Berryz Koubou DVD Magazine Vol. 9- “And the Giddy Awards are handed out early this year.”

I just received this DVD from Ohta and the envelope please…wait we haven't even seen the show yet! As the DVD's opening member introductions begin Risakochan is already giggling! Ahhh looks like I…uh no it was Risakochan who spilled the beans! 😛 Heheh this is the first time that I've seen a member giggling during the opening introduction shots of a fan club DVD (pics 84 & 85) and Risakochan has already earned 5 bonus points!!

After Risakochan is done giggling the program begins with it's first game. Everyone's wearing their cute outfits that  they're wearing on the DVD's cover throughout the program and Risakochan's "Strawberry Bon Bon" dress is too adorable!! A "haiku" is a poem which is written in groups of 5, 7, & 5 syllables per line and the members of Berryz Koubou are challenged to come up with a haiku of their own using Summer as the theme. It's cute watching some of them count with their fingers as they make sure their poems have the correct structure. After everyone is done writing Sakichan shuffles the large cards like a deck of cards…well sort of…and then passes them out giving each member another member's poem to read out loud. After each member reads the poem that they've been given a vote is taken to see how well it was received by everyone. Each haiku can score 5, 3, or 1 point depending on how the members vote and the judging was pretty harsh :O as a lot of 1 point "awards" were given out! In fact after awhile all of them are beginning to laugh (Risakochan's giggling) as they begin giving each other the lowest score possible for every haiku! lol! At one point it's evident who's haiku is being read as Momo is the only member to vote for 5 points after it's read. 🙂 Unfortunately everyone else votes to give that haiku only 1 point. 😦 After all of the poems have been read the writer of each one is revealed as Sakichan holds them up one by one. In the final tally only Maasa & Miya scored 5 points as the "judges" were generous early on in the competition but stiffened up down the stretch. 😛 And when the dust settled everyone else was left with only 1 point each. :O Tip: If you ever write a haiku for BK make sure it's really really good or make sure that yours is read first! 🙂

The next segment is a brief interview for each member and the main question is: "Berrryz Koubou kyuuden ga honto ni attara donna kyuuden ni juumitai?" ("If a Berryz Koubou palace really did exist what kind of palace would you like to live in?" (Note: Risakochan giggles for us once again! :D)

The next game challenges the girls to behave & speak properly like a fine young lady in a given scenerio. To begin the girls jan ken po in order to determine the beginning match ups as they'll be going head to head in a elimination tournament format. Every act is very funny and the other members can be seen cracking up on the side as all it takes is a few "proper" words to get them going. After each match is completed each member is asked how they would envision themselves in this role in real life. The 2nd match is a dream matchup which has Risakochan battling Momo!! 😀 Their setting is a "kookyuu" ("high class restaurant") which gets a great reaction out of Risakochan & Momo as both are surprised by the choice. There's more giggling in this one match than on the rest of the DVD it seems! And hearing them speak all proper with no slang or shortened words along with dainty body language is quite funny! (note: Risakochan is giggling so much it hurts! :D) After each match the other members are given the task of deciding who was better and a winner is declared afterwards. Risakochan & Kumaichan who both won their 1st round matches then go head to head. The scenario involves them walking their "imaginary" dogs in a park and from the very start seeing Risakochan burst into a brisk skip around Kumaichan while humming and pretending to have a dog (a very little dog because we all know about Risakochan & "big" dogs) it looks like enough to declare her the winner of the entire tournament! And watching them both talk to their imaginary dogs is really cute too! In the end though it's a huge upset…uh I mean shocker as Kumaichan is voted the winner! :O Next is a match up of Maasa vs. Miya and watching them act as ballerinas was a very cute moment! Both of them were really great but Maasa is victorious! The final match is now set and it pits Maasa against Kumaichan and their scenario is a ("yuujin" friend) friend's birthday party. As they improvise during the scene Maasa chooses Miya to be the birthday girl. 🙂 Maasa later explains that because of the Summer theme she chose Miya. 🙂 After the final vote…Maasa is named the tournament's winner!!

