“The Hello! Project Haircut Massacre” & some Kindai scans. :)

Not so long ago in a place not so far away…(cue Tsunku's version of "Koko ni iruzee!")…(cue laughter) Just kidding! 😛

This is what happens when the mind wanders…

Episode I The Hairstylist Menace: A young boy is found to be extraordinarily strong with the force and Gotou Maki cuts her hair and then shoots her first "Alo-Hello!" DVD. :O

Episode II Attack of the Scissors: It is found out that the little green one moves very quickly despite the use of a cane and Kamei cuts her hair and then releases her 2nd shashinshuu. :O

Episode III Revenge of the Hair: The little one now grown up must struggle between the darkness of really bad dialog & really bad acting while Gotou Maki's hair has now grown back to a nice long length. 🙂

Episode IV A New Hairstyle: The big bad one with asthma now rules the galaxy mercilessly while secretly building the most awesome haircutting device anyone has ever seen…the flobee and Ayaya cuts her hair shortly after joining GAM. :O

Episode V The Beauty Shop Strikes Back: Kamei finds out that Tsunku is her neighbor's uncle's half-brother's cousin's mechanic's good friend from down the street and Rikachan cuts her hair and Biyuuden releases their 7th single. :O

Episode VI Return of the Hair: A cast of thousands including a lot of Snuggle teddy bears help to restore peace and order in the galaxy and Kamei's hair is at the perfect length again. 🙂

And now for the real reason I'm writing this post. Here are some scans from the August 2007 issue of Kindai.

First are a couple of scans from a Summer drama article featuring Arashi's Nino & Shokun.

Tackey & Fukayon together again in a drama! They actually make a very cute couple and hey there's even a kid!

Berryz Koubou is also featured in this issue as they promote their latest single "Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba." I really like these outfits and it looks like Risakochan may have gone ghetto with her hand sign. lol.

Kindai is starting a feature on C-ute where in each issue a different member will be spotlighted. Maimai is the first member to be featured and you can see her ham it up for the camera here in this article. Sometimes it seems like there's an older person trapped in that little body. Heheh maybe it's just that she has a kind of mature looking face.

And these last 3 scans are of one of my favorite idol/actress/singers Ueto Aya. I have all of her album & single releases and I recommend that you check out some of her music as she's really great! She looks so cute in these pictures and was awesome in the movie "Azumi" where she kicked some serious butt! Make sure it's the first movie as the sequel wasn't quite as good but still very entertaining.

At the very bottom are a couple of her PVs. These are 2 of my favorite songs by her: "Message" and "Afuresouna ai, daite."

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to “The Hello! Project Haircut Massacre” & some Kindai scans. :)

  1. LOL, you rock. ^_^
    Nino and Sho made me squeal a little. XD When the hell did I start fangirling over Arashi…god, they're going to turn me into a Johnny's fan yet. I WANT TO RESIST BUT I DON'T KNOW IF I'M STRONG ENOUGH. XD I'm not going to bother resisting Arashi though. They've already got me. Hell, I rented Letters from Iwo Jima just to watch Nino. And the whole time I kept imagining that he'd die and Sho would come in the car from the Kitto Daijoubu video to drive him to heaven, rapping the whole way. Insert rainbows.
    Um, yeah.


  2. coinlockersbaby I couldn't stop laughing after I read your comment about Sho rapping and giving Nino a ride!! "Kitto daijoubu" is really fun video and you have to love the rainbows! No there's definitely no resisting Arashi! Once you've seen them you automatically become a fan! Well at least that's what happened to me when my friend zdorama prepared a custom made Arashi package for me complete with their profiles, PVs, live performances, and lots and lots of their variety t.v. shows!! "Tomadoi nagara", "Kitto daijoubu", "Love So Sweet", "Hero" (which is my favorite Arashi song right now), "Wish", "Sakura sake", & "Fight Song" were the first PVs that I ever saw from them which zdorama included in the sampler he made for me. I then really wanted to get all of their releases and now have all of their albums and a few of their singles. Their limited editions are quite hard to get though and when you find them on auctions they're usually quite expensive! Before this the only Johnny's groups that I was really a fan of are Smap & Tackey & Tsubasa. In fact zdorama also got me into Tackey & Tsubasa. I have a few V6 & Tokio singles but not too much. I used to really like Kinki Kids too but I haven't bought anything from them recently. We were talking about this recently how perhaps Kinki Kids needed to update their name as their much older now but somehow "Kinki Guys" or "Kinki Men" just doesn't sound right. lol. 😛


  3. MainMor says:

    I never heard of Ueto Aya before… fantastic stuff. I like I like.


