Momusu's latest single's PV was finally released on August 1st and I ordered this along with the 3 editions of their single "Onna ni sachi are" so that they would all arrive together.  I watched it this past Saturday night and this was one of the rare times that I was seeing a PV of theirs and hearing the song for the first time too. I usually hear the song along with a live t.v. performance or something before seeing the PV but I was able to avoid hearing the song this time and it perhaps made a bigger impact on me as everything was totally new.

Starting with the packaging of the 3 editions, interestingly I think that the regular edition has by far the best cover. The combination of the orange background versus the gray of the other 2 along with the closer up pose really make this cover more aesthetically pleasing. The PV DVD single also has an orange background on its cover but their poses aren't quite as nice. The first pressing of the PV DVD single does come with a photo card which I now realize I forgot to take a picture of. 😛 The limited edition type A single comes with a bonus DVD which has become the norm lately and it contains however something really essential this time, the "dance shot ver." of the PV.  By far the best version of the PV for this single!! Limited edition type B is the most collectible of the 3 as it comes housed in a nice slipcase and includes a beautiful photo book!

The inside of the jacket inserts of the 3 versions have subtle differences in the poses of the 9 members and I've scanned all 3 below. Kamei's fighting pose on the type A jacket insert is my favorite!

And here are scans from type B edition's bonus booklet. The photography just seems to get better and better as they go along! This booklet is incredible!

The song is a high energy dance tune with pounding keyboards! It is an almost a borderline techno sound here with a pulsing beat. By the 2nd listen I was absolutely hooked!! The pre chorus leads up to the perfect hook in the chorus and there is a melancholy sadness in the the tone of the chorus that is a contrast to the overall feel of the song which is more of a high strung get your butt on the dance floor tune.

The coupling with song "Please! jiyuu no tobira" is a much happier sounding song with a nice driving rock arrangement. In some ways this song is better structured. Of course I may be a bit swayed by it's "band" sound vs. the title track's dance arrangement which is dominated by keyboards. Love the sound of a guitar and it's more "live" feel. That however is not to say that this song is better, just I feel better structured. The fact that this song has no PV may be what ultimately makes me enjoy the title track more. It's pretty close considering all of those aspects even though these are A & B sides. Sometimes B sides rock! 🙂

And now the PV. Visually it's spectacular like "The Peace!" meets Las Vegas!!! It's about time that they bring back the gold!! With the lighting effects and those golden outfits you really feel like you're watching a show in Las Vegas at times and that's not a bad thing. As I mentioned before I think that the dance version of the PV is by far the best version here! The regular version does have a nice variety of diffferent shots which compliment the dance portions well but here with this set and look and the awesome choreography the dance version's the best. The dance choreographers have really created a visual feast here! But don't take it from me, watch a couple of versions of the PV which I've linked below. Powerful, golden, and inspired!

The making of segment delivers yet another great look into the behind the scenes ongoings and it really shows the fans the girl's individual personalities and with 2 new members it really does shed some new light here. Rin Rin whom I originally thought was by far the more natural idol in terms of looks and personality has been met head on by Jun Jun who just basically blew me away with this release. Jun Jun originally looked a bit homely to me if I dare say so but with this release she's like a totally different person. H!P has really groomed her into an idol and I think that her transformation is just as if not more dramatic than Mittsi's. At times I was like Eh! Jun Jun…what the? lol. And the complete opposite occurred with Rin Rin for me. While her cuteness is really captured in the making of portion of the DVD, in the PVs her looks made me wonder a bit for awhile. No I'm not saying that she's lost any cuteness but those eyes…their sternness scares me sometimes! lol. She can have a very wicked look in those eyes and it'something that I didn't notice before. The dark mascara also adds to this look and actually every member seems to be accentuated this way in the PV. Some even have a sort of Egyptian princess kind of thing going at times. 🙂 And that's a good thing! Mittsi's personality is really beginning to come out too and it's especially evident in the making of segment where she has a cute chat towards the camera at one point. This is the first time I've seen her open up this much and it was really cute!

Just a little additional thought on the title track. I really hope that they wear headsets during their performances in concert. I'd really like to see them perform the entire dance routine without the hindrance of microphones.

