Morning Musume & a few friends arrived yesterday.

Yesterday finally my copies of Momusu's new single & PV DVD single arrived. I ordered all 3 versions of their single and I actually think that the regular edition has the nicest cover. It may be because it has a nice orange background instead of the gray backgrounds that the other 2 versions have. Hmm I think I just like their poses on this cover better. I'll get into more detail after I've listened and watched all of it.

The August 2007 issue of Kindai and the first pressing of the regular edition of Berryz Koubou's new album "4th Ai no nanchara shisuu" came from Amazon Japan while everything else came from CdJapan. I originally had just ordered the limited edition of BK's new album which comes with a bonus DVD but then I realized that the first pressing of the regular edition comes with interchangeable cover sleeves (one for each member and a group shot). I then checked CdJapan but they were already sold out of this edition's first pressing so I took a chance and ordered it from Amazon Japan. They don't indicate whether the first pressing is still available or not so I had my fingers crossed that the first pressing would arrive and luckily it did. Yesterday Berryz Koubou's new album was the first thing into my CD player. I'll put up the jacket pictures and some thoughts on the album tomorrow afternoon. The extra jackets are really cute!

And speaking of C-ute I finally will be able to watch the original version of their PV for "Meguru koi no kisetsu" as well as their "dance version." I've been living off of their "close up version" all this time and I'm really looking forward to playing these 2 other versions of their PV tonight.

Sayu's "Love-Hello!" DVD also arrived yesterday and it looks like 73 minutes of cuteness is just around the corner.

Tackey's live musical release "Takizawa enbujo" is packaged really beautifully in a nice heavy duty golden slip case. This release has 2 DVDs and also came with a great looking poster! There's 174 minutes of footage all shot in widescreen format. I really enjoyed Momusu's musicals "Morning Town" and "Ribbon no kishi" and I'm hoping that Tackey's musical will be just as great.

If I had some wall space in my room I think I'd hang up this poster. It looks really cool.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to Morning Musume & a few friends arrived yesterday.

  1. You're so lucky your Berryz album(s) have arrived! Mine only shipped yesterday, so it's still going to be at least a few days. T_T


  2. coinlockersbaby I think that their new album may contain some of their best songs yet. Which edition did you decide to get? Or did you get both of them too? They both do come with really great bonuses. I'm still not sure which cover I like better but maybe by this afternoon I'll know when I scan them.


  3. I got the regular edition. I really can't wait for it to come!


  4. coinlockersbaby I think you picked the better edition if you like the collectible extras.


  5. Really?! I'm even more excited, now. =D


  6. Hotaru says:

    uwah, I envy you even more now…I forgot that the First Pressing of the album had interchangeable covers! I really regret buying it now >__<


  7. coinlockersbaby once you see the extra jacket sleeves they'll really make you smile! I'm scanning them later today so if you don't want to see them yet then you must close your eyes. 🙂


  8. Hotaru Amazon Japan may still have it available. They don't indicate it on their site but perhaps you could e-mail them and ask if they still have the first pressing of the regular edition. I took a chance and just ordered it without knowing and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the first press sticker on it.


  9. paul.thomas says:

    I can't wait to read about what you think of Sayumi's DVD, I've ordered it but it won't be arriving for at least a week. I really cant wait to see her in that bungee ball ride.


  10. Paul I hope to be able to watch Sayu's "Love-Hello!" sometime this week. "Bungee ball ride"!!…now that sounds like must see t.v.! I like to see how the member's personalities and demeanor change over time and with these ("Alo-Hello!", "Love-Hello!") releases they really present some of the best footage for that as they are solo ventures. I'm anticipating it to be one of the best yet! The thing is that with Koharuchan's release on the horizon that may prove to be the best of them all! Koharuchan's personality makes her so interesting to watch and I think she'll even give Kamei a run for the crown at least in my mind.


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