Morning Musume’s 10th anniversary album to honor “Love Machine.”

On October 24th Morning Musume will release a complete singles collection celebrating their 10th anniversary. The album will include along with all of their a-sides a new song titled "Hello To You- Hello! Project 10th anniversary theme"and a 48 page booklet. The limited edtion will also include a bonus DVD which will contain 9 favorite live tracks, one from each current member. While the first pressing of the regular edition will come housed in a slip case. I'm really curious to see if the slip case will have a special off shot or something completely different so I ordered both editions so I don't regret anything later.

Limited Edition: epce-5505
Regular Edition: epce-5508

What I can best describe as being the most profound album cover that H!P has ever produced, this compilation will pay tribute to Morning Musume's best selling single of all time. The concept makes more sense than anything but at the same time is quite brilliant.

The front cover of their "Love Machine" single (above, left) has been nostalgically recreated using the current Momusu lineup. Someone even found that helium balloon foil looking background! And all of their outfits appear to be accurate replicas or perhaps someone took really good care of them all of these years! 😛 It does look like no one could find those necklaces that Kaorin, Ayappe, Marippe, and Gomaki were wearing though. The only problem they ran into is that the current lineup has one more member than the lineup from September '99. But I don't see this as any bother as this is really just a great idea! Even their somber expressions have been recreated to perfection on the upcoming anniversary compilation album. 😐

"Love Machine" was released on September 9th, '99 (four 9's must be lucky!) and sold over 1.6 million copies!! To put that into perspective no single of theirs has topped the 100,000 mark since January 2004 when "Ai araba It's All Right" sold over 108,000 and was the last to reach this mark. I've been thinking about if for awhile and I finally remembered why I bought 2 copies of the VHS single release for "Love Machine." Back then I didn't know when or if ever these video releases would one day be available on DVD so I bought a second copy as a backup for the day when I wore out my first copy from too many viewings. lol. But seriously we all know how fragile VHS tapes are and that inevitably they will all wear out one day and become unplayable even if left on the shelf unused for years. Thank goodness for the DVD!! My backup "Love Machine" VHS copy still remains factory sealed today.

Another factor that makes the VHS release of "Love Machine" still relevant today is that the original PV which is only on this VHS release runs literally twice as long as the PV version that's on Momusu's first PV collection "The Morning Musume Best 10." For some reason they didn't include the original full version of this PV on their DVD and I thought that it could have at least been included as a bonus extra. The PV on their DVD runs about 5 minutes while the complete version on the VHS runs about 10 minutes! Maybe one day they'll pull it out of the vaults and include it with a release but until that day this VHS represents the only way that I can watch it till then if that ever happens.

"Love Machine" represents the height of Momusu's popularity and the numbers speak for themselves. And it also remains as the only Momusu single to have been commemorated with a figure set which has the 8 members posed in the opening stance for this song. If you own an original pressing of their 3rd album "3rd- Love Paradise-" then there is an insert included in there which contains the release information for these figures. (below, bottom left)

They originally sold for approximately $150 and they turn up from time to time on auctions and usually sell for a bit more than this depending on what condition they're in. I was able to purchase a well preserved set and the figures come housed in a great looking case which resembles a stage and all poses have been recreated accurately.

The metal "Morning Musume LOVE Machine" card which is inserted up front on the right side is a nice touch to this fan club limited edition release.

Gomaki comes complete with kinpatsu hair while Ayappe's figure is the most real looking for some reason.

Sorry these figures aren't in a well lit area of the room and I had to use flash and it kind of obscured these pictures.

Here's a translation of "Love Machine" by Megchan.

"Love Machine"

Anta nya motta inai (fu-fu-)
Atashi hontou NICE BODY
jibun de iu kurai
Tada janai! janai!

I'm too good for you
I've really got a nice body
Even if I do say so myself, I'm something else! Aren't I?

Atsukerya tsumaseba ii (fu-fu-)
Samishikerya EVERY BODY
Dare ni mo wakaranai (fu-fu-)
Renaitte itsu hi ga tsuku no ka

If it's too hot, you should cool if off
If you're lonely, everybody
No one knows
when love's fire will be lit
Dynamite, love is dynamite

Donna ni fukeiki datte
Kon na ni yasashiku sarecha midara
Akarui mirai ni shuushoku kibou da wa

No matter if there's a recession, love is inflation
It's improper to treat me so tenderly
My future's bright, I hope to find a job

*Nippon no mirai wa (WOW x 4)
Sekai ga urayamu (Yeah x 4)
Koi wo shiyou janai ka! (WOW x 4)
Dance! Dancin' all of the night

The world is jealous
of Japan's future
Let's fall in love!
Dance! Dancin' all of the night

Nandaka monotarinai (fu-fu-)
Doko ni itatte ai shitete hoshii wa
Jibun de tsutaeru no
hazukashii janai!

