This poster was up for auction on Ohta's eBay Store and after pondering about it for two days I finally decided to put a bid on it. Most of the merchandise for sale on his site are "buy it now" items but a few of them are the auction types such as this one. $350 was the starting bid and luckily for me no one tried to out bid me as I would have only gone as high as $375. What's awesome about this poster is what immaculate condition it is in!!! My autographed "Sexy Boy~ soyo kaze ni yorisotte~" poster has a few little signs of wear but not this one. The main reason why I chose to bid on this poster is that with it I would have every Momusu member's autograph past & present with the exception of only one member, Ichii Sayaka. The only other members that I was missing autographs from before getting this poster was Mittsi, Jun Jun, & Lin Lin and now the collection is complete as I don't think that a Sayaka autograph will be popping up anywhere anytime soon.  Earlier I had thought that Aichan had botched her signature but now that I'm able to look at it more closely I find that it's perfect and the image that Ohta had posted wasn't clear enough for me to tell. 🙂

After receiving this poster I decided that it must be framed and hung up no matter what. Even if I don't have any wall space. lol. So my Beatles "Let it Be" framed poster has lost its spot to Momusu. I never thought the day would come that the Beatles are evicted. :O

Sayu, Kamei, & Mittsi have the most simple autographs of all the members. Sayu's does have a nice touch with the star though. Gakisan's is one of the best with the little soybean happy face character! I'm just guessing it's a soybean as it could also be a kidney bean but I'm going with soy. It's cute for her to incorporate her nickname into her signature. 

Now here are 2 of the autographs that I really wanted! Jun Jun's has those cute curly J's with a …heart…I think while Lin Lin's is a bit more creative with a…bunny…I think. lol! Funny I'm not sure what that is but it does look like bunny ears doesn't it? Lin Lin took such a serious looking picture here with those piercing eyes! Jun Jun has a much more softer look and the way she's made up in the PV really brings her beauty out. Lin Lin may have better facial features but the jury's still out on this one.

Tanakachi has the cutest autograph next to Gakisan's and I'd say they're about even. Tanaka's autograph has changed since she first joined Momusu as earlier it was much more simple with a little heart & star. Now it's much cuter and fun looking which suits her personality much better. Kamei's as I mentioned before is very simple and in fact I'd say it's the most simple as she has one less letter to write than Mittsi. lol. On the other hand Kamei me be the smartest member when it comes to autographs as she'll be able to work through her stack of photos & cards much faster than any other member! 😛 I'm thinking that Kohachan will be the last to be able to go home from her autographing duties and you'll see why next.

Kohachan has the most impressive autograph of all of the members and her use of kanji for her first name wins her bonus points! I notice that a lot of Japanese celebrities tend to sign in English but personally I always think it's looks much cooler when they sign in Japanese characters or Kanji. 🙂 Kohachan's autograph is so detailed and artistic and you can tell that she takes a lot of pride in it! Interestingly Aichan who's sitting next to her used to have a similarly detailed autograph awhile back. The first time I saw it change to this much more simpler form was when the Momusu scarfs were sold late last year. In the above picture it's a bit hard to see Aichan's autograph but in person it's as clear as day.  

This is how it used to look. It was really cool with the "ai" kanji character and little cute monkey guy! At least I think it's a monkey. lol. Luckily she signed the "Sexy Boy~soyo kaze ni yorisotte~" poster that I have in her older style like it is on this baseball which I think looks much better. She now writes her autograph using hiragana characters for her last name and a heart for her first name which is still cute but just not as cool looking as the kanji was. However I think it's Kamei's theory of autographs at work here and perhaps Aichan read her book and then simplified her autograph so that she could finish signing faster and go home earlier too. lol.

And here's Mittsi's autograph which I was previously missing. Only Kamei's is simpler than hers which proves that the author of the book "How to be the first to leave an autograph session" is Kamei and not Mittsi as some have been led to believe after seeing this. 😛 Mittsi does have nice and neat handwriting though and the little heart as always adds a nice touch to it. It'll be interesting to see how long Kohachan signs her name which such detail and hard work as I'd imagine sometime down the road she may come upon Kamei's book and curiously give it a read. Until then hers is by far the prettiest signature of them all. And when will best selling author Kamei have a book signing? Perhaps coming to a Borders near you soon!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to 昨日モーニング娘。のサインポスターがきた。

  1. momo says:

    wow, that has to be the coolest poster ever! Everyones signature looks very good. How I wish I could find one for myself! lol Maybe i'll ask Ohta and see if he could find another one, but that might be difficult since it might be hard to find.


