Jimmie Johnson wins final race of the “regular season” and becomes the top seed in the Chase!

What a way to head into NASCAR's version of the playoffs as Jimmie Johnson wins a season high 6 races capturing back to back victories in the regular season's last 2 races. Crew chief Knaus and Johnson are turning it on at the right time as they head into "The Chase for the Championship." The COT has really brought out some great racing this season in its debut. The highlight of the race came in the final 40 or so laps where an incredible battle up front ensued between Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Tony Stewart. They were side by side for the remainder of the race battling each other as if it were the last lap!! Gordon's car would fall off a bit and he finished in 4th which is still very good! 🙂 Future team mates Gordon and Earnhardt Jr. showed how the sport's greatest drivers race each other as they raced fiercely but respectfully with one another. Jr. would later be engaged in another fierce battle with Stewart as they ran side by side lap after lap making a bit of contact but nothing too serious.Meanwhile Johnson drove away winning with a comfortable margin of victory.

The race however left me with mixed emotions as Dale Jr. who fought so hard and I believe it was Rusty who commented on how he had never seen a driver work so hard in these past few races, but ended up with yet another DNF as yet another DEI engine failed on him. With just 5 laps to go he was running up in the 3rd position fighting for 2nd with Stewart when his engine failed him. This was really heartbreaking to watch. The look on his face when he was interviewed afterwards showed how much this would have meant to him to finish near the front for his fans, team, and sponsors even if he didn't make the Chase and it actually made me tear up. Wait there's no crying in racing!! But this moment brought so much emotion and it really saddened me. Dale Jr. is an incredible race car driver and no one can ever question his heart ever. If only his equipment wouldn't fail him I believe he would have made the Chase. He drove another great race and this engine problem is getting old. I hate to open up this can of worms but why so many engine problems with his car while his team mate doesn't seem to be having the same type of problems for the most part? Is there something fishy going on here? On a positive note, ever since the Chase was implemented the top driver (points) outside of the Chase would also be honored at the season ending ceremony in New York. In the past this was the 11th place driver and in 2005 when Jeff Gordon was locked out of the Chase he wound up in 11th and made the trip to New York and was honored at the event as well as being awarded a substantial check! This gives the drivers outside of the Chase something to race for and I think is very important to the sport. This would mean that Dale Jr. can still fight for the 13th position and win a seat at the season ending ceremony. Dale Jr. has really shown a lot of heart and I'm looking forward to next season when he will become team mates with Gordon, Johnson, and Mears in the sports best organization (at least in my opinion! :P). Hendrick Motorsports will give him the best equipment to drive along with incredibly talented and dedicated employees! It's also great news that his cousin and long time crew chief Tony Eury Jr. will be going along with him to Hendrick Motorsports as he's already signed a contract for next season! With their chemistry and the best team mates in the sport Gordon and Johnson I strongly believe that Dale Jr. will be more successful than ever in NASCAR's elite racing series which will next season be called the Sprint Cup. Now if only those fans at Talladega would stop throwing things at Gordon when he wins there. With Dale Jr. as his team mate next season…one can hope.

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2 Responses to Jimmie Johnson wins final race of the “regular season” and becomes the top seed in the Chase!

  1. 8gurl says:

    Congrats to Jimmie and all of the chasers. Read my blog about it when you get a chance. I also posed the question that these mechanical failures Jr has been having this year are uncharacteristic and definitely seem 'fishy'. Jr was heart-broken and it broke my heart to see him that way. But he is not a quitter and he will persevere and hopefully, like you said will land that first spot outside of the chasers and get to go to New York.


  2. 8gurl it really does seem fishy and I'm beginning to think that something may really be going on. That would be sad on the part of the "guilty" person(s) at DEI but I'm really just speculating. The way that Dale Jr. has been racing he's sure to go to New York…as long as these "mechanical failures" stop. Maybe he should drive Truex Jr.'s car and win the race.


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