Berryz工房 4th 愛のなんちゃら指数。

Berryz Koubou continues in their quest to take over the universe or at least win over J-Pop fan's hearts all over the world with the release of their 4th album "Ai no nanchara shisuu." I've been listening to this album for the past 2 days and I've come to the conclusion that it's their best album to date with such a great catchy selection of songs that it has the potential to make the casual Berryz fan into a Berryz Koubou fan. First let's compare the 2 editions. This album was released in both a limited edition which includes a bonus DVD containing  3 live performances and a regular edition which has a first pressing that includes bonus extra cover jackets. Depending on what your fancy is it may be difficult to decide which better suits you. The 3 live performance are of their songs "Munasawagi Scarlett", "VERY BEAUTY", and "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND." All 3 performances are from their "Sakura Mankai" tour. Those wonderful art deco colored outfits can be seen in the "VERY BEAUTY" and "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" performances. I really think that these are some of their best outfits ever! All 3 performance are very good but if you already own their latest concert DVD release than I would suggest going with the first pressing of the regular edition and they're actually better performances on their "Sakura Mankai" DVD than these 3 that they've chosen here. The reason to consider the first pressing of the regular edition is the alternate jacket covers that are printed on very very thick stock paper which is also of the glossy type! It's the same type of bonus that was included with Momusu's "Ambitious! yashinteki de iijan" limited edition CD but with higher quality. Momusu's alternate jacket sleeves were also printed on both sides but with a standard paper thickness. These Berryz Koubou jackets are quite thick and don't forget glossy too! In fact they're so thick that while there were 5 extra jackets in the Momusu release and only 4 jackets in the Berryz Koubou release (front and back images for all 7 members plus a group shot) the Berryz Koubou case is actually wider than the Momusu case.

First here some scans from the booklet. Both edition's booklets are identical.

I do think that the limited edition's cover and back picture look better than the regular edition's but perhaps it doesn't matter as you can customize your cover with your favorite member if you get the first pressing of the regular edition. The back cover of the limited edition does provide a clue as to which member is beginning to perhaps become the face of Berryz Koubou.

As you can see Risakochan is getting the "kira kira" treatment here! lol. 🙂

And here are scans of the alternate jacket sleeves that you get with the first pressing of the regular edition. It makes this edition not seem "regular" at all. While these pics are very similar to the booklet pics you'll know what I mean when you touch one. 

We're talking high quality glossy pics here! Come on Paul if Momo were serving you that plastic (heheh) deluxe cheeseburger wouldn't her smile melt you?!

From the very first track "Ai no suki suki shisuu joushouchuu" you just get the feeling that this album is something special. Like an opening act in a play this song really does represent what is to come after you press play. Those wonderful vocals that we've come to love as Berryz fans immediately fill the room with a catchy aura that can't be denied. If you're not yet a Berryz fan then I think that the energy from this opening track will capture your heart. Or at least your ears! 🙂 It's happy and optimistic and what better could you ask for when getting into an album?

The inclusion of "Munasawagi Scarlett", "VERY BEAUTY", and "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" just seem to boost this album further into being their best yet. Familiar with these tracks, yes? But the beauty of this album is all in the new tracks. Interestingly "Omoitattara kichi desse! reminds me of C-ute. And that's not a bad thing at all. Maybe Tsunku gave this song to the wrong group! lol. No i'm kidding! 😛 Hearing the bouncy piano riff of "VERY BEAUTY" immediately after really has impact here. I've listened to this song numerous times and maybe that's part of it but the impact here is substantial. When listening to a new album I like to take note of how the tracks are organized as I believe that there is always a feel that a producer is going for. How to open an album. How to close it. And what goes in between and in what order really gives an album a flow or lack of it in some cases.

Momo and Risakochan paired together! Now I know that the producer had his game on! "Watashi ga suru koto nai hodo zenbu shite kureru kare" is a melancholy song but it has a sweet melody and feel that when mixed properly with a dash of Momo & Risako works quite well. While not the catchiest song on the album by any means it is Berryz paradise. A Momo & Risakochan duet?! Are you kidding me?! Okay you must adore Momo & Risakochan to understand my happiness with this pairing. Much like Sayu & Koharuchan being paired together this song is dependent on who your favorite BK members are.

In the wider scope of the album as a whole rather than individual tracks, when "Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba" starts playing I now know that this is their best album to date. That's quite a large leap for me to take being that much of my favorite songs are elsewhere but I'm thinking of this album as a whole versus the others.