And now it's time to hand out the cute award for this release…….hmmmm….it seems that there's a tie…….Koharuchan & Kamei take top honors here.! Koharuchan, after watching the PV I don't think that needs any explaining at all and Kamei just looks so amazing!!! Her eyes…that of a Japanese Egyptian princess!! LOL! Of course I'm still a bit…uh very biased when it comes to these 2 members but I honestly think that their looks dominate here. Gakisan comes in…well 2nd! if those 2 are tied for 1st and at any given moment it could become a 3 way tie! 😛

In closing I was really hoping that this single would reflect that of a growing fan base. What I mean is that with the addition and high publicity of new members Rin Rin & Jun Jun I was hoping that a whole new fan base would open up in China. Early indications in terms of sales don't seem to reflect that at all unfortunately. It's still early and this is just one release so we'll just have to wait and see.

But a drop in sales at this point of almost 18,000 units from their previous single "Kanashimi Twilight." Could it be that about 18,000 Mikitty fans were quite discouraged with her abrupt leaving?!! Heheh…Nah! I'm just kidding but the numbers are saying something. I don't know what but I hope that the Kitty didn't do that much damage.

At the bottom of this post are the original & dance versions of Momusu's new PV "Onna ni sachi are." I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to モーニング娘。女に幸あれ。

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Amazingly for me I've still got to watch this PV, as yet I haven't seen either version. It's quite odd that I haven't seen it as I downloaded a copy of it from :::Dohhh Up!::: when it was put up there, but I never got round to making a post about it on my blog…and so never got around to watching it. My copies arrived this morning so I'll be giving it a watch tonight.Hahaha, from looking at the stills all that comes to my head is the comment Hotaru wrote on her blog, 'techno chickens', with all them feathers they could pass as chickens ;pI was wondering about the sales of the single myself, but one thing I'm still not to sure on, is to whether the single was actually released in China or if it had to be purchased from Japan, much like we do through CDJapan etc?


  2. momo says:

    I can answer that, It debuted at #1 last week on the daily chart and it was #2 for the week. It sold approx 43,364 in the first week.I don't think H!P sells in China, although they do sell singles in Taiwan.


  3. chibon says:

    when i first heard this song, i was like wtf, are they going techno
    now? but after seeing the PV and a live performance I simply fell in
    love with it and had it stuck in my head FOREVER. the chorus is very
    catchy and Aichan just sings it perfectly 🙂 unfortunately, there
    wasn't much of Gakichan to see in the PV and as her being the subleader
    and all i had expected her to get way more lines than she actually did.
    but in the live performance of the song, you could really feel
    her energy, especially when she sings the chorus together with Aichan.
    Kamei looks absolutely stunning in the PV, and so does Mitsui. I've
    always Mitsui (and her smile!) from the very first time I saw her and
    she's really improved a lot. As for the 2 other 8th gen members
    though.. I'm not a big fan of either of them and also don't feel the
    need to like them cause to me it just doesn't feel like they're part of
    As much as I love this single, comparing the PV to the latest Berryz
    Koubou PV, I wonder if Tsuku is trying to make Berryz the leading group
    of H!P. I would love to see another MoMusu PV that is more than just a
    mix of close-up shots and dance shots.


  4. Hotaru says:

    Yay, you got to experience the techno chickens! I love the jackets! I've never seen any of them yet, and they all look amazing…I also noticed that Aichan had leggings under her dress-thing! If I had known that, I wouldn't of said such things about not liking her dress XD. I also didn't notice that some of the girls looked rather Egyptian until after I looked at the jackets…hahaha. Its quite amusing, but cool.


  5. Saburo says:

    Just a quick note that I dig the tune, the outfits, the moves. The Chinese gals don't bug me nearly as much as they did earlier this year. I'm over the departure of Mikitty and think I am on the road to recovery. I spent much of the weekend putting together a DVD compilation of the last few Musume PVs and currently in the process of catching up on old times.
    Now if ONLY Captain Aichan can get her long, straight hairstyle back…


  6. Paul you're in for a real treat as I think you're going to love their new PVs! And it's perfect timing that they arrived today.'Techno chickens'! lol. But that's cute 'techno chickens!' Hotaru really did come up with a great description of their outfits. When it comes to the sales of this single I was figuring that possibly some new fans would be ordering it from Japan just as we do and not necessarily it actually being on the shelves in China or it's surrounding areas as that I'm not really sure about. In fact Chinese from anywhere in the world may have gained an interest in the group due to the addition of the 2 newest members. Then again I don't know if all of that would be reflected on the Oricon anyway as I don't think that all site's sales figures are used in figuring out sales totals unfortunately.


