Tony Stewart wins at Watkins Glen after Gordon spins late in race & a wild fan gets onto the track.

Absolute heartbreak!!! With just 2 laps to go my favorite driver Jeff Gordon looks to have driven too deep into turn 1 at Watkins Glen causing a rear wheel hop sending him into a spin resulting in him going from potentially winning today's race all the way back to 9th. I couldn't believe it! Jeff Gordon has such great car control and yet he duplicated almost exactly what Stewart had done earlier in the race. Stewart & Gordon were the class of the field today and Stewart even fought back from as far as 19th place and got back to the front of the pack. The image above almost makes me cry! The win was so close! Stewart has now won 3 out of the last 4 Cup Series races and his late season charge is now in full swing. It was disappointing to see Dale Jr. run so well and not have anything to show for it as he was in 3rd position when his engine let go. I'm not a fan of Kurt Busch & never will be and I'd hate to see him make the Chase while Jr. is locked out. That would really suck!

It was a wild one today. I think it's the most exciting Cup Series road coarse race that I've ever seen! Tempers flew and the racing was incredible to watch. I'm beginning to thing that the COT (Car of Tomorrow) is really helping to produce these type of exciting races. It doesn't handle all that well as is aero dynamically challenged a bit but when you get 43 of the best drivers together in these machines the results are a joy for the fans to watch! I'll write more about the COT in a later post as I think that NASCAR has really created a template that makes the racing much more competitive. And it's safer for drivers so it's a win win situation I think. They are a bit ugly though when compared to the regular cars which are more like rockets. lol.

The biggest event of the race occurred with 18 to go as Truex Jr. got into the back of Montoya causing him to slide into Harvick going into turn 1 which turned out to be calamity corner in today's event. Jeff Burton also became a victim as he was unable to avoid Montoya's car which had slid back across the track. This would end all 3 of their days with heavy damage suffered to each of their cars. Harvick who was clearly very very angry then drove his car in front of Montoya's blocking him and then they both got out of their cars and it was on!!! Harvick in Montoya's face yelling while Montoya repeatedly pushed Harvick. From seeing Harvick in the past I really thought that he was going to thump him a good one! But Harvick did keep his composure for the most part although he did slip up when interviewed shortly after. I can't blame him though as emotions were still running high. When asked what the conversation between him and Montoya was about Harvick replied: "I was talking about kicking his ass…" :O I'm anticipating some fines and possible point deductions come Tuesday which is when NASCAR hands down such punishments. Lots of spins and visits into the gravel during today's event. It was unbelievable to watch! I was on the edge of my seat for most of this race. Especially when Gordon was leading with Stewart trying to hunt him down in the last laps of the race. I'm still really sad right now and I feel Jeff's pain. He was really hard on himself when they interviewed him after the race. 😦 On the bright side he did still manage to finish in 9th and his points lead is still substantial heading into the Chase.

My second favorite driver Jimmie Johnson had been in the top 10 for what seemed like the whole race and came away with a very nice 3rd place finish! 🙂 He remains in the 7th spot in points and is now 595 points behind leader and team mate Jeff Gordon. His streak of recent bad luck seems to have gone away and this is the perfect time for that!

Now with a bizarre moment in today's race. This race really did have it all! After the wreck between Harvick, Montoya, and Burton there was a substantial amount of track clean up that needed to be done so NASCAR put out the red flag which parks the cars on the track as the clean up is completed. While this was going on a wild fan made his way onto the track and stuck his head into Matt Kenseth's car trying to get an autograph! :O He had his Sharpie and hat in hand! It was really funny! NASCAR officials didn't think it was funny though and he was escorted off the premises pretty quickly after he retreated and tried to run away! LOL! I'm sure this clip is on Youtube by now! Check it out and get a good laugh! And they even played Kenseth's radio communication during this odd happening. He was telling the fan that he was a bit busy at the moment (for an autograph). Heheh! The things that fans will do sometimes! 🙂

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11 Responses to Tony Stewart wins at Watkins Glen after Gordon spins late in race & a wild fan gets onto the track.

  1. 8gurl says:

    LOL about the crazy fan! I'll go check You Tube and see if it is there…alas…when Jrs engine gave way I let my son change the channel…I don't usually do that as I am a committed NASCAR fan…but Jrs luck has been in the toilet lately and I hate road course races anyway…but when I saw him running second I figured I'd stick it out…but then he DNFd AGAIN! Just too much….really sucky…Congrats to Tony and sorry things went south for Jeffy.


  2. kelseygirl06 says:

    me and my dad watched it dale jr had a engine problem so thats sucked dick chenney


  3. 8gurl I can't understand why Jr.'s team is having all of these mechanical problems recently. He's been running up front every week but something always seems to bite him before he can post a good finish or win. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in a Hendrick's car next season! They're going to make him great cars and I know he'll do well.


  4. Kelseygirl06 I didn't know that you're a NASCAR fan too! That 's really great! It was really disappointing to see Dale Jr. suffer yet another mechanical failure. He was doing so well and it looks like he's adapted to the COT very well.


  5. Cory Roberts says:

    I never watched any NASCAR, but I should check it out on the NASCAR website. 😉


  6. Cory Roberts their website has a lot of videos and information about all of the drivers. Plus great place to shop too! For someone new to the sport I'd recommend watching races at Daytona, Talladega, & Bristol as these tracks produce some of the most exciting racing. 🙂 This Sunday they're at Michigan.


  7. alexandrian says:

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  8. momo says:

    I'm pretty sure your post is spam. don't do it again


  9. Thanks momo! Heheh I'm getting spammed on Vox! Grrrrr… Her site looks legit but she shouldn't be randomly posting stuff like this.


  10. momo says:

    Well, the site is for financial gain since you have to pay to get whatever is there. Thats why it's spam, just pointing that out.On another note, I see you won that autographed poster on ebay, Thats great! You can PM me about it if you wish since it wouldn't fit into this post. see ya


  11. Momo it arrived yesterday! I'm putting it up now.


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