タッキー&翼のニューシングルリリース SAMURAI。

I've become a member of Tackey & Tsubasa's fandom ever since zdorama suggested I check out their song "Ho! Summer." I needed to play a lot of catch up as I've acquired their albums and some of their singles. Multiple releases for a single release can be both an overwhelming cost and a great reward at the same time. Hello! Project has really picked up on this as well and I welcome the multiple releases as long as they present us fans with the extras and collectibles that we'll truly treasure. Tackey & Tsubasa's latest single release embodies these qualities in the most profound way. They didn't skimp on packaging and extra DVD clips making owning all 3 versions of this release well worth it!

"SAMURAI"'s type A release has perhaps the coolest looking cover of the 3 with the cut out cover which shows the CD masquerading as the moon in the background. As with recent H!P releases type A is also the most no frills edition as it comes with a bonus DVD but no other extras. If you're a collector like me then you really come to appreciate the extras! This DVD though is an essential must have as it contains 12 minutes of footage including the "Live Version" of their PV along with off shot footage which reveals the existence of another version of their PV which isn't included in any of these 3 releases. I'll get to that later though. Their type B release comes housed in a very thick case which includes a bonus DVD with PVs for both Tackey's & Tsubasa's individual versions of the b-side song. It's very cool as they each have a different arrangement for this song which seems to kind of compliment their personalities in a way. Tackey's is titled "Yakusoku~Flowers Song~" while Tsubasa's is titled "Yakusoku~World Wing~." The same song with distinctly different feels to them. The Type B release also comes with an awesome 8 page pull out booklet which along with the song's lyrics also features some of the most awesome pictures of them that I've seen to date!! It's 2 sided and I've scanned all of the pictures which follow here. Tsubasa' hair is really really long now and it suits this release perfectly in the look of a kick ass samurai! Tackey looks great no matter what hairstyle he has and I don't think that a samurai could look any more incredible than he looks here! Earlier this year I watched him portray one of the "Dog Warriors" in a popular folk story brought to life in a multiple part series which had previously been released as an epic anime series which I collected during my anime period but later sold although now I wish I had kept it. 😛 Seeing him portraying a samurai in their new single is an easy transition for me as I thought he was incredible in this series!! Sorry for rambling, here are the scans from their type B release booklet.

Okay how awesome is that!!! It makes me want to watch Azumi right now!! lol! 😛 But seriously they really went all out with this release. The outfits…the look…I'm blown away!

Their type C release comes housed in a beautiful slip case and includes a 2 sided poster and a very very thick card. Most importantly though is the bonus track that you get with this version. Their song "HIMEGOTO" is only available on this version. While it's not the star of this release it's a very solid T&T song and one worth owning. Here are pics of the 2 sided poster as well as that bullet proof card! I'm kidding but it's printed on quite thick stock paper. 🙂 It's a photo card/ sticker although I can't seem to pull it apart! lol. It's a random card and you get one of six possible cards. I got the Tsubasa card! 🙂

Continuing with the aesthetics but I'll soon get to the songs, the most important part of any release. Here are scans of type C's booklet. The pink backgrounds interestingly really add a nice contrast that really works well here. Samurai in the season of the cherry blossoms. At least that's what visual I get from these pics. The pose, outfits, colors…everything is working here! A release couldn't be more visually appealing! 

Much like these images the song "SAMURAI" is a driving rock song with an aggressive feel. Very heavy and may cause you a bit of whiplash! lol. From my very first listen I was hooked. It has an infectious melody and rhythm backed with a pulse pounding beat that will engulf you completely. I don't think that you even need to be a Tackey & Tsubasa fan to appreciate this song. It's really that good! The coupling with song(s) "Yakusoku~…" which is presented here in 2 versions, one sung by Tackey and the other sung by Tsubasa have very distinct sounds to them. Tackey's is a more hip sounding version while Tsubasa's is a more moody version. Personally I like Tackey's version a lot more. Also Tackey's solo PV for this song is a lot more enjoyable to watch. While it's a simple PV Tackey is presented in a very cool way with great looking outfits and his PV is has a joyous feel about it. And when he's wearing that hat he really reminds me of Nakaikun! He really does! Come on that's Nakaikun's style all the way! 🙂 Tsubasa's PV is shot in black & white giving it a great look but it's simplicity may also be it's undoing here as it's I dare say a bit boring at times. Not a bad PV but when compared to Tackey's it really fares in comparison. A lot. He's basically walking down the street singing and not much more is going on. I'm sorry Tsubasa but the producers really gave you the short end of the sword…uh I mean stick here. 😦 But not to worry the main PV for "SAMURAI" is a treat! While the camera work is a bit of that shaky feel as I guess they were trying to capture a "live" feel for this it really does rock!!! The set is great and Tackey & Tsubasa really capture the darkness of this song with power and emotion. While listening to " SAMURAI" Berryz Koubou's song "Sayonara hageshiki koi" came to mind. Not because they're similar but because of their full throttle foot to the floor feeling that I get while listening to them. Just shows that BK rocks too!! 🙂 And now I'm thinking of BK's "Seishun Oodouri" which I believe that coinlockersbaby really raved about! It's such a majestic sounding song and when they sing the part "aruuuuuuusa" I get goosebumps!! Whoa why am I talking about Berryz Koubou when it's a T&T post?!! 😛

