent entire evenings into the morning everyday after work when I used to work nights. I actually began to relate to and like the characters so much…heheh I know they're not real. 😛 But when Aerith died I've never experienced anything like that in a video game before and it just devastated me for a few days. Sounds weird I bet! Her piano theme is so haunting but yet so beautiful. I've always wanted to get the acoustic piano FFVII soundtrack. I actually still do. Heheh you remember the date episode where Cloud (you) had to choose? Even the second time I played it through I still chose Aerith while I maybe should've chosen Tifa just to see the scene play out differently. I was happy when they made the movie as it continued the story. Ah the reason that I bought the original Playstation system. I used to also have Aerith & Tifa tapestries hanging in my room. I still have the main cast tapestry up though behind all of the figures. FFIX was a great one too! Zidane & Dagger…


  11. wu-san says:

    haha dont worry I know what you mean. I grew attached to the characters aswell, because the story was 'that' good. I think a lot of people were hooked like that too.
    Aerith dying was really something, and when I played it through again, in the back of your head at the beginning it was a little strange having Aerith in your party, because you knew her fate.
    Arh yes the acousitc themes on the soundtrack are really something else. Hmmm, I have them in mp3 files if you want them? but if your pc is a bit slow or your connection because you spend all your money on great J-music things hehe, I understand.
    really? you chose Aerith both times? I chose Tifa second time…well you are an Aerith fan for sure, and if she was a j-pop idol, I'm sure you'd be her biggest fan too 😛
    those tapesty sound like great things to own for all FFVII fans. I agree about 9, it nodded towards seven slightly and I loved it for that, but never completed that one.


  12. HarimaKenji says:

    Final Fantasy VII is such an important piece of RPG history… And if you look at it drawing comparisons with the anime/manga industry, it all fits together perfectly.Back in 1995, there was an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. It started a genre called, in anime jargon, dementia. The characters and the story are so deep you can have endless psychological and philosophical debates over them. Now, I won't say everyone liked it; there are a large community of haters, people who say the "story isn't that great and the characters are just a bunch of losers", and that all the simbology fans explore are just ways to try to explain a broken story. This is the position postback had when criticizing this game, which takes a dementia approach to the RPG world. I don't agree with that, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions… Thinking about it, Evangelion had an impact kind of like a Japanese Lost… The difference is that Lost, as far as I know, the theories are more in the physics/science area, while eva was pure Freud.After Evangelion, there was a dementia boom in the anime world, and then came FFVII to change the RPG one. You weren't alone buying a PSX for FF, MorningBerryz; the game was originally planned to Nintendo 64, but moved to PSX when Square saw the capacity CDs had for FMV scenes. Anyway, FFVII turned to be a great RPG, and it had Aerith's death. It could be argued that FFVI had a story as good or even better than FFVII, and it also had wonderful parts – the Opera House scene on VI is still over everything ever for me – but it didn't have Aerith. She turned into a legend. I remember reading old forum debates over at GameFAQs where people debated how to revive Aerith, how there's some great conspiracy going on at Square… It left the fans desperate. That had never happened.Now, one thing was really too bad, FFVII ended up overshadowing Xenogears. Xenogears has even clearer Eva influences, and takes its story waaaay deeper than FFVII. But it had lower budget, strong religion themes, and Square wasn't willing to bet a plot that complex would sell, so it was an almost limited release. They had to go back and release it again in higher numbers later. The game had its success and has a big fanbase until today. It even got a prequel, a trilogy to be exact, Xenosaga – which is good, but not even near Gears. Oh well, I guess that's good, since all FFVII got was Dirge of Cerberus, which is trash.


  13. Ah wu-san I'd love to own the acoustic piano arrangements for this soundtrack. Hmmm I guess when I really think about it H!P really is the reason that I still have such an old and slow computer! lol! They keep on releasing stuff so I can't afford a new one. Thanks for the offer though! But it may take me months to download one album. 😛 Okay maybe not that long but it's something like that. It is kind of wacky that I chose Aerith both times! What was I thinking? Heheh now if only she had an album. H!P has taken over my bedroom walls and Aerith and Tifa sadly had to come down. I have so much in storage right now. Somehow I hope that one day I'll be able to take them out again I guess. Heheh the Dagger character just really grew on me and I liked the return to the "little people" graphics. 🙂


  14. HarimaKenji you know way more about rpgs and their history than I ever will! I guess I'm just stuck in FF world. 😛 I don't even have time to play anymore which is sad. I'm happy that you also see the good in FFVII and its place in gaming history. I'm still amazed at how popular it was! I wasn't aware that so many hated this game as well until postback wrote that here you also mentioning it. You make me want to play FFVI now. Unfortunately I don't own that Nintendo system though. Ah I'm still waiting for a chance to own a Wii. You can't find one that isn't overpriced here in Hawaii right now. And with Christmas coming up I probably won't see one for months! I'm surprised to hear that so much was being said about Aerith in that regard! 🙂 I'm really happy to hear that so much passion was felt among fans out there. A video game has just never hit me like that before when she died. It was like losing a friend…heheh after so many gaming hours she was like family! I never thought about the reason why FFVII made the jump to playstation and now that makes perfect sense. More memory for better gameplay and graphics. It being a multiple disc game was impressive too back then. I'm really in a tunnel as I've never played Xenogears before.Thank you for explaining so much! You have really great insight!


