Berryz工房 DVD Magazine Vol. 8. Momo in the spotlight. :)

What better way to spend part of your afternoon than watching a Momo fan club DVD. The format is pretty much the same as Risakochan's fan club DVD which you can read about here. "VERY BEAUTY" is the reoccurring theme song that plays in the background in some portions of this program and if you're like me, you absolutely love this song and it adds a nice touch to the DVD. And there's enough Momo here in this DVD to make a fan out of anyone! Momo power activate! (nostalgic cartoon flashback) 😛

The opening segment is "Survival Domino" where Momo is given a 5 minute time limit to form the letters "B" & "K" and all of the tiles must fall properly in order for her clear this challenge and receive of course a treat!! Unlike Risakochan, Momo seems to be having no trouble at all standing the tiles in uniform fashion. In fact with 3 minutes left she's already done! :O But will they fall properly? To Momo's surprise only a handful of the tiles fall when she starts with the "B." But she quickly stands them back up and fixes the problem and on her second attempt every tile in her "B" letter fall. She then starts the "K" tiles and they also fall perfectly and on the first try! 🙂 It's funny but her treat which was visible during parts of this segment looked to me like a toy or at least something plastic or fake. lol. Luckily my eyes have deceived me and they're indeed edible as Momo sure seems to like them! 🙂

What's better than a Momo segment? A Momo segment with Risakochan! I must first comment on their beautiful kimonos and hair ribbons. Momo is wearing a beautiful red one with matching hair ribbon while Risakochan is wearing a cute purple one and also is wearing a matching hair ribbon. It's funny as they're sitting next to each other and Momo is significantly taller than Risakochan…but we all know that Risakochan has been growing rapidly in height while Momo appears to not be growing taller at all. lol. As they begin conversing you can really tell that Momo's older than Risakochan although she doesn't look it. Well until…she sticks her face in the camera! lol. Risakochan needs to reveal a secret about Momo but instead is being silly and Momo yells "cut!" on her and repeats what she was supposed to do. 😛 Risakochan really isn't bothered though as she nods and says "yes" as Momo is cutely lecturing her. While Risakochan has somehow always seemed to have the perfect hairstyle in her years in Berryz Koubou, Momo for awhile might have had hers a bit too short. On this DVD her hair is at a perfect length, a bit past her shoulders and she has the sides tied up creating an adorable look.

Now it's the box of terror segment complete with "spooky" introduction music which has Momo blind folded and it appears that the opening music was unnecessary as all of the other members of BK start screaming when the black sheet is removed and the contents of the box is revealed. Momo is now already quite worried due to her group mate's reactions and a few of them are asking "what is it." It looks like a soap shaped block of off colored grayish jelly like substance to me. LOL! Never though I'd describe anything that way! They want Momo to touch is gently with a finger and they guide her hand down towards the mysterious substance. OK! that's the reaction the producers of this DVD was looking for!! Momo has a brief freak out session and captain Saki & Yurinachan want her to touch the funny looking thing again. After Captain Sakichan reassures her that it's contained in a box by letting her feel the sides of the box they guide her hand towards that gray block of disturbing looking joy. Heheh and Momo freak out session 2 is in full swing. Momo already has a high pitched voice naturally and it's funny how much higher it gets as she's freaking out! LOL! The other members are really enjoying this so Chinamichan decides to pick up the plate that hold this gray matter thing that should not be and raises it towards Momo so she can be…uh closer to it as she touches it again. :O Momo freak out session 3 is now in session and this time she's actually trembling a bit! :O Everyone is cracking up especially Miya and Sakichan needs to pull Momo back towards the box. The next two encounters that Momo has with this jelly like thing from space are sneak attacks brought on by Miya who is now holding onto the plate. After the second one Momo seems to be trying to now figure out what it actually is. She guesses "jelly" to a serenade of "dame!" from the others but eventually is holding this thing in her hands and feeling it…and then guesses correctly "konniyaku." A tasty treat! Okay it actually doesn't have much taste at all. 😛 Heheh okay I actually knew what it was but it was funnier describing it in ways that Momo might have been imagining as she was blindfolded. And all of the BK members really played along to scare her! When Momo removes her blindfold she looks at the konniyaku with a tiny bit of disgust as this simple treat was freaking her out! lol. Then she smells her hands and…did the konniyaku smell bad?!! heheh! And then when she sees what her blindfold looks like she's quite amused by it. Okay I actually don't like konniyaku…it's a strange rubbery funny looking "treat." 😛 But you should try it if you've never had it before. You may like it as long as you're not blindfolded. 🙂 And that blindfold that Momo's wearing makes her look so funny with those eyes on it!! Add that to her actual facial expressions and it's really hilarious! Best blind fold ever! It's like Huckleberry Hound with wild eyes! 😀