I feel like something's missing
No matter where you are, I want you to love me
I can say it myself, I'm not embarrassed!

Risou no futari da wa (fu-fu-)
Akogare yo EVERY BODY  
Dare shi mo kizuite nai (fu-fu-)
Renaitte yume no otoshiana

We're a perfect couple
Everybody longs to be us
But nobody notices
love is the pitfall of a dream
Mystery, love is a mystery

Sonna no fushizen datte
Sore demo jouzu ni sarecha are wa
Shiawase kuru hi mo KYANSERU machi nai no?

Love's insider says that's not natural
Even so if you're treated well there's exposure
Will I wait on standby for the day of happiness to come?

Anta no egao wa (WOW x 4)
Sekai ga urayamu (Yeah x 4)
Yume ga arunjanai ka! (WOW x4)
Dance! Dancin' all of the night

The world is jealous
of your smile
We have dreams, don't we!
Dance! Dancin' all of the night

Love love love MASHIN (WOW x 4)
Love love love SUTEESHON (YEAH x 4)
Love love love FAKUTORII (WOW x 4)
Love! Love is so wonderful!

Love love love machine
Love love love station
Love love love factory
Love! Love is so wonderful!

* repeat

Morning Musume. mo (WOW x 4)
Anta mo atashi mo (Yeah x 4)
Minna mo shachousama mo (WOW x 4)
Dance! Dancin' all of the night
Love Machine

Morning Musume.
You and me
Everyone, even our boss
Dance! Dancin' all of the night
Love Machine

And here's the PV for "Love Machine" and a live performance. 

I don't think that any member added to Momusu has had the impact that Gomaki did back when this single was released. While it's obvious to point to the sales and say this but what I mean is the group itself as she had such an impact on their entire being. While their popularity had been steadily growing prior to her joining she really helped push them into the limelight and that's probably an understatement. They became a group to be reckoned with and the country took notice.

The recreation of Momusu's "Love Machine" jacket cover is really such a special symbol of this group and I'd imagine that even those who have left their fan base will find this a joyous reminder of an incredible time. Personally it takes me back to this height in their history and I remember how I felt then…that Morning Musume will go on forever.

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14 Responses to Morning Musume’s 10th anniversary album to honor “Love Machine.”

  1. empire1468 says:

    Love Machine is a timeless classic for me. It's completely different than all their singles before it and it still gets the crowd going crazy like no other song.
    BTW, is it just me, or am I the only one who feels Love Machine is heavily influenced by the song "Venus" by Shocking Blue (and covered in the 80s by Bananarama). I remember reading about it on a Japanese site and then I checked it out and agreed. I'm not sure if it's an outright sample of the song but it is very similar.


  2. Zush says:



  3. Empire1468 this is really eye opening! I never heard about that comparison before but I do own this song as done by Bananarama. I love "Venus" it's one of the catchiest pop songs ever written. I had to listen to both of them to compare and………….they do have similar arrangements! Almost too similar!! Wow thanks for mentioning this I think that's great. I listened to the karaoke track of "Love Machine" and it made it easier to just listen to the musical arrangement and compare them. Hmmmm…Tsunku has a Bananarama album at home! lol. A couple of other favorite songs of mine that Tsunku used inspiration from other songs to write are "Aisha Loande" which may have gone too far in being similar to "My Sharona" but I love this song anyway! And he was a bit more subtle when he wrote Biyuuden's great b-side "Ichou~Aki no sora to watashi no kokoro~" which has a great Marvin Gaye moment in the middle break where Rikachan is singing "do do do-do do please! by my side." The arrangement here and especially the background "humming" is almost identical to I think it was the outro of "Mercy Mercy Me." Every time I hear this part it makes me smile! This is such a great song and this section of it really adds a nice touch to it!


  4. Zush you should get a set too! These figures are really well made and are pretty tall as the case (stage) is about 8 1/2 inches tall and completely enclosed. They appear on Yahoo Japan Auctions sometimes.


