きら ぴか ファーストシングル はなをぷーん/ ふたりはNS。

Today Kira Pika's debut single arrived with a few other releases and it had to be the first one to go into the player starting with the PV DVD single. After reading a post that Paul wrote which sheds some background information on this release in terms of its theme & look I really wanted to see and hear this release for myself. You can read Paul's post here at his Hello!Blog. Along with the PV DVD single I also ordered both the regular and limited editions singles.

The DVD and limited editions jackets have similar covers and inner cover shots while the regular edition has them in their white, pink, & blue outfits which are worn in the coupling with PV. That's right the b-side gets a PV for this release! It's all too rare that we're treated to PVs for both songs on H!P releases and two of my favorites from the past are Gocchin's "San towa mamii"/ "Kimi to itsumademo" & the Momusu/ H!P Kids release which included PVs for both "Ganbacchae!" and "Hey! mirai." I like the close up shots on the limited & DVD edition's covers and the inner sleeve of the regular edition is really nice too! Well actually the regular edition's cover may actually be the nicest picture.

The limited edition comes with 2 cards and it's similar to the Kirarin Revolution card that came with Koharuchan's limited edition solo single releases. If I remember correctly it's for a video game. The first pressing of the regular edition comes with a better collectible as has been the trend lately with some H!P releases and it's a sticker sheet which acts as an outer backing and spine. The stickers have Koharuchan & Maimai in animated form. C-ute stuff!

The 2 songs on this release are like night and day! "Hana wo pu-n" is such a wacky song that it's surprising that Tsunku didn't write the lyrics or music! When the lyricist is named "Yum Yum" and the music's written by "Men Men" you know you're in for a wild ride! The first time I watched the "Hana wo pu-n" PV I was like…what the…eh?!…what in the world?!!…but then after hearing the song 5 times in a row I was beginning to actually like it. lol. At first I was thinking that this song would work better if I saw it in the context of the anime that it's written for but after awhile it didn't seem to matter. After the single was playing on repeat for one & a half hours I felt that I wanted to whack my thumb across someone's nose. Hahahahaha! It's hard to imagine that this song's all about doing just that! Well even after listening to it for quite awhile it's still very strange. It's like H!P on too much Red Bull or something!

The absolute best part of the song is when Maimai says "pun!" in her solo lines! It's like nothing I've ever heard before. How can the word "pun" sound so c-ute?!! You have to hear it yourself to understand and I warn you it may over c-ute your circuits! The pre-chorus and middle break in particular have such great hooks in them and it was something that I didn't appreciate right away as I had to first get past all of the "hana wo pu-n" madness! lol. There's also a vintage sounding keyboard that periodically pops up in the song that's reminiscent of The Doors that adds a nice flavor to this wacky song. Ok this song has been playing for about 2 hours straight and it's official, I actually like this strange song a lot! If you can get past all of the strangeness there's actually a pretty catchy song hiding in there. 🙂 It's really hiding though and it wasn't easy to find! lol. Okay well it's still strange and I don't think that'll ever change. But it's a good type of strange in a way.

The coupling with song couldn't be more different from the title track! Well actually it's a double a-side release but I'm so used to calling the 2nd track the b-side. It's amazing that "Yum Yum" & "Men Men" also penned this song! "Futari wa NS" is a much easier song to get into. That's actually an understatement as it's a really sweet enchanting ballad which sounds great the first time you hear it. Here you notice how Koharuchan & Maimai's voices compliment each others so well! In some ways Maimai may actually sing better too. But I think it's really the pairing of their voices that makes these songs work so well. I'm really glad that this is a double a-sided single as we get the treat of a PV for "Futari wa NS" too! Until I received these today I had no idea that there were PVs for both songs! I can't stress enough how really great "Futari wa NS" is!! It may be a simple song but it hits all of the right notes and Koharuchan & Maimai sound really great together! I think it's one of the nicest H!P ballads out there but of course everyone will have their own opinion on that. 🙂

The PV for "Hana wo pu-n" has got to be one of the most if not the most unusual PV H!P has ever released. Starting off with the big nose and then the stuff hanging out of it. lol. Enter in 2 overgrown stuffed animal people and you have all the ingredients for some weird and wacky fun. Koharuchan & Maimai look really cute in their outfits and at times Maimai seems to even out c-ute Koharuchan which isn't easy to do! You can really see why they were chosen for this unit as they have really great chemistry in the PVs and making of segment. It's just like Maimai is Koharuchan's little sister…very very very little sister. lol. And during the making of it's c-ute how Maimai does a lot of the same things that Koharuchan does. The PV for "Futari wa NS" has a lot of great scenes with the 2 of them trying to connect with each other as it really represents the song's meaning. Whether it be with giant ball or huge magnet…heheh…it's really shot well and quite endearing. 🙂 It's actually a pretty touching PV to watch. This is such a great ballad and I think that its PV has a lot to do with that perhaps. Okay I've been listening to this single for about 3 hours now and I definitely have Kira Pika on the brain. 😛 Enjoy the PVs below but I must warn you about "Hana wo p-un." If wacky songs scare you than you may want to stick with just the PV for "Futari wa NS." 🙂


Does anyone else think that Maimai has kind of a mature looking face for her age? When she's dressed in her white outfit she looks like a little woman. lol.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to きら ぴか ファーストシングル はなをぷーん/ ふたりはNS。

  1. kelseygirl06 says:

    hey morningberryz i just put pics from my george harrison dark horse years dvd check em out


  2. chibon says:

    I'm surprised by what a pretty little ballad Futarai wa NS turned out to be 🙂 Koharu's and Mai's voices do sound great together, although I think Maimai sounds better. lol and you're right, Mai does have a very mature looking face.