The final game. Each member is given 10 seconds to memorize the order of 7 colored sheets of paper which are laid across a table. The best part was hearing Risakochan having trouble remembering the last 2 colors as she even looks to the camera operator for help. Ah too cute! After a bit of self discussion she eventually gets the last 2 colors reversed. And you knew that Miya was in trouble right from the start as she tells everyone that  she can't remember any of it! :O And then she's cracking up as she finishes writing the color names in an almost nonchalant manner! lol! Sadly Miya only remembered the correct position of 3 colors!! :O!!! During the final point tally Risakochan is…uh giggling! 🙂 In the end they end up with a 3 way tie between Maasa, Sakichan, & Chinamichan who all scored 16 points from all of the events. Jan ken po was used to decide the overall winner of today's games and after 2 quick exchanges Maasa triumphs and is literally crowned the champion! Sakichan delivers the King's apparel which comes complete with crown and robe!

The final segment of this DVD has each member reflect on the current tour as they're asked a few questions. This DVD runs just over 55 minutes and I think I just heard Risakochan giggle again…:)


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12 Responses to Berryz Koubou DVD Magazine Vol. 9- “And the Giddy Awards are handed out early this year.”

  1. Haha, that looks like a really fun DVD!


  2. Zush says:

    To be honest, although vol.9 is a cool DVD (all Berryz items are!) it really doesn't go to my favorites. I'm kind of getting bored with all those games. And another criticism: all WHITE studio set does not do justice to them, colors seem to appear too cold if you know what I mean.


  3. coinlockersbaby despite this being a dialog heavy DVD there's enough amusing things going on to make it an enjoyable watch. The interview portions were interesting too as they followed the fantasy theme of a BK palace and it was nice to hear Sakichan respond to a question regarding which member she thought most resembled one that would match the "role" of a palace "princess" and she without hesitation responded "Risakochan."


  4. Zush I agree that some of their other DVD Magazine Volumes have been better but I still enjoyed watching this one. When they were challenged to present themselves as proper young ladies in both language and demeanor it was like they were auditioning for a roles in a Jane Austen movie. lol! Well most of them as Risakochan & Momo were giggling most of the time. I actually never really thought about the all white set and while some colors would be nice, the all white set did manage to make Risakochan's strawberry bon bon dress stand out even more. 🙂


  5. Hotaru says:

    Haiku are actually kind of hard to write! Then again, they grew up in the land where haiku originated, so maybe it wasn't as hard for them.Then again…based on the scores…Anyway, This was an entertaining read 😀


  6. Hotaru the only time I ever wrote one was in school and they are quite difficult to write. I didn't appreciate poetry at the time either so that probably didn't help any. The funny thing about their scores is that after Maasa's & Miya's everyone just started giving each other the lowest 1 point score! lol! I guess if you want to beat everyone else you have to give everyone else the lowest score possible but in the end 5 of them all ended up only 1 point. I don't think that they even were paying attention to how good or bad the haiku was at that point and they all started to laugh after awhile as they knew what everyone was trying to do to each other. Momo raising her hand and enthusiastically giving 5 points while everyone else remained silent until the 1 point round was quite funny! It was obvious that it was her haiku that was being read at the time! Poor Momo but at least she tried to get a good score. 🙂


  7. where can you get this dvd???


  8. i'v been looking everywhere on websites to find this DVD so can you give me the link where you got the DVD? thank you


  9. If you'd like to purchase the actual DVD you can send a request to Ohta who is an eBay seller in Japan who will ship internationally. I've bought along with this DVD many other concert goods such as t-shirts, booklets, and photos. He is very trustworthy and very reasonable. I'll send you his e-mail address so that you can contact him. I'm hoping that this DVD is still being sold and being that it isn't that old hopefully it's still available.Another option would be to check out Hello!Online as this DVD may still be available for download from some seeders. I hope this helps you!I'll send you Ohta's e-mail address now.


  10. berryzlover11 I just sent you Ohta's e-mail address to your VOX account. I hope this helps you and you may also want to check out his eBay store and that link can be found on the right side of my blog. You may also request any other merchandise that you're looking for even if it's not listed at his store and he'll do his best to get them for you.


  11. ok thank you so much that helped alot^____^


  12. berryzlover11 I hope that you're able to get it!! Let me know if you have any other questions. It's always great to meet another fellow Berryz Koubou fan!! 🙂


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