You’ve heard of Picasso, da Vinci, & van Gogh but have you heard of Kamei?

Classic artists don't come around very often but we are in the rare company of such an artist right now! And she's closer than you think!

Take note of this early masterpiece! :O Notice how the cat's body is shaped like an overgrown jalapeno. The legs with no paws, strange eyes, and what appears to be a collar around its tail. All signs of expensive art. 😛 And it's not your imagination…the cat's eyes do follow you no matter what angle you look at it from. Move around the room…try it! Magnificent! 🙂

While it's unsure how much this piece of art is worth, it's known that none of us can afford it and when it went up for auction Bill Gates was out of town that week. 😛

Now for the truly priceless works of Kamei.


First here are some pics of the legendary artist at work! Note the cute look of anticipation on her face (pic 84 &87) as a new drawing of hers is revealed and the staff and fellow group members are getting ready to laugh. Also note the cute frown on her face in the last pic as Yossi is less than pleased with her latest creations. 😦 Poor Kamei, I guess that art set that she received as a gift for being the worst at drawing in the group awhile back on an episode of H!M didn't help. I really need to find those drawings as they're even funnier than these :O

Hmmm…what is it…I don't know…but I know that I want one. 🙂

This second drawing was supposed to be Keroppi but things didn't work out as planned. lol. But in all fairness these were drawn during a game segment where they weren't told what they were drawing and only had instructions sung by a choir to go on. Now that sounds like a bizarre game! It was a really good one! If you have to ask how much it's worth then you don't have enough money. Heheh it looks like we all will have to settle for these images unless Publisher Clearing House delivers the big check, you win the lottery, or find out that Bill Gates is your father! 😛

And here's more Kamei just because she's so cute and adorable all bundled up along with one of the best personalities in H!P. You've come a long way Kamei but I've adored you every step of the way. 🙂

I hope this "Eri no world" experience was a good one! 🙂

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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28 Responses to You’ve heard of Picasso, da Vinci, & van Gogh but have you heard of Kamei?

  1. All I've heard about the gorgeous Kamei, I've heard from you, and I've never been disappointed!
    You write so fabulously about different artists that I'm in awe everytime I come here to your page! Keep up this fine work!


  2. Hotaru says:

    Aww, those drawings are so….odd but so adorable…Whats with the blue thing at the cats tail…? And I thought my boyfriend was artisically inept ._.Kamei's adorable too!


  3. Dark Knightingale you're too kind! 🙂 I'm happy that you're able to experience music and artists here! And the occasional NASCAR post! Heheh I know you don't watch racing I'm just kidding. You're one of the first that would visit this page. Thank you! 🙂


  4. Hotaru only Kamei knows the true meaning of that blue tail collar. lol. She's well known as the H!P member who can't draw very well and it makes her drawings even more adorable I think. 🙂


  5. chibon says:

    i dont even know what the heck she was trying to draw.. only Mikitty's drawings are worse. but Eri's sooo adorable!


  6. I was afraid to even try to guess what it might be!


  7. guacg it was funny that Mikitty actually had a drawing that looked similar to Kamei's in this game segment. Heheh it's true! Mikitty can't draw either. Hmmmm…you're right she may be worse at it.


  8. Dark Knightingale heheh Kamei's drawings are so poor but as the same time that's why you love them. Awhile back they played another drawing game where a member was given something to draw while everyone else had to guess what it was while they drew it. And Kamei had some of the funniest looking drawings that I've ever seen!


  9. Well, I won't harshly judge her drawing skills (or lack of…) because I can't draw real well either. -I wouldn't even try to be involved in any drawing game, because of my inability to draw, plus, I'd hate to try and guess what it is someone else had drawn.
    It's cute that she tries tho…


  10. Dark Knightingale I can't draw either so I can relate to Kamei's art skills very well! That means that if the 2 of us were involved in a drawing game everyone else would be like…what in the world is that?! lol. 🙂


  11. alexandrian says:

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  12. Saburo says:

    "Kyamei's World" gets another shashinshuu, coming in October:
    Nothing on the official Wani site (yet) but I wouldn't imagine three different online sellers being tricked by the same ad copy. Right? Right.


  13. Saburo I just wrote the other day on Paul's Hello!Blog how I was hoping that Kamei would get another shashinshuu soon even though she just released one kind of recently!! Wishes can come true! 😀 What's surprising is that Amazon Japan already has it listed this early as they typically only list new PB releases a couple of weeks before they are released. Maybe they are making an effort to change that as other sellers pre list their PBs much earlier in advance. I'm thinking that I'll order through HMV again as they're much more reasonable when in comes to shipping plus DHL has been opening up my mail recently. I know it's them because customs has that distinct green tape which says "customs" on it and they're just haphazardly retaping it with plain packaging tape. GRrrrrr… They once didn't even bother retaping it! Anyway they should just order their own copies! lol! This is the best news!!! Thanks for the heads up information!