Earlier I mentioned that in the making of footage there is evidence of another version of the "SAMURAI" PV which isn't included in these releases. They show behind the scenes clips of them fighting with a warrior dressed in traditional Japanese warlord armor! It looks incredible! And I'm only seeing the making of footage which leads me to believe that the actual PV must be a feast for the eyes! I love anything in the samurai genre and to see T&T here is absolutely amazing! I don't know where this PV is available but with this making of footage it surely must exist!

This release is so awesome and I hope that you will check it out if you haven't already. It must be seen, heard, and experienced first hand to really appreciate it. A very inspired and well directed release! Tackey & Tsubasa rock!!!

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9 Responses to タッキー&翼のニューシングルリリース SAMURAI。

  1. zdorama says:

    Hey, that version with the CD as a Moon is interesting! Very different!


  2. Oooh yes, the cost. -You put a lot of money and care into your collections, and it shows! -Yet another fine review of your purchases here!
    Great writing!


  3. Hotaru says:

    For some reason, I've never really been into T&T…Of course, the only song I had heard up till now was "One Day, One Dream", since my silly friends decided it would be cool to blast openings to stupid anime one night….(Anywayyyy) I listened to Samurai, and the song sounds cool, but I still don't think I like them as much as I feel I should :(In fact, I haven't taken much interest in Johnny's Entertainment at all, except for that "Kimi + Boku = Love" song by Tegomass….it sounds all fun and ska-like, so thats probably why….ahhh, I'm rambling….I don't know what else to say….


  4. zdorama I was a bit surprised that it wasn't already on Youtube! It seems like everything's on there. I'd upload it myself if I could but my computer which I affectionately call "Dinosaur" is soo old that it doesn't even have a DVD drive! LOL! I'm definitely living in the stone age here! Tsubasa's hair has been slowly getting longer and longer and when I first saw the pictures in this release I was like whoa! He's gone rock n roll!That's great that you're re-watching that drama! I didn't even know who he was when I watched this drama. Was he the one dating Domoto's sister? He worked with him in the bike shop/home business? I can vaguely picture someone that looked like him from memory but I may be way off too. In any case Summer Snow was a great drama that I really enjoyed too! Hirosue Ryoko was really sweet in this show and the ending theme some "Natsu no ousama" is a favorite Kinki Kids song of mine because of this show.


  5. Thanks Dark Knightingale that's very nice of you to say! It's words like these that really make me smile! 🙂


  6. Hotaru maybe T&T are an acquired taste. It was only fairly recent that I've become a fan of theirs as I didn't pay any attention to them before although they've been around for quite some time now. I knew of Tackey only in a few dramas & t.v. movies but not much else before "Ho! Summer" blew me off my feet! lol. That PV is so much fun to watch and it being Summer right now I think I should watch it now! 🙂 And I didn't know that "One Day, One Dream" was used in an anime. I think that's pretty cool.


  7. zdorama says:

    Morningberryz, here's the funny thing: I am NOT "re-watching" this drama. Fact of the matter is, we're only watching the drama NOW!For some reason, this drama slipped through my fingers when it was originally broadcast, and it was only due to Car's obsession with Domoto Tsuyoshi that we watched it now! We just finished watching this show the other night, and among other things, I TOTALLY agree with you on the part of Ryoko Hirosue's character being sweet. In fact, I have to elucidate even further, and you can read about it here:http://zdoramo.vox.com/library/post/%E5%BA%83%E6%9C%AB%E6%B6%BC%E5%AD%90-a-revelation-of-sorts.html


  8. zdorama says:

    OK, looks like that link isn't going to work, and VOX in all their widsom made it so I can't go back and edit or delete my last post here.You can read my blather about Summer Snow simply by going to my blog athttp://zdoramo.vox.comsorry for taking up so much time in a thread that has only vaguely to do with Imai Tsubasa! Oh, and BTW, I got to hear "Samurai" the other night…for a minute I thought I accidentally DL the Scorpions! WAY Rocking!


  9. zdorama what a treat it is to be watching "Summer Snow" for the first time! I'm glad that Car was a great influence in this and it's great to hear that you both loved it! I just read your post and it's interesting to hear how Hirosue Ryoko eventually won you over as she did with me. Funny thing is now when I look at all of those old idol magazines that she was on the cover of or featured in I'm really really happy that I own these. Funny how things work out sometimes when you least expect it. From "Piano Brat" to very endeared actress/ singer, idol! 🙂 It was a great trip down memory lane reading your post. Yes "Samurai" rocks!! 🙂 I'm happy that you liked it too!!


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