  5. empire1468 says:

    Oh yeah, Aisha Loan de is too obvious to disregard.


  6. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  7. Chiakii says:



  8. momo says:

    I now have seen the cover picture and it looks great. I think this will be a great compilation CD. I preordered the LE version already.10 years is a long time, this is a great accomplishment for them.


  9. empire1468 I remember the first time I heard that song…I was like what the?! But Aisha Loande is such a catchy great song but it's still kind of funny how this song is pretty much exactly like "My Sharona." What in the world is a "sharona" anyway? Or should I not ask that question.


  10. guacg I'm really hoping that the DVD contents stay true to what Cdjapan is saying right now. As there's always the "bonus features are subject to change" disclaimer. Let's all hope! Cdjapan is the most reliable site that I've ever bought items from. They always ship on time and it always arrives in about 2 days with EMS shipping. I live in Hawaii though so that a factor though in shipping speed. EMS is expensive though! You can always check your carts cost with shipping before finalizing your order so you can always back out and change the type of shipping that you're selecting. I don't know how long the other methods of shipping take to arrive though as I've always used EMS when ordering from Cdjapan. Yes Asia is pretty slow from my first experience with them as my Arashi "Happiness" single is yet to arrive and it was sent out on the 4th of this month. But the shipping is really cheap and I guess you get what you pay for in that sense. HMV is another good choice with reasonable shipping fees and a site that's easy to navigate. I've started ordering my shashinshuu's from them as momo in New York suggested. And he always gets his releases really quick from them so they may be the way to go. If you don't mind waiting a bit then standard shipping may be the choice to go with but with this method it could take well over a week and maybe even two. I'm not sure since you live in Germany how long it's going to be. If you want it delivered right away than express EMS shipping is the best way to go but be prepared to pay quite a bit for shipping. If you're only ordering this one item than the shipping may not be so high though. I'd say try Cdjapan first and see what the cost is with shipping before finalizing your order. They are ultra reliable in my experiences ordering through them for the last 6-7 years. This is going to be an awesome release!!! Hey you sound even more excited than me!!! :O I'm not entirely sure what the logic was when they decided who would represent which original member from the "Love Machine" cover but I'm figuring that perhaps age was a factor when making Mittsi take Gomaki's position on the cover her being the youngest.


  11. Chiakii :O!!! (hides Love Machine figures) 😛 The "Venus" comparison is really quite interesting as I've never thought about the two being similar before. But you're right as "Love Machine" has a disco thing going on with it. I really think that Tsunku has a Bananarama CD at home and one night while listening to it……and then watching "Saturday Night Fever" he wrote "Love Machine." lol! Hey I never even really noticed that Sayu's and Kamei's legs are visible on the new cover. The front four needed to make themselves wider to hide that! 😛 But I really love them reusing that wonderful helium balloon material in the background again! You're right Jun Jun would have been the logical physical match for Kaorin! There must be a reason why they chose each member for each spot on the new cover…I just don't know what it is yet. Hmmm….


  12. momo the limited edition's going to be really incredible with the bonus DVD!! It really adds a nice personal touch to this release as the current members reflect on songs from Momusu's past! Many idol groups don't last half the time that Momusu has and as you say this is really a special accomplishment for everyone past and present in the group. I'm looking forward to seeing which songs and performances each member chose for the bonus DVD! I'm wondering if any members will choose really early Momusu songs and I'm actually hoping that someone will.


  13. paul.thomas says:

    That's an amazing idea for a cover and it looks really great!And the DVD looks like it might actually be a decent addition! We've only had to wait almost a year since the last worthy DVD inclusion, which was the one included with Ayaya's Naked Songs.Have you seen Tsunku's Best album that's coming out? 4 CDs and an 88 page booklet. Although I've yet to see a track list, there's no way this is going to be a bad compilation of songs.


  14. Paul you're absolutely right in saying that the last really significant bonus DVD was the one included with Ayaya's "Naked Songs" release. I'm happy that this DVD sounds to be a quite personal bonus with input by each current member and that makes it even more intriguing. It'll be really interesting to see what song and performance each member chooses. I'm hoping that there will be some classic releases in there. I actually haven't seen the track listing either for Tsunku's upcoming release. But with 4 CDs he must have included a lot of H!P songs. I guess after writing so many hits one must want to perform them themselves!


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