Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2007 Visual Book

The Berryz Koubou Summer tour goods that I ordered from Ohta's Hello! Project eBay store have started to arrive and here's a look at their concert booklet which arrived yesterday. I was unable to scan the pages as they're too large for my scanner's surface and I'm too scanner challenged to merge images seamlessly together so I photographed them instead. This tour booklet is the same size as the GAM & Hello! Project tour booklets that I posted images of previously and measures approximately 10 1/8" X 14 1/4". This booklet also features nice glossy covers and thick stock pages.

The theme of this photo book seems to be Berryz Koubou in an Arabian wonderland. A land where there's a magic carpet for everyone and the princess look is definitely in!

Whether you're a peachy girl, a part time comedian, sleepy head, afraid of "big dogs", great at rollerblading, an artist, or Captain of the ship there's a place for you in BK land.

Everyone was photographed beautifully and whenever I see BK group shots like this one it makes me think of those AT&T commercials where there slogan is "more bars in more places." If only BK had lined up from left to right in this order: Momo, Sakichan, Miya, Risakochan, Chinamichan, Maasa, and Yurinachan they would also be able to resemble those signal bars on your cell phone and perhaps be in an AT&T commercial one day! 

Risakochan & Momo have the cutest poses here on their magic carpet rides but that may just be because they're my 2 favorite BK members. 😛 But the little Risakochan pic in the upper left is ultra cute!

Miya & Momo's outfits may be the cutest but…

…it's Risakochan's that reminds me of Brach's Strawberry Bon Bons…

…now if only her hair ribbon were green. 🙂

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2007 Visual Book

  1. Hotaru says:

    Ah! I'm scared of big dogs and within the age range of Berryz Koubou! I guess if I was Japanese and lived in Japan, I would of had a chance to become a Hello! Project Kid…haha. I like strawberry bon bons. I also like Risako's Dress. But I like Maasa's best, actually.


  2. Hotaru you have something in common with Risakochan! This is my absolute favorite personal comment by any of the BK members. It makes me think of those "Big Dog" t-shirts and how great and ironic it would be if Risakochan ever wore one. You indeed could have been a H!P kid and I don't think that being Japanese is an absolute must anymore just look at Jun Jun & Lin Lin. 🙂 Strawberry bon bons have been around for such a long time and there still a great candy! It took me awhile to find this picture and at first I was searching my kitchen area for some but I guess I ate them all. 😛 If someone were to photo shop her hair ribbon green it would be perfect. She could become the "Strawberry Bon Bon Girl" and help Brach's sell more candy! lol.


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