The wonderful cascading sounds of the electric guitar riff that occur in the opening of the final track "Sakura -> nyuugakushiki" really create a feel of closure here. I don't know quite how to explain this feeling that I have here. Like bookends and the end of a story. This album closes with the perfect song. It has a sentimental sadness in its tone that signifies that of a farewell, a good-bye. If my description sounds strange here please give it another listen all the way through as I really feel that Berryz Koubou has presented us with a real gem here that could be enjoyed by any J-Pop fan whether you're a fan of Hello! Project or not. BK has officially arrived. I think that they are as much the face of H!P as Momusu are.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Berryz工房 4th 愛のなんちゃら指数。

  1. paul.thomas says:

    It sounds like you really enjoyed this album! I can't wait to hear it for myself. Out of the two albums I chose the limited edition release, mainly (and this really makes a change, lol) for the 3 live performances on the DVD, the only live performances I've seen at the moment are from the H!P concerts and I'd like to watch some from their own concert. Although I have to admit, after seeing the additional jacket sleeves I kind of wish I'd ordered the first press regular edition, the sleeves look really nice…and as you say doesn't really look like a regular edition, all very confusing!I have to say that Momo's smile still looks a little strange, but she does look great in that pic, they all look great in the pictures, it's a really nice, cute and colourful set.


  2. Hotaru says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed this album as much as I did! It really is the best Berryz album yet. I may just have to buy it now (first press or not) when I have the money for it. They all look so great…!I agree with Paul, though. Momoko's smile is a little weird, but she still looks cute anyway!


  3. Very nice review of the Berryz releases, and I see you got them both!
    It's neat, the way you noticed Risakochan's "kira kira" treatment 😉 , and yeah… Now that you've pointed it out, maybe that IS what they're trying to say with that picture!


  4. Paul I'm thinking that because you really want to see more live footage of BK than getting the limited edition was a good idea. I think you're going to really like this album! There's a lot of catchy songs on it. Heheh it sounds like Momo's smile still creeps you out a bit. lol.


  5. Hotaru yes! Berryz Mania has definitely struck both of us and coinlockersbaby too! I'm happy that we both think it's their best album yet! lol. Momo's smile is still taking a beating!


  6. Dark Knightingale thank you! I was really impressed with their new album! And I had to get them both when I found out about the bonus alternate jacket sleeves. That picture of the group on the back of limited edition caught me by a bit of a surprise in the sense that they really seem to be presenting Risakochan in that way. Of course she's my favorite BK member so I'm all for her getting the kira kira treatment. 🙂


  7. Hey, if she's considered so well by her own group members, then I'd say she deserves it!
    I don't know much of anything about Risakochan or Berryz, except what you tell us about them…, But they're a lovely group of ladies, they've released a nice product + they're talented enough to be in your library, so that's good enough for me!
    I do hope they appreciate the fans they have, that are like you! -That was another fantastically-well-written article about an artists release, and by an obviously big fan of theirs!


  8. Dark Knightingale Risakochan is the youngest in the group so I think that the others do look out for her. The producers have really been placing her at the center of attention recently more so than before and that back cover pic makes it much less of a subtle thing perhaps. Thank you! I do love Berryz Koubou so much and that's how this site got half of its name and I'm sure that they know how much their fans support them although probably not me personally. lol. But that doesn't matter because I'm happy just being a devoted fan of theirs. Thank you for the compliment! 🙂 I may not be a very good writer but I do try to keep it entertaining and hopefully informative.


  9. Hey, faaaantastic job of writing you do here!
    -You have one heck of a collection there, you write excellently, thouroughly and well, and they should be proud of you!
    Keep up this excellent work!!!


  10. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  11. Dark Knightingale thank you for the compliments! 🙂 I think the only time I ever got commended for my writing was back in Intermediate school when a story I wrote got published in the school newspaper. lol.


  12. guacg I've never thought of that before…(gets a picture of Aibon)…….they do have a similar shape now that you mention it but I think that Risakochan's nose has a bit more of a defined cute hub in the middle. I'm trying to analyze their noses. lol. Risakochan' button nose is the best and may even be one of her charm points! 🙂 That's really great you both share the same birthday!! Now that means there is no way that you'll ever forget hers! 🙂 Momo is your favorite BK member! Just recently Momo & Risakochan switched places in my top 2. Risakochan is now #1 and Momo is #2. Momo is so adorable and likeable and I'm happy that she's your favorite! Thank you visiting and it was really nice to talk to you! 🙂


  13. coinlockersbaby I'm happy that you got that same feeling from "Sakura->nyuugakushiki"! I'm not crazy! lol. The first press jackets are really well made on glossy extra thick paper! I'm happy that you got the first pressing as these are really nice extras to have! BK just keeps getting better and better!


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