  7. momo I saw those sales figures and that's why I was a bit disappointed that there is a drop of about 18,000 units when compared to "Kanashimi Twilight" which I mentioned in this post. It's good to hear that they sell their singles in Taiwan! I didn't know that. I was hoping that new fans from actually anywhere in the world might've gained some interest in Momusu due to the addition of the 2 newest members. With the addition of Jun Jun & Rin Rin it really does seem like they're trying to open up a new fan base out there and I would only think that'd be a good thing.


  8. guacg after writing 2 techno songs for Gyaruru I was thinking that Tsunku might be in a techno mood right now. It seems to be just a bit less techno than Gyaruru's songs though. Yes I love the chorus too! And that's a good point about Aichan as she does sound great in this song. Hmmm with Gakisan looking that incredible it's a shame that she doesn't get more attention in both PV and lyric departments here. But she sure does make an impact each time you see her in the PV…it's like Whoa! I totally agree and I don't know if Kamei has ever looked better in any of their other PVs! It's those eyes! Mittsi really has improved a lot in such a short time. Her personality is really coming alive now as she seems to be more comfortable in the group. It's really evident when you see her talk in parts of the making of footage. It was really hard getting used to the 2 new members as they seemed to have been just abruptly added to the group but I'm trying to like them more. This is just their 1st release in the group so I'll just have to see how they develop. I think you really nailed something there with the comparison of BK's & Momusu's latest PVs. "Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba" is really a ground breaking PV for H!P and I wonder what Tsunku's thinking was here. Momusu is H!P's main group but I really think that Berryz Koubou has drawn even with them at this point. Hopefully we'll see more creativity in future Momusu PVs and single releases. Even the packaging of "Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba" was more interesting in the sense that it had a theme using the little bottles of BK jam and well their outfits are just so cute!


  9. Hotaru you really have penned the perfect description! lol. Yes they really did a great job photographing everyone. This photo book is really one of their nicest yet and Aichan's dress forgives you. Heheh what in the world am I talking about! 😛 I really like the look that they were given for this release and that bit of Egyptian princess thing is working for some of them! Especially Kamei!


  10. paul.thomas says:

    Just looking at the covers of the singles and how good does Kamei look, her outfit and hair…WOW! She's looking good!


  11. Saburo it's great to hear that your love for Momusu is returning! This song's PV is a visual feast and I can see why this song in particular has re sparked your interest. Sounds like you have a lot of catching up to do! I was trying hard not to mention Aichan's new haircut but now you've done it! lol. It's like if something's not broken why fix it?! Her hairstyle & length were soo perfect and for such a long time! Well it'll grow out again just as long as she allows it to. When I made my most recent favorite member list Kamei was so close to taking over #1 but I just couldn't do it. That would have been shallow wouldn't it have been for that reason, a haircut? lol. But you never know.


  12. Saburo says:

    No kidding about the "catching up" part! I'm looking for a post here relating to the "Aruiteru" PV that I can reply to…
    As for Aichan, seems like she went to Charmy's stylist. Jeez, they didn't cut Kaori's hair during her reign of terror.


  13. Paul I'm happy that you think so too! When I was giving out this releases' cute awards it became a tie between Kamei & Koharuchan. I just couldn't decide. And every time Kamei appears in the PV she looks absolutely breathtaking! They shot her at perfect angles in some parts and I like the way she says "baka" the best. Gakisan's "baka" is good too! But somehow Sayu's "baka" looks more sad than aggressive like the other members. And Tanaka looks like she wants to kick someone's butt and I guess that's why she gets the first "baka" line. lol.


  14. Saburo I don't think that this little blog existed back when "Aruiteru" was released. Too bad as I would have loved to have been able to have written something about this song. I think that "Aruiteru" is one of Momusu's best songs! Aichan & Charmy's hairstylist! Oh no don't get me started! lol.


