And now for the top 15 reasons why you should enjoy a Risakochan beat down in a game of “Puyo Puyo.”


15. You can tell all of your friends that you played a video game with a Berryz Koubou member and while she may have humiliated you…you enjoyed it immensely!


14. You got the chance to discover your inner child who frankly needed to be beat down by someone who looks like this.


13. You were able to prolong the beat down by distracting Risakochan by asking what exactly a "Puyo Puyo" is.


12. It gave you a good excuse to be playing video games while you really should be working.


11. You were able to have a photo taken with the entire group after the game and the only draw back is that you won't be able to sit down for at least a week due to the incredible butt whooping you just suffered.


10. You're now good friends with Kajiwara Yuuta as he finds comfort in knowing that now he's not the only one to be embarrassed by Risakochan on national t.v. 


9. While you were sleeping off your embarrassing loss Risakochan signed your forehead and drew you a unibrow. 🙂


8. You can now watch your video gaming pride being reduced to nothing on YouTube anytime as someone has already uploaded it.


7. You will now have become quite famous in the video game communities and every time you enter a store people will point and laugh. :O


6. You can now go to Kinko's and create that custom "Risakochan kicked my butt" t-shirt that you've always wanted to wear.


5. Yurinachan & Chinamichan now have some new material about you to use for their comedy routine during concerts and events.


4. The show's host tells you that it was their funniest episode ever and asks you to come back for a rematch with Risakochan.


3. You now know first hand if that little nose is as cute as it seems in pictures and videos.


2. Getting your butt kicked has never been this cute!!!


1. And the #1 reason why you should enjoy a Risakochan beat down in a game of "Puyo Puyo"…you now know what a "Puyo Puyo" is. 🙂

All scans courtesy of Saburo as my Risakochan shashinshuu is scanner allergic.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to And now for the top 15 reasons why you should enjoy a Risakochan beat down in a game of “Puyo Puyo.”

  1. Zush says:



  2. Craig Moran says:



  3. Zush 🙂 heheh at first I was just going to post some pics but then I thought about that great Music Fighter episode where Risakochan schools the host in a game of "Puyo Puyo." It was so funny when he lost to her! He couldn't believe it and it didn't take her long to destroy him! lol. Just one of those wacky humor moments.


  4. Heheh Craig since I haven't had the chance to get my butt kicked at this video game by Risakochan I have no idea what a "Puyo Puyo" is. 😛


  5. Zush says:

    here's one simple Flash version of that game


  6. Zush thanks for posting this link! I officially suck at "Puyo Puyo." lol. And even with this simpler version it didn't help me. 😛 The one that Risakochan was playing on t.v. with the host from Music Fighter was wild looking and then when that "fever" thing came on Risakochan really started to kick his butt! 🙂 The screen was going crazy and I had no idea what was happening. lol.


  7. paul.thomas says:

    Puyo Puyo is a game I've never got into, it's very odd normally I love these style of games, I'm a big fan of Tetris, Puzzle Bobble and Money Puzzle Exchange, and they're all quite similar style games, but Puyo Puyo really bores me.Although I'd be up for playing Risako if she ever felt like a game ;p


  8. Risakochan is freakishly good at this game! I wonder how many versions of this game there are. The one that they were playing on that episode of Music Fighter was really fast and furious with tons of things going on in the screen! I couldn't even tell what was happening as it was so quick and even Kajiwara was baffled at how good Risakochan is at this game. And when Risakochan got that "fever" effect going, the end of Kajiwara was near! lol. But it's all about the beat down you'd receive if you played her! And perhaps more importantly the benefits you'd receive including the autographed forehead, a video on You Tube, cool t-shirt :P, and picture with the group amongst other priceless things and memories. lol. I've actually never heard of this game before seeing it on Music Fighter. Tetris is the only one I've ever owned and enjoyed although I'm not very good at it. 😛


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