  14. wu-san says:

    one of Kamei-chan's greatest talents was her rather bizarre hand at art. I saw that choir/drawing episode recently and was overjoyed by some of the work on display XD…and Kamei's cat…I remember Mari looking over at it af few times and laughing…and Kamei knew it too.


  15. Heheh Kamei's cat inspired this wacky post! The choir drawing episode was a great one and just seeing Yukosan make a rare appearance brought a smile to my face. Seeing Kamei dressed up as an artiste is just fabulous! She draws the strangest looking things and love her reaction when the others are ragging on it! She really stands up for her drawings as she should. They're just soo strangely wonderful… Did you see the H!M drawing episode where they awarded her a drawing set for being the worst? Too funny!


  16. wu-san says:

    yeh, great to see Yuko-san back for an episode, felt slightly more like the older H!Ms when she appeared half-regularly. LOL, she really does get some stick from the others. I've not see that episode, I'm sure it's hiding on the net somewhere. If only it was named Kamei-chan's drawings etc, then I could search it out easily


  17. wu-san I'm going to try and find my disc as it's somewhere here on a spindle. Then I can tell you the date of this H!M episode. I wish I could upload it myself but being that my computer was built by Fred & Barny it's just impossible right now. 😛 There's actually a couple of great drawing segments in which Kamei was so funny in…and her drawings too!


  18. wu-san says:

    haha, you and your poor PC 🙂
    dont worry if you cant date the episode for me…but if you find it for me then great. Just dont work too hard on it if it's an effort k.
    arh yeh, just seeing those weird drawings brings a smile to my face, so you know her art work's on some super-magical level. I think Kamei-chan has magical powers. She would so be a Japanese/female version of Harry Potter…but with music and drawing segments.


  19. I'm trying to imagine Kamei at Hogwarts…class will never be the same! I think a good trio to match Harry, Hermoine, & Ron would be Kamei, Gakisan, & Sayu. 🙂 Hmmm I think we have a book idea here! 😛


  20. wu-san I found one of the dates in some old notes but I'm not sure which drawing game episode this was as there were 2 stand out episodes. I hope it's the one where she is awarded the drawing set at the end of the show for being the worst. Heheh everyone leaves the set including the crew and with her alone she draws a picture of herself which is… :O The date of the one that I found is September 12, 2004. And the December 12, 2004 episode of H!M is a great one too with a second run of the "Family Fued" game segment! The December 19, 2004 episode is a fun one too as I like to call this episode "Kamei's Gift." 🙂


  21. wu-san says:

    Thanks for the dates of the episodes, I'll have to find a good night to track them down, as I know they're going to be something special 😛
    I watched that choir/drawing H!M again last night haha, oh Kamei-chan, she tries 🙂 Nono's lion was pretty Kawaii though, and Sayu had a weird one herself…I guess it was being next to Kamei's leaf thing with ears at the bottom that threw her off.


  22. wu-san I hope these much older episodes are still available somewhere. Ah that's so great! you watched it again!! I like how Yukosan who of course knew what every drawing was supposed to be, would then show everyone just how "easy" it was with such a cool demeanor. 🙂 Maybe Sayu is like Peter on "Heroes" and she absorbs the "super" powers of others when she's near them. 😛 I've been watching a lot of "Heroes" lately and it's just stuck in my mind. The first season is just incredible!!


  23. wu-san says:

    Heros really inspiring you right now. All my friends watch it, guess I'm the only one who hasn't been glued to it. But I like to read quite a bit and I just know I'd get into heros and be destracted LOL. With all this modern technology around me, it's hard enough to keep reading as it is XD. But Sayu being able to absorb powers? thats a thought.
    I have a feeling those episodes will be hard to search for, but I'll give it a try. It's Kamei-chan afterall.
    Yukosan really did make show how it could be done in the episode.


  24. wu-san I just finished watching season 1 on DVD. Such an incredible show and the writing is perhaps the best I've ever seen for t.v.!! I'm so behind right now and need to catch up on the second season which a friend is getting for me. 🙂 I was so late getting into this show but being able to watch those episodes all in a row without commercials surely has spoiled me a bit. Yes they're from awhile back and I wonder if they'll be around somewhere. Someone named Djwaffles has these? That name sounds right although I'm not totally sure.Heheh a H!P version of "Heroes." I think we may have an idea here.


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    • If i didn’t know any better i would think you to be spam?….but just in case you’re not spam which by the way is very very popular~* here in Hawaii♥….this is surely WP and the theme i’m using is linked at the very bottom of the site =).


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