C-ute’s めぐる恋の季節 Regular Edition CD.

While I received C-ute's limited edition of this single recently I really wanted the regular edition after seeing how much better the cover looked. If you take a look at the previous post about the limited edition CD I think you'll agree that this cover looks about a thousand times better. The colors are more vibrant and the girl's outfits and poses are much c-uter! Luckily the first pressing was still available as it comes with an alternate jacket (above on the right) with a picture that looks Christmasy. As Christmas merchandise goes on sale what seems like earlier and earlier each year I think it's great that C-ute is getting people into the Christmas spirit in July! 🙂 The background is wintery with little snowflakes falling around them and there's even a little snowman in the top right corner. At a glance Kanna's red shirt makes it look like Chisatochan is wearing a Santa hat. 🙂 On the cover it becomes evident that Airichan doesn't even need to smile to look c-ute and Erikachan is beginning to really tower over everyone else in the group much like Yurinachan does in Berryz Koubou although Maasa is pretty close to her height right now. I wish there were a way of knowing what the different covers will look like when preordering as that information is usually not available right away. This one was definitely worth getting!

Here is a scan of the entire outer jacket. Maimai has such a cute look on her face while Airichan looks like she's thinking…"I know." And it's true!

This is what the inner jacket picture looks like and this picture could easily have been the cover although the cover pic is still c-uter. Maybe they should have used this picture for the limited edition as it's definitely nicer than that cover. By now I guess you can tell that I don't really care for the limited edition's cover. lol. The DVD with the "Close-up ver." of their PV makes that edition a must have though. I'm thinking that Nakki wanted to push Airichan off of her stool so that she could sit down. lol. Just kidding! But Nakki did say in an interview that she views Airichan as her rival. Friendly rival! 🙂

And lastly a scan of the bonus jacket that you get with the first pressing of the regular edition single. C-ute says that it's time to start your Christmas shopping! Maimichan always looks incredible!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to C-ute’s めぐる恋の季節 Regular Edition CD.

  1. Hotaru says:

    They all look very cute! It looks like they were doing a "Christmas in July" sort of thing, but I could be wrong, who knows.


  2. Hotaru "Christmas in July" sounds right and I thought they were just reminding us to start Christmas shopping early this year. 😛


  3. coinlockersbaby you know I never thought about that. "Kisetsu." It all makes sense now. 🙂 I guess I'm so used to the covers not being related to the songs like you say, that it never dawned on me that they were actually related this time. I was kind of hoping that the PV for "Munasawagi Scarlet" would have them playing tennis or something. That would have been a nice thing plus it would have made Risakochan very happy!


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