Gen. 6の 公開!体力測定 DVD.

My first impression was what a strange program! Gen. 6's "Koukai! Tairyoku Sokutei" DVD is something unique with all of the generations of Momusu as I don't think that any other generation has done such tests and then had them released. This looks to be a fan club DVD and I was surprised to see it almost a month ago on Ohta's eBay Store. I didn't think about it very long and bought it. Gen. 6 is very special to me and a big reason for that is that Kamei's part of it! Many may disagree but I personally think that Kamei is by far the best member of this generation. Once her true personality was unleashed beginning with her getting the role of "Reporter Kyamei" on the Hello! Morning news segments she really impressed me and captured my heart. I also think that she has the most amazing eyes in all of Momusu! This DVD release shows us an early introduction to Gen. 6 by testing the girls by measuring their physical fitness as well as profile information being given first hand by them in an interview like atmosphere. This DVD also gives fans an inside look at Gen. 6 before they were groomed by H!P.

First up on the program is measuring their height: Sayu is 156.4 cm, Kamei is 155.7 cm, and Tanaka is 150.8 cm. Tanaka who's the shortest of the three has a great disappointed reaction and we can already see that she is quite the competitor.

Next is a test of hand strength: Using a handle like device which you squeeze Sayu scores 18.3 kg, Kamei scores 21.8 kg, and Tanaka who trying really hard scores 18.5 kg.

Ever stand on something to elevate you and then try to see how far you can bend and reach forward while keeping your knees straight? That's their next test and Sayu reaches 12.5 cm, Kamei who hurts herself a little scores 18.5 cm, while Tanaka shows them how it's done scoring 25.6 cm!

The next test is the vertical jump. Just before this clip you can see Tanaka asking Kamei how high she can jump and Kamei cutely replies by holding her hands apart. All 3 are shown simultaneously in a split screen with Sayu's vertical jump measuring 29 cm, Kamei's 31 cm, and Tanaka who's beginning to dominate reaches 39 cm. Even as early as this Tanaka's competitive fire was already evident!

Next is a bit of a strange test which requires the girls to lie on their stomach with their hands behind their back and then see how high they can raise their heads. Kamei reaches 27.2 cm, Sayu 20.3 cm, and Tanaka 29.9 cm.

The following is a test to see their breath strength. Using a device that you blow into Tanaka scores 2.10 l. Sayu goes next but has a little bit of trouble and gets a score that's almost non existent. lol. Tanaka & Kamei are cracking up in the background and Sayu is given another try and scores 1.88 l. Kamei scores the highest with 3.16 l.

Using a handle that you tug up on the girl's next test is to see their pulling strength. Sayu's strength is 23.5 kg, Kamei scores 33.0 kg, while Tanaka completely crushes them with a score of 50.0 kg!

Next up is an agility test involving the girl's footwork with the use of 3 lines on the court where they must use a stepping pattern to see how many they can complete in a set amount of time. Kamei scores 31, Tanaka 33, and Sayu surprises everyone by tying Tanaka with 33!

Mikitty is introduced next but she's in a different location from the other 3 members. This serves as an introduction of Mikitty into Momusu as she introduces herself to fans. Mikitty has been given some of the equipment that Kamei, Tanaka, and Sayu used in their tests but is performing the tests by herself without any help so she only does a few of them. Mikitty scores 26.0 kg in the hand strength test which puts her at the top in this category. She then scores 14.1 cm amid a flurry of "itai itai itai itai!" as she strains to reach the farthest that she can in the forward stretch test where she must keep her knees straight. The next and last test that Mikitty performs is the breath strength test where she scores 3.02 l. One thing to note is how different Mikitty's demeanor will seem here. For anyone who wasn't familiar with her when she was a solo artist before being absorbed into Momusu this will really show a more playful side of Mikitty which wasn't as visible while she was a member of Momusu. Mikitty is actually giddy during her self introduction. 🙂

It's now back to the other 3 members in their final test which is a 25 m swim in an indoor pool from one end to the other. Sayu's who is the weakest swimmer of the 3 finishes in 44.85 seconds. Kamei was most impressive in this test as she displays perfect form and looks to be training for the Olympics! :O Her time is 23.75 seconds! Tanaka who also displays pretty good form but nowhere near as good as Kamei's finishes with a time of 33.41 seconds. What does this all mean? If you were drowning you would want Kamei to save you! Not just because she'd get to you the fastest but she's also ultra cute!!! 😛

