Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.11 unleashed!


It's great to see Marippe being involved with H!P as she hosts this DVD program making appearances in the opening and in between segments. She also takes us for a walk down memory lane showing us some of the past Summer's concert visual books. What great looking collector's items!

C-ute's segment gets things started with a game involving one's ability to show no reaction or fear while a scary story is read. Erika has been appointed as the reader as does a really great job here along with some very well timed scary sound effects as she manages to get some good reactions from her fellow group members. Kanna is the one to keep your eyes on as she is quickly identified as the most easily frightened in the group. I've tried to include pics that will help you to enjoy and follow this write up. Above you can see some of Kanna's great reactions! She should definitely stay away from scary movies! lol. Each time a member has a reaction to the story they lose a point and the end results are: Maimi -1 point, Nakki -0 points, Airi -0 points, Chisato -3 points, Maimai -0 points, and heheh Kanna -10 points! :O While Maimichan only had one slight reaction, Chisatochan was actually laughing at one point & Maimai was like a rock and I couldn't believe that she didn't scare easily! In picture 106 above you can see Kanna reaching for Maimai's dress who's sitting next to her, to grab onto as she's getting really scared! It's really cute as she's looking to Maimai for protection! lol. After Erika finished the story getting one last great scare out of Kanna, Maimichan comments on how Erika wanted to laugh so badly at times while reading the story. 🙂 Kanna has the cutest sad look on her face when she learns that she has lost 10 points while the 3 way tie between Nakki, Airichan, & Maimai is settled by a game of jan ken po. Nakki is victorious and gets her choice of fruit to dip in chocolate along with many choices of toppings to sprinkle on. By the look on her face Kanna wasn't aware that it was a batsu game and Erika makes her a chocolate covered hot dog on a stick surprise complete with sprinkles! Yuck!! :O Kanna's reaction after eating it says it all!

Biyuuden really got the short end of the stick with this DVD release as their segment which has the theme of "Best 3 Summer Memories" is spread out among this entire program in 3 parts. Their segment involves drawings that they've made themselves which represent the 3 Summer memories which mean the most to them. While their drawings are really creative and Yuichan is dressed to kill, the lack of a game really makes their segment not as enjoyable as the others unfortunately.

And now for the highlight of this entire DVD!!! This is not a biased opinion (as you know I have Berryz on the brain) though as I really think that Berryz Koubou's segment is by far the most entertaining to watch on this DVD period. I think it's undeniable as you watch this. Have you ever wanted to know which member of BK knows the most about Hello! Project? Or perhaps which member knows the least? Heheh of course you do!! In the past we had the legendary "Bakajo" test and now we have the Berryz Koubou H!P test. They are given a time limit to complete the test and afterwards the results are "discussed" openly as they laugh at themselves and each other. 🙂 Miya is clearly having difficulty and is actually not able to finish the test in time! :O After time is called she can be seen continuing to write on her test paper while everyone's watching her. lol. After exchanging answer sheets they begin going over the correct answers checking another member's test and some of the more interesting answers that members gave are highlighted. The test really covered a wide spectrum of H!P knowledge some of it going way back to the origins of Momusu. Questions were about members, units, songs, history of the group, etc. One question was how many members are in H!P? With the timer running this would be really difficult to answer! Another was about the Asayan auditions. And another question was which sports team did H!P collaborate with since 2005? Okay that one's easy right? Hmmm…I wonder if Miya knows. :O You also get to see some of the member's handwriting on the tests as their answer sheets are shown close up. When they go over the question "what is Momusu's debut single?" Momo loses it and starts cracking up as she sees the answer "Morning Kohii" written. lol! "kohii" Heheh! For some of the questions there were all kinds of funny answers some which weren't very close. Now it's time to hand out the grades: Each member reads out loud the score of the member's test that they checked. Brace yourself! Kumai scored 15 points, Maasa scored 20 points (until Chinamichan later announces that she made a mistake and that Maasa actually scored 10 points :O Chinami's demeanor is so happy and funny as she makes this announcement. lol.), and here's why as Chinamichan scored 15 points! lol!, Risakochan (who kind of has an excuse because she's so young and wouldn't be expected to know much about old H!P history…heheh listen to me sticking up for her. :P) scored 5 points!, Captain Sakichan scored a respectable 40 points! :), and Momo scored an impressive 25 points which surprises some of them. Okay and now for Miya's score…are you sitting down for this?! Miya looks a bit worried but she's laughing as Kumai gets ready to announce her test score…Miya scored 0 points!!!!! :O!!! (photos 162, 164, & 166) And if I was sitting in a chair I might have fallen out of it! lol! Saki gets the same prize as Nakki but the best part is hearing & seeing how excited Momo is to give Miya her batsu "treat." It's great as she actually runs to the tray and picks out the cucumber, dips it in chocolate, sprinkles some cheese on it :O, and then in all of her excitement drops it!! LOL! You can hear her appologizing to the cucumber while Miya is putting her head on Kumai's shoulder in dread! Momo's is soo incredibly cute here that words really can't describe it! After happily giving the chocolate & cheese covered cucumber to Miya, Momo asks her if it was delicious?!! (photo 185) In the cutest voice! lol! After Miya replies  telling her how badly it tasted…Momo replies in the most adorable way as if surprised by Miya's answer…"ah…mazui." (photo 186) 🙂 Segments just don't get much funnier than this!!!