After a really brief photo shoot which will probably produce H!P photos coming to a store near you if you live in Japan. Yurinachan is now by a Apple computer and Momo is amazed by the wireless mouse. This is quite funny as Momo is testing to see whether it will work properly if she runs it along the walls and she gets further and further away. Momo is now in an entirely different room and keeps asking Yurinachan if it's still moving on the screen. And it is! Momo is now by the circuit breakers and you can tell she's quite far away from the Mac as Yurinachan's reply sounds very distant. And it still works! Momo's wireless mouse experiment is a total success! One thing to consider though is if you're so far away from the monitor using your mouse you won't know what you're doing on the screen. 😛 Amazing that it works from so far away though! :O

After a question & answer segment done in front of the other members it's time for a second round of mystery item in a box theater. This time it's a stage outfit and just as with the konniyaku the other members let out a cry of terror to help get Momo in freak out mode. lol. Momo asks if it's not scary and the other members assure her that it's not. Momo is all stiff as Sakichan gets her to touch the outfit but when she screams they pull it away but then she suddenly doesn't seem afraid of it and actually begins clapping her hands together…saying (bring it back). It's quite amusing as Momo can't figure out what it is for the longest time. They then give her a hint telling her that it's pink. Momo figures out that it's a concert outfit but needs to name which tour it's from. :O After some thinking she gets it right on the first try as it's their encore outfit from their "Marugoto" concert tour from the Summer of 2005! Momo removes her blindfold and finds it really nostalgic as she examines it. I wonder if it still fits…as she may have grown dare I say taller?

During another brief question & answer segment where I just noticed that Risakochan is wearing some kind of leg warmers in the background…eh?…Momo must wink at the camera. Hmmm…sounds simple but the reality is that Momo closes both eyes when winking…uh blinking…well maybe that's the "Momo" style of winking. lol. She finishes by showing her fans some hand art…well how she can make a bunny with her hands. Cute stuff!

We next see the results of mixing a giddy Momo with half of Berryz Koubou's comedy team, Chinamichan. They act out a scene in one of those booths where it takes your picture and prints out stickers for you and your friends. 🙂 Soon Sakichan & Yurinachan are invited over too for some candid camera fun. Momo's next challenge is to figure out how many pieces of candy equal 100 grams. With a little scale, a glass container and a whole lot of candy Momo now the scientist seems to have an idea of how much a single candy weighs…or does she? Hmmm…no she doesn't as her first attempt comes up way short totaling only 38 grams. :O Now this is rather impressive or at least I thought so…well that could be because I watched Risakochan dump the candy into the container earlier lol…but Momo now sees how many pieces equal 38 grams and is now counting them accordingly. Atama ga ii! But how good are Momo's math skills?! She knows how many pieces equaled 38 grams but can't seem to figure out how many would equal 100 grams. Heheh she's now laughing because she doesn't know how to figure it out and the staff isn't helping! She then seems to know the correct amount or was she just dumping the candy in there randomly…and it totals 105 grams and Momo has failed! :O Now here's the beauty of it…she then removes one single piece of candy and it totals 100 grams exactly! :O She pleads with the staff saying that wasn't she close enough?! lol. Momo seems to not be able to understand how her calculations were off by one single piece of candy and starts counting the candy into the container again. Heheh now it totals 95 grams and Momo's facial expression is priceless…. 🙂 She keeps asking "why…why…why? but the staff isn't answering her! lol. And in the end the candy won… 😦 …as Momo is baffled and states her defeat…"wakannai"…so the moral of the story is…instead of trying to figure out this challenge with math, one should place the candy in the bowl like Risakochan. 😛

