うたばん 7/26/07- “The origin of ‘Johnson’ revisited.”

I was just watching this great little segment from the July 26th episode of Utaban. This segment begins with Nakai & Takaaki paying a visit to…uh their own set which turns out to be the house of Musume. After the initial “irasshaimase” from the girls fail and the two of them begin to leave Aichan quickly opens the door with the cutest of greetings. Today marks the introduction of the 2 new members and Takaaki’s in disbelief after seeing them and tells them “you’re kidding right.” I don’t get to view Utaban quite as often as I’d like to and my friend zdorama who watches the show often made a good point to me awhile back about how Utaban and Momusu have really been important to one another in their individual development. There’s so much history between them and today’s episode really shined the light on their wonderful past.

As Jun Jun & Lin Lin introduce themselves part of their introductions involves favorite types of foods and Jun Jun who looks really tall! says that she’s fond of spicy foods. Takaaki’s intrigued and asks what spicy foods she likes. Jun Jun cutely replies “everything” but Takaaki wants to know which is her most favorite. Jun Jun reveals that it’s mabo tofu for example. It’s really endearing as Aichan helps them with their pronunciation throughout the conversation. 🙂 I’m really beginning to take a liking to Jun Jun and I am now beginning to see why Tsunku chose her. She has a really sweet personality and H!P has really begun to groom her as an idol! When Takaaki asks Lin Lin the same question she mispronounces crepe and Takaaki is quick to question her answer “guro-bu?” lol. Aichan tells them that she’s now become the leader of the group as she takes a seat up front on the couch with Jun Jun & Lin Lin.

Takaaki is concerned and asks if Momusu is okay. After getting the girls a bit worked up with his worried thoughts Nakai puts it to a stop and declares that an act of God has occurred!…and to the right of the room are the 3 other members of Tanjou 10 Nen Kinentai! Gocchin, Kaorin, & Nacchi look dazzling and Takaaki makes his way to them and quickly  focuses on Kaorin and wastes no time in pointing out that she’s pregnant!! Kaorin reveals that she’s 4 months into her pregnancy but then Takaaki asks Nacchi  how many months is she pregnant!!! LOL! Nacchi who’s totally caught off guard has the funniest expression on her face as she quickly corrects him saying she’s not! After a few (reoccurring) Kei jokes everyone returns to the main part of the set and the real fun begins!

Nakai asks Jun Jun & Lin Lin if they know “Johnson.” lol. Lin Lin’s demeanor is priceless as she leans forward slightly and asks “Johnson wo dou yuu imi desu ka?” (“What is the meaning of “Johnson.”) It’s so funny how she asks this and it really cracked me up! It gets even funnier when they mention his first name is “Dave.” Jun Jun & Lin Lin are so oblivious to the “Johnson” nickname that it hilarious to watch! But before they continue Johnson…uh I mean Kaorin announces that she will be getting married. She also reveals that they met last year. Nakai then asks for the VTR to start! 🙂 Be prepared for a brief visual Johnson history.

The first clip is from June ’98 and Momusu is promoting their single “Daite Hold On Me!” After they freeze frame Kaorin’s face as she delivers her “waratte” line in the song Takaaki points out how her expression resembles that of (Dave) Johnson. Takaaki then demonstrates the “similarity” as he imitates her “waratte” expression. LOL! (pics 144, 146, & 147) :O

The next clip is from September ’99 and Gomaki’s debut is the highlight! When she first joined Momusu she looked so incredible with her kinpatsu hair style!! (pics 148 & 149) The “Johnson” references are now in full swing! 🙂

We then jump ahead to May ’99 and a wild game of Momusu musical chairs is in progress as Takaaki who always cracks me up with his facial expressions is at it again with whistle in mouth!! lol! (pics 171 & 173) You really have to see him bouncing up and down with that look on his face! LOL! When he blows his whistle Marippe and Johnson both sit on the same chair and a game of jan ken po is in order to declare the winner.They really tortured Johnson…uh I mean Kaorin on this show but it was all in good fun of course! Yet another example of this occurs here as Johnson has won the round of jan ken po but Takaaki decides that they should play another round of musical chairs despite her winning and much to her dismay!! (well actually musical chair as there’s only one chair left). One thing that I have to say is that in all of those Utaban episodes Johnson was a really good sport about it and was able to laugh at herself for the most part! This time when Takaaki blows the whistle Marippe gets to the chair first and Johnson hits the back of the chair and dramatically falls down!! :O Even with Takaaki & Nakai exchanging a high five, Johnson still manages to smile! 🙂

The last Johnson history clip for today is from December ’99 and Utaban which is known for it’s wacky games has Takaaki having some great fun being able to have Momusu dance to “Love Machine” while being able to cause them to freeze whenever he stops the song! He times it perfectly and has Johnson in the oddest of stances! LOL! Meanwhile Nakai is getting a closer look as everyone’s cracking up! Heheh and the next time Takaaki freezes Johnson in the same stance Nakai is on the floor having a laughing fit!! LOL!