  15. wu-san says:

    @HarimaKenji: Wow! thanks for the insight.
    the comment about the 'little people' I thought was a funny way to put out truth XD. Oh well, taking down FFVII things for H!P things isnt something to feel sooo guilty about eh 😛 I have a Ayumi Hamaski poster by my bed that a friend bought for me, as someone on a forum he is on was selling it, sadly I dont really enjoy a lot of her music, although I have not given it much chance – but i cant tell hime that. If anything, I wish it was Koda Kumi instead, as I find her more attractive XD…but a momusu one would be perfect.
    My friend played FFVII last summer and I decided to watch him for some of it, since it was my copy, and well, we spent the summer together (just the odd days in the week)when we both came home from our universitys and it was still fun to watch it him play…all those memories, just from hearing the music too.
    so where is your cloud and his bike resting in your house then? or has that made way for H!P things too?


  16. HarimaKenji says:

    FFVI was also released for PSX as Final Fantasy Anthology…About Aerith… This FAQ has a plot analysis of FFVII, and an entire section dedicated to all the rumours and theories that appeared at the time, it's pretty interesting.The "little people" style is generally called Super Deformed graphics, or just SD. It's a common style in anime and games. In 2D-era, having the face bigger compared to the body was the only way to convey facial expressions, since the whole character had to be so small in the pixel count.


  17. I have a similar taking on Hamasaki Ayumi (now if we were cousins things may be very different but last names is all that we share unfortunately :P) as there are just a few songs by her that I really like. I thought her previous album was pretty good though. "Endless Sorrow" is still one of my favorites by her as it was the theme song for a drama that I watched awhile back. You should ask your friend for a Momusu one for Christmas! 🙂 That sounds like a great nostalgic time for you! I imagine that one day I'll play it again and this time I'm going to name all of the nameable characters after H!P members. 🙂 Picking a member to be Aerith will prove to be most difficult though. The music will instantly take me back 10 years! All of my figures are out either on top of the CD/DVD shelves or bookshelves. Some are in front of the plasma on the stand. They kind of look like a movie audience. 🙂 The Cloud with his Hardy Daytona isn't being released until January 31st next year. The pre order date was really early! But Japanese figures go out of print so quickly and I had to order right away as I wasn't going to miss this second chance at owning a Cloud with bike figure. I'll post it up here when it arrives.


  18. HarimaKenji I may have to get that game when I have a vacation. Thanks for the link! It's amazing how much was being talked about regarding Aerith's character! And here I had no idea and was just in love with her character so much. 😛 So much could have been done. It's great to have a better grasp on the whole thing now. Heheh 'little people' graphics…I create my own language sometimes. 😛


  19. wu-san says:

    you share last names??? I never knew you had Japanese blood in you :P, unless I just read that wrong heheh. Maybe I'll give her more of a chance in the future starting with Endless sorrow. hmmm, I should ask my friend for a Momusu one! haha. But it's ok, from my christmas spending fund, which is very small this year because of moving from my last student house, rent is higher…I ordered the BK calender not too long ago…I was really impressed with the photos and the relaxed nature of the theme. But of course it's not opened yet. And I'm thinking of another H!P item to get.
    ah ok, so it's not released yet – Cloud and his Daytona. Nice to see the rest of the gang out and about in your House 😛
    My friend says he'll play FFVII once every seven years from now on…we'll see how that goes eh. Naming them H!P characters will make it even more special :p, but like you said, choosing an Aerith will be a hard task.


  20. Yes we're both Hamasaki's but not related (as far as I know). I'm pure Japanese with 1/4 Okinawan from my Father's side. From my Grandparents and a few Uncles back they were all born in Japan. I don't know of having any relatives still there though. Maybe one day Ayu will call and say that she's been looking for me… 😛 Sorry was just dreaming. I love that you got a BK calendar too! I still haven't hung mine up yet either as I'm still enjoying the last page of this year's calendar. Every seven years?! That's quite an idea! I wonder if he'll actually be able to stick with the plan though. If he renames his characters it may add to the enjoyment every seven years. I imagine the names would change quite a bit over that much time.


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