  2. paul.thomas says:

    I'm glad you won this item, you're only one member away from a complete Morning Musume past and present set, that's really impressive!I really like JunJun's and LinLins's autographs, the curly J's look really nice, as does the bunny in LinLin's (I agree with you it has to be a bunny, doesn't it?!)Kohachan's email really does look the best, it's really impressive. I hope she sticks it out and keeps her signature like this, that little bit of effort really makes it look good. Lol, they just need to keep an ice pack ready for when she's finished a mammoth autograph session, her wrist is going to ache!


  3. Hotaru says:

    I'm happy for you! Thanks for taking pictures of the autographs close up, I've wanted to see what they look like for a while now. I really like Junjun and Linlins…they are both really cute…But the winner in prettiest is Koharu's, hands down. Its really artistic! I couldn't tell the letters said "Kusumi" at first XD.


  4. We don't even have Borders here, but I'd go to the US for one if Eri was going to it! XD
    That's an awesome poster! And Koharu's signature is definitely awesome. But I do quite like Ai's idea to use a heart for her first name, even if her old signature was cooler.


  5. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  6. momo the amazing thing about Ohta is how he's able to get such rare items. I'm not sure if it's still there right now but he actually got a hold of the Asayan "Ai no tane" single!! I think this may be one of the rarest H!P items as not many are for sale. I have a feeling he'd be able to find you an autographed poster too! And the great thing is that you can ask him to look for just about anything and he tries hard to find it for you. Thanks momo! The black sharpie really looks great on the gray background.


  7. Paul but I don't think I'll ever get Sayaka's autograph. Where in the world would you find one?! lol. The new member's autographs are really nice and creative. Hmm…I'm thinking bunny but I'm not totally sure. Paul you bring the icepack! 🙂 The autographed kohachan poster that you have from her event is great because she signed it so big! It must take her awhile to sign like this and I imagine that line must have been long but I know that you'd stayed there all day to get her autograph if that's what it took. We'll need some ice packs for her wrist and your legs. 🙂 If anyone would like to see Paul's autographed Kohachan poster click here.


  8. Hotaru :), that's very sweet of you to say. I was having a hard time getting Aichan's autograph to appear clearly with my camera though. Not only is my room rather dark but she signed partly over Lin Lin's leg and foot which obscures it a bit in the photo. But in person it's totally clear. I really suck at using a camera so that doesn't help either. :PYes Kohachan is the unanimous winner! Hers is definitely the prettiest of all the members. It really stands out when you look at the poster.


  9. coinlockersbaby I love that you'd travel far for Kamei! Thanks! 🙂 Aichan must've gotten tired of drawing the little monkey and the kanji all the time as they must autograph a lot of items. And you're right the heart is a cute idea and she's still writing in Japanese with her last name in hiragana.


  10. guacg thanks! 🙂 Kohachan really puts the most into her autograph and Gakisan's not too far behind. I love the little bean guy! I too love the way Aichan used to sign her name. That must've taken quite awhile though I'd imagine! But her kanji "ai" looks so nice. Now that you mention it it does look like a little heart there. It must be great to be named "Ai" (Love). Her parents gave her the perfect name! Heheh I'm still not sure what that is supposed to be in Lin Lin's autograph. The more I look at it the more I begin to imagine other things that it might be like a little alien guy or something. lol.


  11. Once again, what can I say but wow!!!!??? One heck of a collection you maintain there!!! -They should be very proud of you!
    I like how you showed Aichan's old way of doing her signature… (-On a baseball no less!) -Faaaantastic!


  12. Dark Knightingale thank you! This one hit the bank pretty hard but I really wanted it! I need to frame it properly but I may do that a bit later. I love those baseballs, I thought they were really a neat idea when they were promoting the Japanese baseball team the Rakuten Eagles. At one point there were lots of these up for auction on Yahoo Japan Auctions but some were quite expensive so I didn't get them all. I wish Aichan would go back to her old way of signing but it does look to be too time consuming. I'm glad that I was able to get her autograph when she was still signing it with the "ai" kanji character.


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