Just as I thought, I did forget some Hello! Project merchandise in yesterday’s post.

Late last night I realized that I had indeed forgotten to list some H!P merchandise and releases in my "Hello! Project Collection" post. H!P stuff is all over my room and in my attempt to get them all together I overlooked all of these.

 Here is the final picture of my collection…I think. The 24 pictures at the bottom were a part of a great gift package that Paul Thomas sent me recently. The pictures from my photo binders that I linked in my previous post were taken awhile back and I had forgotten about these new ones which I got later and put into my "Kamei binder" (4th binder). Also in this picture is a mini tanaka photo album which was also a gift from Paul, 4 Christmas CD gift boxes featuring Minimoni, Gomattou, Yukosan, and Momusu which CdJapan sent me one year awhile back during Christmas, a couple of Momusu keychains which I bought from an ABC Store back when they briefly joined in on the Momusu mania, a first press edition of Pinch Runner on VHS which came with a 3 postcard set (VHS lol!), Momusu's First Budoukan concert on VHS, Momusu's "Memory Seishun no hikari 1999.4.18" VHS, 2 copies of Momusu's "The Video Love Machine" on VHS which features extra footage not included on the DVD PV version (I'm not even quite sure why I have 2 copies of this video…one is still sealed…perhaps I was so in love with "Love Machine" that I felt the need to have one copy kept in mint condition…lol…I don't know but I have 2 of them), a Nacchi linen box (this was another great gift from Paul! It's perhaps the most original H!P item that I've ever seen…linen box 🙂 ), and 2 clear files one of Tanpopo and another of Minimoni during the Aichan era. These were also a gift from CdJapan that they sent me awhile ago.

One thing to note about those VHS releases that I have. Back then music releases in Japan weren't being made on DVD yet so VHS was the only way to go since I've never owned a laserdisc player. Today we have the PV DVD single. Back then we had the PV VHS single. Sounds funny doesn't it. :) 

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Just as I thought, I did forget some Hello! Project merchandise in yesterday’s post.

  1. Saburo says:

    Aay, there's still time to grab a laserdisc player via eBay or something and join the club!
    I regret not getting the "Love Machine" vinyl record… Well, I did get the "Best 1" collection on vinyl and actuallyplayed a few times. Sound levels were pretty low to me but it probably was my hardware setup (i.e. cheep phono preamp).


  2. Saburo both you and zdorama have laserdisc players from way back and it's good since there are some releases (not any H!P though) that are at their best on this format since they haven't been released on DVD yet. It's amazing that H!P released some vinyl records back then. I wonder if any DJ's ever used them.


  3. momo says:

    Your collection is impressive! I have never seen such a big collection as yours in my life! lolI don't know if you still go to my blog since you don't leave comments, but I have made some new posts recently, you should check it outmy blog address http://usa-chan-peace.blogspot.com/ is it alright that I link to your blog too?I do also hope to go to Hawaii someday, seeing that H!P has involvement in Honolulu makes me want to go even more, second to Tokyo. Hey if I ever come, maybe I can see you, but thats just me dreaming. lolbye now


  4. Hello Momo! We haven't talked for a long time ne. I have your blog address bookmarked. 🙂 I'm always amazed at how quickly you receive their new releases! Even when mine gets shipped out by the release date it still takes at least 2 days to arrive and I live so close it seems, in Hawaii. Yes it would be great if you link your page to mine. Thank you! 🙂 Thanks for writing. We all need to go to Japan. But my airfare money is all spent on H!P releases. lol. I need to practice some self control when it comes to H!P but I'm afraid I can't. 😛


  5. momo says:

    Well I have been a fan and collecting for 2 years now, I can't tell how much i've spent, but I think it's way into the thousands of dollars now. lolI am getting some concert goods soon, mostly sexy 8 beat official photo sets. i'm getting a sayu photo set, a koharu photo set, making of set, live photo set, koharu body shot pinup, and a koharu uchwa fan. I am also getting a shirt from Ohta, the MM red one from the H!P summer concert. I recently got the sayu love hello PB, risa's PB, MM alo-hello DVD and sexy 8 beat concert DVD. I do have the MM Hawaii t-shirt as well, I got that a few months ago.hope to hear from you againmomo


  6. momo it's great that you support H!P so much and buy their releases! Fan support is what really makes sure that they are around for a long time to come. 🙂 "Koharu body shot pinup?!" The red Momusu shirt looks really nice. I decided to get the Berryz Koubou Huckleberry Hound blue one this time. I just looked at your Momusu Hawaii t-shirt and I think I like that one the best but it may be because I live here. It's too bad that VOX limits the number of links that we can have listed permanently here on the right side of this site but I've made room and added yours.


  7. Saburo thank you for the information! Tsunku has been neglecting Yukosan for too long. She gets like one single a year or maybe not even that?! Nakazawasan is like no other member that H!P has ever seen. By far she was the best leader that Momusu ever had although her tenure was cut short by her graduation and Hello! Morning has never had a better host. Yukosan's leadership and charisma are unmatched in these regards. This release is long overdue and I was beginning to worry that she wouldn't release anything else. She isn't very visible in H!P anymore and that's a shame. I can only hope that she is possibly chosen as Kaorin's replacement in Momusu's 10th anniversary group if Kaorin needs to take a leave of absence due to her pregnancy. A new Nakazawa single on the horizon! Some of the best news of this year! 🙂


  8. paul.thomas says:

    The linen box is one of the most original pieces of merchandise I've ever seen, it makes me wonder what other weird and wonderful pieces we haven't seen.I've never heard any of Nakazawa solo releases…I say that but I probably have in a concert somewhere…I look forward to listening to it.I'm desperately trying to save up to go to Japan again, but at the moment the H!P releases are coming out thick and fast and are taking chucks out of any money I save. Lol, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed I win the lottery, problem sorted.


  9. momo says:

    I think the Koharu body shot pinup is just a pinup poster, but I will confirm that when I get it in about a week.Thank you for your comments, I of course am glad to be a fan like the rest of us! I did fix your link at my blog, I had no idea I screwed up the HTML in the link, but it's fixed now.


  10. Paul I want to thank you again for sending all of those wonderful H!P gifts! The Nacchi linen box may just be the most unusual and interesting H!P merchandise out there. I've never seen anything like it before. Nakazawasan doesn't get enough music releases now days! You may enjoy her enka releases too! I still need to get some of those. Saburo gave me a copy of the songs I'm missing but I still want to get the actual releases. I can't wait to hear her new single. It's been too long! She has a really great voice and I'm sure you'll like it. Tsunku or whomever writes it better give her a great song especially since she's had to wait so long for a new single release. Heheh the lottery! Yes I'm still waiting for Publishers Clearing House to arrive with the big check! lol. Hmmm I hope they don't go to the wrong address. 🙂 It is a challenge to keep up with all of the H!P releases coming out recently! I work to buy H!P releases. lol.


  11. momo I'll be checking your site to see when you get the new H!P goods! It'd be great if you can hang up the Koharuchan pin up without pins though! Don't want to damage it! Thanks for fixing the link!


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