Are you getting enough Berryz in your diet?

The BKA (Berryz Koubou Administration) has determined that not getting the daily recommended percentage of Berryz in your diet may result in you not being as happy as you could be. These 2 servings should help. First is a live performance of "Aitai kedo…" quite possibly the best Berryz b-side ever! I love this song! That's an understatement. I really love this song!! This was my favorite H!P song of last year. The chorus is so sweet! I love the way they act out the lyrics in this performance and watch for Miya showing some motherly like love.

Your next serving is my new favorite Berryz Koubou VTR clip from their latest concert DVD release. It's so cute! They made their own signs with all of the song's lyrics on them. I kind of regard this as being the PV for "Arigatou Otomodachi." In some ways it's even more fun than a regular PV. Watch for Risakochan holding multiple signs at one point. It's one of my favorite moments from this VTR clip. I hope these brighten your day! 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Are you getting enough Berryz in your diet?

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I don't have much Berryz in my diet at the moment, but hopefully this will be changing, literally just ordered their new album, won't be getting it for a couple of weeks as it'll be coming with the CD and DVD releases of Hana wo Pun, but I'm really looking forward to listening to it. If anyone else is after the limited release of their new album and haven't got it yet I'd be quick the note on CDJapan says they don't have many in stock.Aitai Kedio is good, but I think i prefer 'Seishun Oodoori', the b-side from their latest single, but it's a close one that's for sure, both great songs.


  2. Paul I hope that you enjoyed these clips especially the VTR with "Arigatou Otomodachi"! It's just like a PV but maybe even better in a way. It's so cute and candidly done and their lyric signs are the best! Risakochan kawaii!!I thought I wrote something here about the first pressing of the regular edition but maybe I didn't. Maybe I wrote that on your site. Anyway the first pressing of the regular edition comes with bonus jackets. One for each member and a group one just like Momusu's "Ambitious! yashinteki de iijan" did. This in a way may be better than the limited edition as it's more of a collector's bonus. I can't remember at the moment what is on the limited edition's bonus DVD. If it's live footage than the regular edition may be better as long as it's the first pressing. I'm hoping that I get a first press copy of the regular edition from Amazon Japan as by the time I knew about this it it was already sold out on CdJapan.


  3. Saburo thanks for the cover pic link! I believe it's being released on August 29th. I must preorder as soon as Amazon Japan has it listed. Hmm I haven't checked there yet. I have to go to sleep though.


  4. paul.thomas says:

    I really like both the clips, the VTR clip is great, it is similar to a PV and in a way it is better…it's obviously a low budget, but as you the fun and candid way it's be filmed makes it very entertaining.About the album, I remember you mentioning (lol, much like yourself not to sure where you said it) about the first press release of the album and the changeable sleeves, it does sound like a great feature, slightly curious as to why they don't include things like that with the Limited Release? But, I thought I'd get the version with the DVD, I'm guessing it'll have some live performances on it and to be honest I want to start watching some more of their these performances as I think it'll help me get into them more.


  5. Paul I can watch this VTR clip over and over! I just love those lyric cards that they're holding and this whole clip is so much fun! It's marketing to make us fans go broke! lol. It worked on me as I ordered both editions. That's a very good point though about getting the limited edition as it does have live clips from their "Sakura Mankai" tour. The songs they perform are "Munasawagi Scarlet", "VERY BEAUTY", and "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND." I hope the Berryz win you over! 🙂


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