  15. Saburo says:

    Another thing I gotta say about how watching the PV DVD was your initial exposure to the song…
    It just HIT me just what a helluva thing this is, for better or worse. Imagine not knowing the score of the Super Bowl or World Cup final for a week or two and then watching it fresh, so long after the fact. That is virtually impossible in today's information age, where there's so much technology at our fingertips available to let us know ANYTHING the moment it happens.
    They played "Onna ni Sachi Are" on radio weeks before the CD release. I probably heard the song hours after it hit the airwaves. We live in an era where I'm able to leech a CD-quality rip DAYS before it hits the stores. There's no surprise anymore.
    And it's been that way for years. I listened to a radio preview of "Love Machine," of all songs, in late August 1999, eagerly anticipating the new Goto Maki era, before we even began numbering the "generations" of Musume.
    I guess there's just no way you can come across anything fresh and new unless you want it that way, which requires the patience of the gods. Being able to open your presents on Christmas morning without being overanxious or impatience is probably a virtue and so is being able to experience a Musume song free of audio previews, TV performances and even internet rants from the "wota" fringe.


  16. Saburo this was one of those rare times that I was able to keep from hearing the song or seeing any previews of the PV. I usually see a performance on HM@ before I receive the single but I avoided even that this time. It definitely made the impact more powerful for me personally like going to a movie not knowing anything about it and just hearing that it was good. I guess it's easier for me to avoid a preview as I don't download any songs or videos as my computer's too slow to do that anyway. lol. It's amazing how early stuff gets put out there on the internet and also how long it's been going on.


  17. Saburo says:

    I saw a message board thread about this and it was reported on Centuryland.http://www.netdirect.co.jp/search/ISSSchDetail.asp?ISBN=EPCE5505http://www.netdirect.co.jp/search/ISSSchDetail.asp?ISBN=EPCE5508
    Assume all A-sides and I can't begin to speculate what would be on a bonus DVD. Panel discussion? Documentary? A VH-1 "Behind the Music" special?


  18. Saburo I too can't imagine what they'd put on a DVD with this collection. Is this a continuation from "Early Singles Box" but that one sold for around $100. What's on this that would make me want to own it?!! Or perhaps because I've bought everything else there's no reason to not get this too. lol. I've never heard about this before. Thanks for the information!


  19. Saburo says:

    FWIW I also saw a 10th anniversary themed book. Didn't read the description too closely but I'd guess it's a retrospective volume: "Morning Musume Anthology" or something like that. Will check again later.


  20. Saburo is this a Wani release or a fan club release? A retrospective covering their entire career would be awesome! A few years ago you remember that Wani book with the red cover and it was actually an Up To Boy release? "Morning Musume 5th Anniversary Photobook 1998-2003." There's a picture of it on my "My H!P Collection" post. Anyway that book is a great compilation of their first 5 years and it's quite thick so I'd imagine one covering 10 years would be the size of a phone book! :O Let me know if you see anything new about it and if it's available for order yet.


  21. momo says:

    About the CD Saburo was talking about, this will more than likely be all of MM's A side singles, the title of the CD is Morning Musume all singles C (collection). this is a (re) release of their singles from 1997 to 2007, call it a Morning Musume anthology of sorts lolwhat will be on the LE DVD is anyones guess, the release date is October 24th. once the date gets closer, we will eventually know what will be on it.and the 10th aniversary themed book is going to be a regular book release published by Tokyo News, release date is September 12th. here's the cover: http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/6048/mm10thaniversarybookgt9.jpgand preorder link at HMV http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/2618309


  22. momo thanks for the information and links! Even though I have all of their singles I'm going to have to buy this 10th anniversary all single release just because it's so special and I imagine the DVD will have something new on it as well. They sure know how to empty our bank accounts! lol!The cover of the 10th anniversary book looks great! I imagine this book will be substantial in size as the history of Momusu is a lot to cover. Another thing I wonder about is whether Aibon will be included in it. It would be sad and quite a shame for them to omit her as she was a very important part of H!P and its success when she was a member. Looks like I need to visit HMV again and add this to my order. Thanks again for the information. 🙂


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