In between some of the tests there are also little interview/ profile segments with each of the members not including Mikitty though. Besides birthplace, blood type, favorite food, least favorite food, and the reason why they wanted to join Momusu they are also asked what they are most afraid of. Tanaka says it's "obake." (Ghosts) I can clearly understand that! Sayu says it's her school teacher. Teachers can be strict! But Kamei says that it's her father!! Papa's heart will be broken if he ever sees this DVD! LOL. Or perhaps he does rule their home with an iron fist! :O Kamei is soo sweet what could her father possibly be angry about?!! Maybe her room is messy. 😛

Hmmm…so what about the results of these tests? What have we learned about Gen. 6? Hmmm…I'm thinking that if they held a H!P Ultimate Fighting Champion Tournament you may want to put your money on Tanaka. lol. Just on pure determination I'd say that she'd be a definite favorite to win! I think that a Tanaka vs. Nono match up would result in the biggest fireworks of this imaginary tournament! Even after a child I think that Nono's competitiveness would still kick some butt! Hehe we already have Ayaya vs. Charmy with deadly yo yo's so why not. 😛 Kidding! But a H!P Ultimate Fighting Champion game on the Nintendo Wii system would sell like hot cakes!!! You know you'd want to play using your favorite H!P member. And after you acquire some special hidden codes you'll be able to play as any member of Berryz Koubou or C-ute! Just think of the possible match ups! Hey why isn't someone already trying to create this game?! It would be a hit! Anyway I'm just back from inventory at work on a Saturday night which is usually a day off so I'm a bit feisty and therefore having some strange video game ideas going through my head involving fighting. 😛

This DVD which was released on 3/22/03 runs approximately 17minutes and is a nice addition to your collection for anyone who's a big fan of Gen. 6. A bit odd at times but very entertaining overall. This is such a great view of Gen. 6 at the earliest of stages in their Momusu careers and I highly recommend anyone who's a fan of any of the primary 3 members in this generation to give it a viewing.


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16 Responses to Gen. 6の 公開!体力測定 DVD.

  1. Hotaru says:

    I saw this a while ago at my friends house!Wow, this makes me miss Eri's long hair when I look at the captions…she's so cute! I didn't really know Reina was so competitive…that probably will make me admire her more since I'm one of the least competitive people on the Earth. Eri really is adorable in this DVD, she has the cutest bathing suit out of the three of them…XD. But, in the end, I would be able to relate to Sayu the most, since I'm not very athletic, strong, or flexible….


  2. Hotaru you really have seen a lot of H!P stuff! This release is one of the more obscure ones and I'm happy that you got a chance to see it too. I love Kamei's hair when it's longer too! She really did have it long when she first joined Momusu until the H!P hairstylist got a hold of her. lol. Tanaka may possibly be the most competitive member of Momusu right now I think. Kamei really does come across as really adorable even this far back. Poor Sayu she really got dominated in these tests. Although it wasn't technically a contest you could tell by all of their reactions that they really wanted to do well in each of the tests. Sayu may not be very athletic but she really does make up for that with cuteness! 🙂


  3. I can't get over the picture of Sayu on the cover, she's so young and cute! Now I want to go back and watch the 6th gen auditions again. The best part was when they all took out mirrors and Sayu's was HUGE. Hehe.


  4. coinlockersbaby it really is great to watch older footage of H!P members as you can really reflect on how much they have/ haven't changed. Sayu's huge mirror! LOL. Heheh having that huge mirror was an early clue as to what it takes to be cute all the time. 🙂 My favorite part of the Gen 6 auditions was when they announced to them that the 3 of them had won. They were sitting in those chairs side by side and it looked like someone had just told them that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren't real! lol. It looked like they were being sent to detention. The seconds passed and yet there was no reaction for the longest time. That was too funny!


  5. Yeah! I watched it with no subtitles so I had to understand everything based on actions and reactions…since they had no reaction at first and I knew less Japanese then than I do now, I was SO confused as to what was going on in that part at first. XD


  6. coinlockersbaby it was almost bizarre to see them react like that. lol. Watching this would make most think that they were being disqualified or sent home from the auditions. I remember that they showed the 3 of them this clip a few years later and you can see how they were kind of embarrassed as they watched it! Tanaka who lets out a few tears later in that announcement clip tries hard to explain why they reacted that way but no one was believing her too much. lol. I was thinking though that after all of the pressure that gets put on them while they're taking dance and singing lessons that maybe that's part of why they reacted that way. A sort of sigh of relief within disbelief. You know those incredibly mean…uh I mean strict teachers! Yikes! Sometimes I wonder how any of them survived all of that! It seems that they make everyone cry at some time or other unless your Gocchin who probably would kick the teachers butt! lol. But there's soo much pressure and a lot of harsh words being directed at them while they learn the art of being an idol. When I watch this footage it makes me tear up a bit too and I'm not even being scolded! 😦


  7. Yeah, they were just very young girls at the time, and since they hadn't already been chosen to become idols, it was kind of surprising that they were being pushed so hard. But every audition/competition for singers that I've seen on TV pushes the participants that hard – it's just hard to see 13-year-old girls having to go through that kind of pressure!