The truth is that Kaorin is really endeared by Takaaki & Nakai and I guess that’s why they always gave her such a hard time on the show. Kaorin closes with some amusing advice to the younger members in Momusu as she pokes fun at herself. 🙂 You really have to love Kaorin for this! This show was a nice fitting tribute to the long history between Utaban & Kaorin…uh I mean Johnson! 🙂

And now a few side notes: I’ve really gotten used to Aichan’s new hairstyle and I find myself really liking it now! Jun Jun continues to make an impression on me. I like that Nacchi has gone back to her “Nacchi” hairstyle. 🙂 It was great to see some old footage of Ayappe, Marippe, Sayaka, & Yukosan! One look at Ayappe and I say Wow! all over again. Gakisan is one of the cutest idols ever! (pic 298) Kamei is the meaning of cute! (pic 301) Kohachan puts the “!” in cute! Nakai & Takaaki are 2 of the best hosts in the business! And Utaban is one of the most entertaining shows period! Okay now that I’ve used too many exclamation points in one day I’m going to sleep before I type another one. 🙂


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to うたばん 7/26/07- “The origin of ‘Johnson’ revisited.”

  1. What is the meaning of Johnson?
    -That would be my guitar! 😉
    I can't speak for anyone else, but I appreciate it when you translate the Japanese for me. -I hate not knowing what's going on! 🙂
    I liked "musical chairs" when I was small, but "banging into the chair" and "dramatically falling down" when you didn't get a chair is both original and funny! -I can't say I've ever even heard of someone doing that before now! (ha ha ha)
    -That's great!


  2. paul.thomas says:

    I haven't seen this episode of Utaban, to be honest it's been a while since i've seen an episode of Utaban, but will be looking to download it as soon as i can. I really loved the old episodes with Kaori and Kei, they were always so funny…and still are.


  3. Dark Knightingale I'm happy that it helps to make the episode a bit more enjoyable! 🙂 These old clips of Kaorin on Utaban are just so funny to watch again. The musical chairs episode was one of their best! The funny thing is she did win technically by jan ken po but then they made her play it again just to give her the chance to lose. lol. I think that's why she was so dramatic about it. Heheh they really gave her a hard time on this show through the years.


  4. Paul it was really a "nice" heheh tribute to Kaorin after all of the years of torment! You always make fun of those that you like. 🙂 Takaaki is just so hilarious to watch!! The faces he makes and his wild dancing alone make Utaban worth watching. lol. It really was like old times for Nakai & Takaaki as they had Nacchi, Gocchin, and Kaorin all on the same show! It's been awhile. And to reminisce about "Johnson." lol!


  5. Well, despite any "hard time" they gave her, I'm sure she still enjoyed herself. It looks like they all enjoy playing games and hanging out with each other. -That's cool, and sooo good for the spirit!
    I've also noticed, when you post about these artists, they spend a lot of time with food… Maybe it's a little strange to me because I'm used to seeing artists getting drunk or high or something. -Food is a much better obsession! Good for them!!!


  6. Saburo says:

    Just to get my wota on…
    "Johnson" is DAVEY Johnson, not Randy (currently riding the DL for the Arizona Diamondbacks). Dave, a key member of Earl Weaver's Baltimore Orioles of the 60s and 70s, played a year for Kyojin and later went on to manage the New York Mets to the World Series title in 1986.
    The other GREAT Utaban nickname, of course, was "Kaasan," pinned on Ichii Sayaka in an almost random (yet brilliant) moment in September 1999. Sadly, Kaasan enjoyed her spotlight for about nine months, leaving Musume and Company in the days before mandatory "graduation" was institutionalized.


  7. Dark Knightingale Kaorin really did handle all of the fun being poked at her very well! Heheh it's soo true! Hello! Project and food go hand in hand! They always seem to be eating and with all of those sweets it's amazing that they don't gain weight! :O With the majority of the games that they play the prizes are usually food and treats! So much eating makes me hungry. lol.


  8. Saburo, heheh they did show a picture of him in the episode but I forgot to include it. 😛 The "Kaasan" nickname was also in that VTR clip from September '99 but I wanted to focus on Kaorin.


  9. Suddenly, my stomach is growling!!!


  10. Hotaru says:

    Hahaha, I always wondered where the nickname "Johnson" came from. Now I know! Thank you for sharing 😀


  11. Hotaru looking back on it all it's really great how Kaorin handled herself! Of course it was all done in good fun but she really was able to laugh at herself! That "Johnson" nickname is so wacky!! Takaaki & Nakai are one of Japan's best personality teams and Momusu and Utaban are a winning team for both of them! It's great to talk to you again! I feel kind of dumb though it was only a week. 😛


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