Morning Musume in CDでーた March 5th, 2002.

After Ayaya’s CD Data cover which I posted a few days ago the next H!P appearance occurred in the March 5th, 2002 issue where Momusu was promoting their “Souda! We’re Alive” single. This issue featured a 5 page article on Momusu and also included a pull out poster. The poster remains attached to the magazine but if I had a lot of wall space perhaps all of these CD Data posters would be covering the walls.

This is really one of the great lineups that the group has had as youth meets original members Nacchi and Kaorin. “Souda! We’re Alive” sold an impressive 443,630 copies.

I took a picture of the first 2 pages of their feature instead of scanning it as I have no idea how to attach 2 images together seamlessly. 😛

As early as this release was for Gen. 5 I really think this single began to shine the spotlight on Aichan. The PV for this single was shot with a wonderfully bright high contrast look and Aichan was given solo lines as well as some up front and center attention in this PV. You can really begin to see her star shine and I love the look that they gave her in this video.

“Souda! We’re Alive” also marks the debut of something quite wonderful and unique to H!P as it was the first Momusu single to have an accompanying DVD single PV release albeit it being released over a month and a half after the single was released. This may have been a way for them to test the market for such a release as it “only” runs approximately 11 minutes (as compared to the 25-30 minutes that Momusu & Berryz Koubou’s PV DVD releases run today) but from the very start the “making of” feature was already in place. If you buy J-Pop releases from other artists you really realize just how special these “making of” features are and how generously long they are as well. Some older H!P PVs sometimes seem to have been created utilizing bigger budgets and with that came greater creativity as compared to some of the recent PVs that they’ve shot. “Souda! We’re Alive” is a pretty good example of this and I’ll never grow tired of watching it!

Tsunku was in a real creative mood when he wrote this song no doubt, as it’s almost like there are 3 different songs in here! I remember the first time I listened to it thinking what a strange song it was but at the same time how well composed it is. From its powerful opening to its funky verses & pre chorus which build up to one of my all time favorite Momusu choruses which hooks perfectly. The sound of this recording is also dymanic with an almost live feel to it and I absolutely love the way the bass and drums were recorded! But that sweet chorus is such a contrast to the rest of the song and that’s really what makes it such an odd and unexpected “twist” which works so well here. The increase in tempo of the “line dance” portion of the song which occurs during the break is brilliant as well!

The first pressing of the single included a nice sticker sheet which amuses me every time I look at it for 2 reasons: This sticker sheet is labeled as “super special” and “limitted” is spelled with 2 “t’s.” :O

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10 Responses to Morning Musume in CDでーた March 5th, 2002.

  1. Hotaru says:

    This is really cool! Souda! We're Alive is my favorite single from Morning Musume…or at least in the top three! The outfits look great…but some of the red ones remind me of 11WATER'S!Yay 😀


  2. Hotaru I'm so happy to hear that you love this song so much too! Top 3 is really impressive!! The last Momusu song ranking that I did was back in January of 2005 and out of the 188 songs that I listed I have "Souda! We're Alive" at #5. I don't think that that would change even if I were to do a list today including all of the songs released since I did that list. I never thought about or realized the similarity in those outfits. 11 Water's song "Be All Right!" is among one of the best from the shuffle groups for me. Their PV is full of energy and a lot of fun like their song!


  3. he he he -There's just never enough wall space for all of our posters!!!


  4. Dark Knightingale it's so true in my situation as my room isn't very big to begin with and add in the CD and DVD shelves which block most of the walls and there wasn't much wall space for anything. lol. I've got so many posters in the closet all rolled up and no place to display them. It's kind of sad.


  5. 😦
    Yeah, I know the feeling!
    If I can ever save up enough money to remodel my attic (soon to be studio) I'll have a little more wall space! -I'll probably hang my "Star Wars" Episode 1 posters, but maybe I'll just keep them safely tucked away. -I don't know yet.
    It's now 9/11… I just finished "Lost Within A Song" (well, I've worked it as much as I'm going to for now…) and I'm getting ready to post it. 'Tho it was completely remade on 9/11, it will be 9/12 before it's actually posted. I had some small issues that prevented me from getting it posted, and dated 9/11, but you and I know it was done on time. -I will have it up shortly.
    I hope you find it to be enjoyable!


  6. Dark Knightingale that's really exciting that you're planning on turning your attic into a studio! I don't even have an attic. lol. I totally understand why you chose to wait and you sure did work hard these past days on your song!! I know how it is when you're really excited about something and that was really quick.


  7. I spent the better part of three nights on it… Re-working the guitar parts (7 guitar tracks on this!!!), mixing all the parts together, accidentally erasing everything not once, but TWICE…. -Grrrr.
    Oh well, it's together now, and posted. -Feel free to come check it out when you get a chance! I'm definately no singer, but I was satisfied with the recording I settled on. I hope you find it to be enjoyable!


  8. Saburo says:

    What a time it was to be a fan of Musume and Company: number one on the charts, new DVDs to buy (I'd just gotten an all-region deck in mid 2001), the blooming of Gen-5, and the "Hello! Morning" time slot increasing in time from 30 minutes to 45.
    I remember singing this very song at karaoke, solo. Warning: do NOT do this unless you have: 1) help, or 2) plenty of stamina.


  9. Dark Knightingale your hard work really paid off and sorry it took me so long to visit and check out the internet debut of your song. It got erased twice?! All of those guitar tracks really give it a rich sound and I find that very impressive to have laid down 7 separate tracks!


  10. Saburo it was great when H!M increased in length up to 45 minutes. I guess I was really spoiled by their show being so long and now it's only about 22 minutes or so. They had to end so many segments that I loved!


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