Melon Kinenbi's segment being right after Berry Koubou's must be similar to whomever went on after The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. 😛 Using their singles the members of Melon Kinenbi have to figure out what song one member (who is wearing earphones and listening to it) is playing air guitar to! :O This is seemingly really difficult and it's a pretty bizarre sight seeing them play some very enthusiastic  air guitar & even more impressive when someone guesses it correctly! Ayumichan even guessed one in a matter of just a few seconds!!! The next game they play is a word chain memorization test of the brain. They use the themes animals, food, and station names. It's funny how Hitomi & Ayumichan stumble over words quite easily in this game! In the last round they use H!P member's names as the theme and hilariously they still can't get past the 4 person! lol. Before Ayumichan gets her reward for winning it's time to hand out the infamous chocolate covered cucumber with all of the fixins' this time! Hitomi is the batsu game victim and actually seems to be okay with this scary concoction.

Momusu's segment is on last and their game is a good one which involves new members Jun Jun & Lin Lin. It's a let's learn about Jun Jun & Lin Lin game. With the help of a translator they ask Jun Jun & Lin Lin questions. However they must ask it in Chinese! It's funny watching Jun Jun & Lin Lin look puzzled as they try to speak Chinese to them! lol. Jun Jun & Lin Lin then answer the question in Japanese and the other members have to figure out what the original question was. It's a very good format! Koharuchan's pronunciation of Chinese sounds soo funny!! This is really such a perfect game to help introduce the 2 new members to the rest of the group as the questions cover a lot! It's really cute when Jun Jun & Lin Lin try to figure out what the member is trying to ask in Chinese as their pronunciation is a bit fuzzy as is to be expected when learning Chinese on the fly. Aichan gets them to play jan ken po after awhile to decide who gets to guess what the original question was as everyone wants to answer at the same time! The girls really get into it! A great moment occurs when it's Aichan's turn to ask a question in Chinese and she picks one that is really really long. lol. In the end Sayu is victorious! Boy has she come a long way! I remember when she used to really struggle on H!M playing games. It was really nice to see her win! 🙂 On the other end Kamei & Koharuchan are both tied with 0 points. :O A game of jan ken po quickly decides who will eat the dreaded thing dipped in chocolate. Koharuchan loses to Kamei and displays one of the best gross out batsu penalty reactions of all time! This time celery is chosen and you can see Koharuchan's doomed reaction in pics 273 & 274. Celery dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on it. :O This is really great! Just check out the expressions on Jun Jun & Lin Lin's faces (pic 279) as Koharuchan starts freaking out!! LOL! It's obvious that Jun Jun & Lin Lin have never seen H!P batsu penalty food/drink handed out! I love their expressions! Had to rewind that one several times. 🙂 Koharuchan is officially inducted into the H!P Freaking Out Hall of Fame and way ahead of her peers! It's the perfect ending to a great DVD. The running time of this DVD is about 75 minutes and it goes by so quickly. If you haven't already watched this DVD then I highly recommend that you get it! All of the segments are really really enjoyable although I think that Biyuuden's could have been better if they were involved in a game too. But it's a non existent complaint as this DVD really delivers. Cute, funny, food that should never be dipped in chocolate, Momo, Miya, & some freaking out! What more could you ask for. One thing that I forgot to mention is how great Aichan looks with her shorter hair here. It's the way she has it styled and I think she looks way better than she looked in the PV for "Onna ni sachi are" although she did look good in the PV. Jun Jun & Lin Lin look really cute here too and once again I can't decide who I like better just when I thought that Jun Jun had emerged in their "Onna ni sachi are" release.

And now it's time to hand out the c-ute awards for this release for each group. Before I hand them out I'd like to say that everyone looks absolutely gorgeous in this DVD…and the winners are C-ute's Kanna, Biyuuden's Erikachan, Berryz Koubou's Momo & Miya, Melon Kinenbi's Ayumichan, and Momusu's Aichan & Koharuchan. Heheh I know that was predictable if you've read the above. Now go get yourself a copy too! 🙂

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7 Responses to Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.11 unleashed!

  1. Craig it's really great to hear from you!!! It's been way too long. I really missed talking to you. I hope all is well with you! I'll talk more to you later as I gotta get ready to head to work now. You're very welcome! I believe you are one of my first if not my very first Berryz fan friends! 🙂


  2. Craig Moran says:



  3. Hotaru says:

    haha, this DVD sounds really fun! Sometimes I think they put Koharu-freak-out-moments just so I'll like her more, or something….I feel bad for all of the members that lost.


  4. Hotaru all of the batsu game punishments were really funny to watch! I can't get over how easily frightened Kanna was in the C-ute segment. She kept cringing over and over while Erika read the story. I think she'd flip out if you took her to a haunted house at the amusement park. :O And it was endearing to see her reach for Maimai's dress for comfort! lol. But the Berryz H!P test was the best segment of all! Momo & Miya really stole the show! :)And there's never a bad time for a Kohachan freak out moment! :O Whether it be a giant snake or bad tasting food there's nothing like it. lol. Maybe one day she'll have grown on you completely.:)


  5. Saburo says:

    Finally got around to watching this and I gotta say: cucumber dipped in chocolate is gruesome. Maybe not as bad as the Aojiru but still…
    And when Aichan does the nose scrunch, it's to die for!


  6. Saburo H!P has become quite creative with their batsu game punishments! That just cannot taste good at all! Add in sprinkles and it's a whole new catagory of scary food. Still I agree aojiru is worse. I was thinking that they should try noni juice next. I think it's worse than aojiru and I'm speaking from experience as I've tasted it. It smells bad and tastes worse! Makes you want to throw up but it's good for you. lol! Makes me wonder who was the first person to drink this and think that it was a good idea. Kamei's aojiru reaction while trying to make it look delicious is still one of the best reactions ever though! That "guy who makes everything look delicious" needs to come back on the show. Aichan nose scrunch captured perfectly in pic 259! 🙂


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