"Sukeban Deka Codename Asamiya Saki" was finally released as a domestic release here in the U.S. last week Tuesday. What's great about a domestic release is the significantly lower price as well as subtitled special features, something that is pretty much non existent on the Japanese release versions. I ordered my copy through Amazon.com and it arrived last week in time for a viewing this past weekend. Matsuura Aya (Ayaya) is the fourth actress to play the lead role of Asamiya Saki and this film also stars Biyuuden's Ishikawa Rika (Charmy) as Ayaya's arch nemesis Akiyama Reika, Okada Yui as a bullied student Konno Tae, and Miyoshi Erika as Yuichan's best friend Kanda Kotomi. The U.S. release has been renamed "Yo Yo Girl Cop" but don't let the title fool or discourage you from seeing this film. A lot of times when titles are redone in English something gets lost in the translation.

Without spoiling anything for someone who hasn't seen this film yet, the story is basically about a growing terrorist plot which the police are unable to solve giving them no choice but to turn to the troubled daughter of the original Sukeban Deka giving her the choice of either cooperating with the government and investigating as an undercover agent or have her mother remain in custody in America facing espionage charges with the government doing nothing to negotiate for her release. The only clue they have to go on is an underground website named "Enola Gay" which has begun a countdown to an unknown horror. With ass kicking martial arts skills and a deadly yo yo, Ayaya investigates Seisen Academy.

Okay I know what you're probably thinking…deadly yo yo?! But this really does work! I was kind of wondering if this film would be too over the top but it really isn't at all and in fact this film is driven with a serious edge and heart with a good dash of humor too. I won't give anything away it's too funny! But it's also filmed in kind of a dark way at times and I give the director credit for doing that. The action sequences are filmed very well with flair and style along with good special effects while maybe a couple of explosions could have been done a bit better, really it isn't anything to complain about after you've watched this entire film. I'm not talking awards or anything as this film is what it is, an action film and if you're looking for great entertainment then I recommend this movie.

H!P fans or more specifically Ayaya, Charmy, & Biyuuden fans are in for a real treat with this action film. Who wouldn't want to see Ayaya kicking some serious butt while dressed in seifuku or cool looking armor gear? The director didn't hold back either in capturing a realness with the graphic violence as well as the language used. You've never heard Ayaya swear like this ever! She curses and dishes out the pain! Rikachan is most impressive too playing Ayaya's main rival! One of the cutest villains ever in cinema history. 🙂 Rikachan looks smoldering and plays the role to perfection! And with her extremely cute "anime" voice she's also a delight for the ears. That combination is pure magic and she will have some wishing that it was them who were getting their butts kicked by Rikachan. lol. Absolutely smoldering I kid you not! Ayaya not to be outdone is equally as great in her starring role where her powerful demeanor heats up the screen. Even a bloody Ayaya is ultra cute! With good no nonsense pacing this film will hold your interest and when Ayaya and Charmy go head to head all of that action and cuteness flood the screen. Heheh check out Charmy giving Ayaya a couple of good kicks in a few pics below.

As an added bonus this film's theme song is GAM's single "Thanks!" and the special features include a making of segment which is also subtitled in English. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did!


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6 Responses to スケバン刑事コードネーム=麻宮サキ

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Lol, I need to start practicing some self restraint, I knew this was being released with english subtitles, but I couldn't resist buying it a couple of weeks ago, when I noticed the Japan Centre had a copy on it's shelves.I've yet to watch all of it, so far I think I've managed about 20-30 mins, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and watch anything lately, the DVDs are piling up. It goes as far back as Nacchi's Alo Hello DVD, of which I think I've watched about 3 quarters.But from what I've seen of Sukeban Deka, it does look like it's going to be a good watch, the opening sequence is good, as the introduction of Ayaya's character. Although the acting at the start isn't the greatest, not of the main cast, but the really bad American actress at the start who brings in Ayaya. I can't remember much from that scene, but I think it was her refusing a sandwich really badly.I'm really glad that kept Extras on the DVD and that they subtitled them. On the Japanese release, I think it comes with a making of, trailers and tv spots and a couple of extra things that I haven't watched.I'm looking forward to watching Ayaya and Rika going at it!!


  2. Hotaru says:

    Thank you for the summary! I really want to see this movie now….especially a butt kicking Ayaya!


  3. Saburo says:

    I thought this movie was great, dumb fun. I saw it in a packed house during last year's Honolulu International Film Festival with a unlike mix of otaku J-pop fans and middle-aged art house cinema buffs. The showing was delayed until 10:00 PM but nobody left to go home.
    No spoilers (at least until everybody else has seen it) but when the time came for the inevitable Ayaya v. Charmy battle (which has frankly been screencapped to death, rendering the moment anything but a surprise) the theater crowd I was with simply erupted. Great group experience.
    I've mentioned it elsewhere but this is very likely the best H!P movie ever, theatrical or TV. It had the budget to create a distinct, attractive look (no room for Charmy's dominatrix outfit in "Pinch Runner") and didn't feel the need to inflate the cast with Hello!Projectness, thus alienating the "mainstream" (On the other hand, I WOULD have loved to see a kettei-tomoesen between Ayaya, Charmy and Mikitty).


  4. Paul, wow it sounds like you've got a lot of DVDs to catch up on! You need a H!P/Sukeban deka vacation!! No leaving the house, just lots of viewing time until people around you start to get worried. lol. I don't blame you for buying it a little bit early before the subtitled version was released as I would've been tempted too if I just saw it there on the shelf saying buy me! Hmm I'm wondering if perhaps you should get the subtitled version before going any further as it will much more enjoyable. You have to know what kind of fierce language is being used between Ayaya and Charmy as they insult and piss each other off! lol. Ayaya even swears at least once in English using a really bad word! I wonder if she knows what it means. Heheh but really I think you may want to consider getting the subtitled version first as it'll really enhance your viewing/ listening experience a lot more. Visually though just seeing Ayaya and Charmy battle each other is worth the price of admission! 🙂


  5. Hotaru you might want to check Amazon.com as they're price is quite reasonable and a lot less than the price of the Japanese version which wasn't subtitled. They ship really quick too! Yes all of the butt kicking going on in this film make it well worth it. And especially when it's being dished out by the normally very sweet and kind Ayaya along with Charmy with her incredibly cute voice saying bad things and trying to destroy said "sweet" Ayaya. lol. I think this DVD is any H!P fans must have movie.


  6. Saburo Yes no other H!P movie or t.v. movie even comes close to Sukeban Deka. It is indeed in another class entirely! Sounds like a great experience seeing it in a packed theater! That's a good point as they only had 5 H!P members cast in this film which kept it from possibly becoming a H!P fan only movie. In case anyone is wondering who the fifth H!P member in the movie is as I didn't mention her above due the very small part. It's Melon Kinenbi's most wild member Ohtani Masae who appears briefly.


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