  4. MainMor Ueto Aya is so talented! She's in a lot of t.v. dramas and has acted in some really great movies too! She has 4 original albums & 15 singles. "Azumi" was released in the U.S. and I've even seen it at Wal-Mart. If you get a chance it'll be worth picking up if you enjoy samurai films! The director did an incredible job and Ueto Aya is the cutest assassin you'll ever see!


  5. MainMor says:

    I have been dying to see Azumi. lol now I will have to see it for sure.


  6. MainMor I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did! And when you're watching the movie you might be thinking hey I know how she sings too. 🙂


  7. Saburo says:

    "Nobuta" was also on the cover of some other magazine wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and an edge in her look. Lookin' good! I gotta send these to you…


  8. Hotaru says:

    I wish Hotaru could get fun magazines in Michigan. Unfortunately she lives three hours from Detroit and half and hour to fourty minutes from Chicago…conveinant, but not not at the same time >__<. (I've been randomly ranting a lot today, sorry XD) I've never heard of Aya Ueto before, but after listening to her, I want to hear more! She has a nice voice…thanks for sharing!!


  9. Saburo Horikita Maki has seemingly been appearing more and more on magazine covers lately. I've only seen her in that one drama "Nobuta wo produce" but it was a really great one!


  10. Hotaru Japanese magazine subscriptions are quite pricey as we have 1 place here in Hawaii that I'm aware of that does subscriptions and other than Up To Boy I buy these magazines from Amazon Japan from time to time. Hotaru is speaking in the 3rd person. :O I'm really happy that you also enjoyed the Ueto Aya PV clips! She is such an awesome idol, singer, & actress! I first saw her when she acted in the drama series "Kinpachi Sensei" which aired here in Hawaii and have loved her since. I hope you get the chance to watch Azumi as all of the butt kicking that's going on in this film as well as a great story really make one of the best samurai movies that I've ever seen. It's directed really well and the performances are all great!


  11. momo says:

    There is a Japanese place in a Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights called Asahiya that sells Japanese magazines. I don't think they do subscriptions, but they do sell mags like Kindai and others.I find them in New York City almost all the time at the Asahiya there


  12. Hotaru says:

    Oo, thats magical, thank you very much!!!And yes, MorningBerryz, I was talking in third person…its fun!?


  13. paul.thomas says:

    It's a shame that neither JP Books or the Japan Centre near me get a regular stock of Kindai, to be honest, the only time I think it goes on the shelf is when people who subscribe don't pick up their issues, which is a shame. Although to be honest I should really start to subscribing to Up to Boy, Friday, CD Data and Kindai, it'll save me panicking when I miss an issue…I'm still waiting for that dreaded day when I turn up and they're sold out of Up to Boy.The Berryz scans are great, I love the face Risako is pulling. And as for Maimai what a cute selection of shots they have and it's a great idea to spotlight each member, I look forward to when Erika's in the spotlight.And as for Azumi, that film totally kicks arse! When I watched it had been awhile since I'd watched a film of that genre, I was really impressed with it!


  14. Paul maybe you could request for them to carry this magazine as well. I'm sure you're not the only one who'll buy it every month. It's funny at one point I had subscriptions to Up to Boy, Cd Data, Kindai, and Bomb magazine all at the same time but my shelf space was filling up too fast so I decided to cut back and I only subscribe to Up to Boy now. Kindai is beginning to tempt me again though! I wish I didn't miss that issue with Berryz Koubou on the cover! That's the exact reason why I originally started to subscribe to Up to Boy back in the mid 90's! I was buying it off of the shelf and a couple of months it was all sold out and I was like okay it's time to subscribe so this doesn't happen again. As soon as I saw that BK picture with Risakochan making the peace sign in a kind of interesting way it made me smile. Plus her expression is interesting too. I wonder what she was thinking…maybe…this is my homey Chinamichan, peace out! lol. It'll be great to see the next issues of Kindai with their new C-ute member in the spotlight feature. Word is that Chinamichan may be sending Risakochan to look for you if you don't subscribe soon! 😛 I'm glad that you got a chance to watch Azumi! There was indeed a lot of butt being kicked all over the place! The director did an amazing job with this film & the casting was perfect too. I'm happy that you enjoyed it!


  15. Thanks you for this!!!:D<3


  16. ARASHI fan it looks like you're a big Matsujun fan! His solo song "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai" off of their album "Time"is one of my favorites! It's always nice to meet a fellow Arashi fan. My favorite member is Nino. In the short time that I've been a fan I've come to love so many of their songs! They really are amazing and such a close knit group! Johnny's best!!


  17. Aaaaaah!yes!!i love Arashi.. and is right! my fave is MatsuJun, and Nino too!!they are KAWAII~~!!:3i like Jun's solo is the best! ^___^aaah!and thank you, i wanna meet you!!!:)


  18. ARASHI fan I just sent you some Arashi & Matsujun scans that I did in July. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


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