  3. paul.thomas says:

    You've finally got to see the wackiness of Hana wo P-un and I'm really glad you like it. Much like yourself the first time i heard and saw the PV I just went "HUH?! WTF!" but after a few listens it proved itself to me to be a good little song and as you say there are numerous catchy little bits within it. I've yet to receive my copy of the Single and DVD in the post, so I haven't watched the Making of or the PV for Futari wa NS, I have to say that I'm really looking forward to watching the Making of, I'm really glad that they have a chemistry with each other, and it's not just put on for the PV. The two of them are so cute individually that together it would be a real shame if they didn't mesh into the cutest coupling in H!P.


  4. empire1468 says:

    Hana wo Puun is just too crazy for me. It makes Minimoni Jyanken Pyon look downright normal and sane by comparison. The c/w is really good, though. I think Mai has finally hit puberty and is getting taller. I don't think she'll be Yurina or Erika tall, but she'll be at least as tall as Suzuki Airi (who was quite little when she was young).


  5. guacg I was really shocked by the ballad "Futari wa NS" too! After hearing "Hana wo pu-n" this song is about as different as you can get. Going from wacky to sweet! The pairing really does work well as their voices compliment each others better than I thought they would. I really like watching this PV and the huge magnet is a hit with me! Maybe Maimai will teach Koharuchan to sing better! lol. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that Maimai has a mature looking face. 🙂


  6. Paul it took awhile but I finally began liking this strange song and eventually I really liked it! Yes there are catchy parts in there! The 2 of us must adapt to wackiness really well. lol. 😛 I think you're going to really love the PV for "Futari wa NS" and although it's a simple PV it really represents the song's meaning well. I hope you get a kick out of the huge magnet like I did. When Koharuchan's trying to use it on Maimai it's really cute! You're guaranteed to love the making of footage and you'll get to see how much the 2 of them have bonded together during this project. While I was very hopeful I wasn't entirely sure if they would match together but I'm happy to say that they are indeed a perfect match for this new unit! Tsunku always seems to know.


  7. empire1468 "Hana wo Pu-n" is definitely a strange song and I imagine not many will like it because it's so out there. I'm glad that you gave it a try though. It really does make Minimoni's Jyanken pyon seem totally normal! lol. "Futari wa NS" is really a gem of a ballad and I still can't believe that these 2 songs were released together! But I'm very happy that they were as "Hana wo pu-n" needs a nice song to help balance out the strangeness of this release. lol. Hmmm…Maimai may shoot up in height soon! It's funny how Yurinachan is like a giant amongst her little Berryz group mates with the exception of Maasa who's a bit tall too. But I love Momo! She's so small and doesn't appear to be getting any taller! And Captain Sakichan is quite small too!


  8. Hotaru says:

    This is the first time I've heard Futari wa NS, and I have to say, I like it a lot more than Hana wo Pu~n. The PV is still kinda weird, but thats okay…Maybe I just don't like their voices…I dunno.


  9. Hotaru isn't it amazing how different these 2 songs from the same single are?! I still can't get over that! And the same people wrote these! "Futari was NS" is much easier to get into while "Hana wo Pu-n" may scare many. lol. I liked when Koharuchan was using the giant magnet on Maimai! Maybe they'll grow on you. 🙂


  10. Saburo says:

    FYI, upcoming Koharu shashinshuu has a title AND release date:
    I thought this was going to be a "Love/Alo-Hello" project, but no matter.


  11. Saburo thanks for the information link. I'm really looking forward to this release and I'm happy that it's finally coming out! I can't wait to see if Kohachan can out cute them all! lol! But going up against Aichan & Kamei it'll be really close at least in my mind. I'm looking for a 3 way tie maybe! :)I also noticed that Rikachan's new shahshinshuu cover was pictured there when I went to that link you posted. Her cover looks great!! I guess I'm beginning to like her new hairstyle too (as I'm beginning to like Aichan's new look also).


  12. Saburo says:

    I believe Koharu has leapfrogged ahead of all H!P challengers if this cover is any indication…


  13. Saburo I didn't see the cover pic when I followed that link. I won't know for sure until I've seen her new shashinshuu but it's quite possible. Although for me when considering the entire H!P family she'd have to pass Aichan, Kamei, & Risakochan! While very possible that would be some jump!…even if Risakochan isn't very tall. 😛


  14. paul.thomas says:

    I just noticed that the link wasn't working, was just about to post a link to one I found, but no need. Thanks for posting the link Saburo, I'd have to agree, the cover does look great. But I'm guessing as it's neither a Love/Alo-Hello release, we won't be getting the DVD release, which is a real shame as I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, have to wait a bit longer.


  15. Saburo says:

    Yep, I was thinking that Koharu's "POP" DVD would be extended since Rika's "Abyuu" DVD was about as long as an episode of "Haromoni@." But alas, only Wani Books seems to offer up the extended "making-of" discs.
    However… wasn't this project SUPPOSED to get the "Love Hello" designation? If that's the case then they've got hours of footage. They could easily patch together a half-hour of squealing and giggling.


  16. Saburo, Whoa I just saw the cover! :O That's about all I can say right now as I've lost my ability to speak for awhile! :O


  17. Paul I actually thought that it was supposed to be an Alo-Hello!/Love-Hello! release. I'm just as disappointed as you! I don't understand why since everyone else has gotten one, well besides the new generation. The DVD would have been the best! With her personality it would've gone beyond entertainment! Hmmm…one day soon I hope!


  18. Saburo I think that link still doesn't work. I saw the cover on Paul's blog though. Too bad her new shashinshuu isn't on Wani Books. As you say they're including a lot more making of footage these days. And without a "Love-Hello" DVD we need a lot of making of footage to make up for it!


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