The DVD ends with some closing thoughts on Berryz Koubou including Momo's thoughts on some of the other members as well as her hopes for the group's future. This DVD runs about 41 minutes and if  41 minutes of Momo makes you smile then this DVD is a must see!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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21 Responses to Berryz工房 DVD Magazine Vol. 8. Momo in the spotlight. :)

  1. Saburo says:

    Stay tuned for Vol. 9…


  2. Cory Roberts it took me about 1 1/2 hours to take them and then about 2 1/2 hours to upload them here! Being that I wanted to post all 120 of these pictures may have been the problem! lol. 😛 Plus my computer is slower than a speeding parked car! But I really wanted them to follow the accompanying dialog so I think it was worth it. 🙂 Plus it's Momo!!


  3. Saburo are they individual member DVDs or it the whole group together? In any case a Berryz Koubou DVD = happiness.


  4. Craig I hope that you've watched this DVD too! I'm figuring that you probably have long ago. 41 minutes of Momo = happiness too! 🙂


  5. Hotaru says:

    Awww, they were picking on Momo a lot…But it sounds like it would be incredibly amusing!


  6. Oooh, I hate "mystery boxes" and games like that, where you feel something then try to guess what it is! Bleh!!! -I liken it to blindfolded taste-testing. (shudders)
    Yes, their kimonos were quite beautiful, and I might have been disappointed if their hair ribbons didn't match the outfit!
    -What a funny little blindfold they had!
    Weighing the candy… Now that was a cute, smart and practical game!
    He he he -My slow pentium 2 computer is slower than a speeding parked car too! -That was too funny! 🙂


  7. Zush says:



  8. Hotaru first of all it's great that you're back!! It's only been about a week but I've missed you! I hope that your camp went well! 🙂 Momo is such a great sport and she interacts with the other members so well! I sometimes really get the feeling that she's the most embraced member in Berryz Koubou by her fellow members. In some of their early event footage you can really see this aspect. 🙂


  9. Dark Knightingale you're right! It's funny when you're watching it but if you were the one blindfolded than that would be a different story! I'd be creeped out too! But that blindfold is soo funny! Kimonos! I just love the way that they look but these were extra adorable or maybe that was because of Momo & Risakochan! 😛 The hair ribbons though were a nice extra touch! It's like science class with the candy! Or math class! Hmm…I first thought that I'd be more like Momo and try to mathematically figure it out but perhaps I'd be more like Risakochan and just pour the candy in and hope! LOL! I bet my computer is slower than yours! Heheh it sounds like I'm bragging that my computer is so slow! 😛 But it really is!


  10. Zush Wow you're so lucky you have Miya's Vol. 8 DVD! I only have Risako's & Momo's. The candid footage in between is really fun to watch. Yes the eyebrows conversation that they were having was really funny. It's really endearing to see them poke fun at one another like sisters! Heheh we should start our own BK fan club.


  11. Craig I'm so happy to hear that! The only hard thing is that there's so much BK releases coming out all the time if you include concert & fan club releases. But that's a good thing! The more BK the better! We are both members of the imaginary BK international fan club!! lol! But since we support them whole heartedly then it does exist! 🙂


  12. Zush says:

    …well, I don't have the original DVDs. just burned ones (ISO/vob). I could buy Miya's & maybe Risako's official FC DVDs if I only know where to get em.


  13. Craig Moran says:



  14. No, MINE's slower!!!
    -No, MINE's slower!!!!
    No, mine is!!!
    No, mine is!!!
    -It took me two hours to write four sentences!!!
    So? – It took me two hours to write "so"!!!


  15. Zush Ohta would be the best person to ask as he will also ship items internationally! If there still being sold at the official H!P site then he should be able to get them for you. 🙂 He's really a great guy! 🙂


  16. LOL!…but mines still slower and now I can't upload anything on this blog! :O


  17. Zush says:

    I know Ohta and got already some Berryz & H!P tour t-shirts + other items from him. Most recent item was that Morning Musume solo fan club special CD set (2001). Yep, I'm going to ask if he could help me also in this case. Arigato.


  18. Zush that's great that you're already buying so much H!P merchandise from him! The Momusu fan club special CD set is a really great rare item too! I originally bought one from Otokichi Premium but I recently bought another one from Ohta to send to a friend as a gift. 🙂 I hope you can get you those DVDs from him!


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