There’s more Kamei to help fill your bookshelf!!

Kamei will be releasing a new shashinshuu on October 10th or 11th as a couple of sites have slightly different release dates listed!!! It's titled "Maple" and this will be her 5th PB as she is quickly becoming one of H!P's favorite shashinshuu princesses! The more Kamei shashinshuu's in the world the better! Someone has definitely read my mind. 😀

Here's a cute fan made clip which features Kamei as her Hello! Morning news character "Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei." There are some really funny moments in here including: Kamei fighting for PR time with other H!P members, being "caught" doing other things while the news camera is rolling, showing Yukosan an example pose from one of her PBs, some appearances by other news characters including Konkon, Rikachan, & Aichan, her no blinking contest against Rikachan, numerous reporter game challenges vs. other H!P members, a clip of her giving Gakisan the business while Gakisan is trying to use her PR time, and more! Interestingly it's all being shown while Mikitty's song "Eki mae no dai happening" is playing.

Of course the best way to enjoy the complete clips of all of Kamei's classic reporter moments would be to watch these old Hello! Morning episodes where she portrayed this character every week (plus all of her dialog would be audible as well). But this fan made collage of Kyamei clips does provide a quick peek into the H!M character that really helped in bringing out Kamei's adorable personality and is a joy to watch.

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4 Responses to There’s more Kamei to help fill your bookshelf!!

  1. Hotaru says:

    Kamei is so cute…This is a fun OPV! I'm happy that she's getting another photobook 😀


  2. If Kamei were to release a photobook every month I'd build an extension to the house to hold them all. 😛 This OPV was really well put together and with non stop Kamei clips not much could be better in Eri World. 🙂


  3. paul.thomas says:

    This is great news!! Well…not so great news for my wallet, ;p


  4. Paul next to Kohachan's upcoming shashinshuu release, this is really the best PB release news!! My bank account's taking a serious beating right now. :O


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