  8. paul.thomas says:

    Sayumi's ability to be completely useless at most things athletic, for me just adds to her charm. When you sit down and watch her try it makes for some really funny moments. I haven't seen thisvideo before, I'll have to keep an eye out for it, I think the earliest footage I've seen of the 6th Gen is their Hello! X2 DVD.


  9. zdorama says:

    Regarding Sayu…


  10. I'm probably just as athletically useless as Sayu, then. Gym was always my lowest mark and I just felt awkward trying to play sports…thank god they don't make you take it all through high school!
    (On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I at least sing better than Sayu. XD)


  11. coinlockersbaby you're absolutely right, when I think about any audition/ competition for singers they are pushed really hard all the time. In fact in any kind of competition on t.v. harsh words and strictness is the norm. Even when it comes to cooking! :O But seeing potential new members audition for Momusu and the actual training that they go through once they've been chosen seems so harsh on them. But I guess it really does work as we all get to see new members blossom into confident idols. Hard work + dedication + perseverance + cuteness= A happy idol. 🙂


  12. Paul that's a good point you make! It does make up part of Sayu's charm and yes! there are a lot of funny Sayu moments! She tries really hard and you have to love her for that too. I was so excited to see this DVD on Ohta's eBay store! It's amazing how he finds so much rare items. And speaking of that "Hello! X 2" DVD…I haven't watched it since it was released back in 2003. Time to take it off the shelf and give it another viewing. Now that I know them well It'll be much more enjoyable.


  13. zdorama these are great memories of Momusu and I'm glad that I was there to witness your on and off and on and off and on and off heheh…love affair with them. 🙂 These are very specific members and things that got you into them each time and I can see how all of these would do it. Ayappe, she really was the cutest in the group and then I got Nacchi on the brain! lol. It's still a bit shocking that she left right after their most successful single ever. I guess who could've known at the time. Those "Heso" episodes were really great! Some of the best games that Momusu ever played is in those episodes. And with Yossi, Rikachan, Aibon, & Nono all being so new to the group at the time it made for some really entertaining episodes. These are timeless clips and you can watch them today and they're as good as they were back then. When Rikachan released her 2nd shashinshuu she really did take cuteness to a whole new level! Are you still getting your necessary dose of "Rikaishite onnanoko" ? 🙂 Shigechan's Futarigoto episode. In a word it's legendary!! Her personality just leaped out in those episodes and she was by far the most fun to watch in those episodes where each member got to do one. Shigechan's episodes are the most energized with a frenzy of non stop cuteness! And yes when she starts singing her audition song "Akai freesia" it's the most adorable thing. And she really goes all out! Plus all of those things that she was talking about such as her "future child" and heheh all of those hair ties! At that time it was almost like we were witnessing an out of body experience. I mean we never saw her so candid in all of the H!M episodes that were airing at that time. Shigechan's charm, charisma, and real personality exploded on the screen in those episodes! Thank you for sharing these Momusu memories! It really takes me back. 🙂 I'm also happy to hear that Sayu is still a favorite in your heart.


  14. Sayu's singing…Ouch! Poor Sayu.


  15. zdorama says:

    Hahahah, yeah, I remember at the time, your summation of Shigechan's ditzy personality was "The Astronaut"! Yep, spacey was the only way to describe it!


  16. zdorama "The Astronaut" lol I nearly forgot about that! She and Kamei were the space cadets back then. Best buddies and so funny when you got them together. But Shigechan was definitely the pilot flying the spacecraft! Her future daughter!? lol. I'm glad that we got to go there together at least that one time. The Hello! Project Information Village in Waikiki here in Hawaii was really something special. Saburo and I would go there every few weeks so that I could check for new pics and merchandise and we had no idea that it would close. I miss that store! I'd spend about $100 every time I visited so maybe they miss me too. lol. The fact that you bought a Sayu set of pics says it all. "The Manpower!!!" PV is still one of the absolute best music videos that Momusu has ever released. The toga outfits are still my favorite! They look so amazing in them. The first time I heard this single I thought it was strange but by next day or so it had grown on me too! I'm with you on this song, "The Manpower!!!" rocks!


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