I'm probably the last one on earth to see this movie. Heheh friends at work are like "you haven't seen it yet?!" And the great thing is that I've heard nothing but positive things about this film. It was finally released today and Circuit City was giving away a free set of 4 collector's cards which depict scenes from the movie with a description plus on the back is commentary on the scene by director Zack Snyder. These cards are pretty nice and are printed on really really thick cardboard. Well I did hear one mixed comment on the film today as the cashier told me that it was nothing but gore and that it wasn't historically accurate. lol. She did say it in a humorous way and I just replied to her historical comment saying that all that gore made up for the historical inaccuracies. 😛 I really loved the movie "Sin City" and this looks to be another great adaption of Frank Miller's work. I love that distinct look it has in all the trailers that I've seen. "Sin City" was incredible as it was literally like a comic being placed on the screen and "300" has a similar aura about it visually from what I've seen. Being that I'm not going to get around to watching it until Friday night this will probably mean that I'll also be the last one on earth to see this movie on DVD.

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6 Responses to “300.”

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Hahaha, you're not the last person on earth to see this…that would be!!I made numerous attempts to go and see this in the cinemas but never got round to it and unfortunately it's not been released on DVD over here yet and I'm not to sure when it will be, hopefully not to long away I really want to see this!The packaging looks nice, hope we get something like this over here, fingers crossed.Some of the reviews I read on it over here in the UK weren't too great and followed much along the line of what the cashier said, it was stuff like 'not historically accurate', 'too much violence' and 'the men were too muscular'. I believe one review even commented along the lines of how can we expect our children not to act violent and starve themselves to get 'the perfect body' when films like this are released…how do these people get jobs, let alone keep them!?


  2. Saburo says:

    I guess that'll make me last person +1.


  3. Paul that's hilarious! Okay I'm second to the last…no I see I'm now third to the last. lol. Some of these people need to loosen up! Heheh I don't think kids will be starving themselves or getting themselves spears, arrows, and shields because of this movie. I don't mind them bending history a bit for entertainment's sake sometimes. This looks to be a visual feast and well it is an action film. If I wanted to see true history then I'd watch the History Channel. 😛 Heheh too muscular?! Do they want to go to the theater to see flabby people running about fighting?! lol. Okay I'm kidding but really it's just entertainment. I'm looking forward to watching it on Friday! I hope they release it soon in the UK!


  4. Saburo you just made me 3rd from the last! lol.


  5. paul.thomas says:

    300 finally came out on DVD in the UK yesterday and I grabbed myself a copy and made an evening of it, I've been waiting so long to see this film.It looks like the version I have came in the packaging as yours, but instead of the postcards it came with little booklet showing the artwork, sketches and some of the special effects of the film.This is an amazing film, the whole look and feel of it is so unique, I don't think I've ever seen a film look this good. I really love this film, it's even better than I hoped it would be!


  6. Paul I'm happy that the film lived up to and even surpassed expectations! A booklet sounds even better than the cards! The visuals and just the way this entire film was shot is so unique and amazing looking. Too gory? Nah!


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