Someone has some H!P playing cards!

Paul found this incredible image and kindly posted a link here. Now unlike the previous set which were actually photographs this one looks to be a deck of professionally made playing cards. One thing that makes me believe that it's fan made besides the choice of pictures is that members that left a long time ago such as Ishiguro Aya, Ichii Sayaka, Rinne, and Heike Michiyo are included in this deck along with Koharuchan. It looks like the "All For One & One For All!" release was used for most of the pics on these cards. It's amazing how in just 3 years the members of Berryz Koubou and C-ute have changed so much! They're looks have really matured quickly. Chinamichan's hair was still long, Maimichan's looks haven't quite blossed yet, and when it comes to Miya, she always stood out. The lighter hair color really suited her well back then. Kamei and Gakisan…kawaii! I guess some things never change. As you can tell I haven't looked at the booklet which came with the H!P All Stars release for quite awhile. This hard cover 100 page book is still one of the best first press bonuses that H!P has ever released! Too bad we way not see a bonus like this again. Maybe it cost them too much to produce. As for these playing cards I'd like to buy a deck! Paul thank you for sharing this pic!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to Someone has some H!P playing cards!

  1. So, this deck is for real?


  2. Dark Knightingale it could be fan made or perhaps just a computer image. I don't think it's an official product from H!P as the combination of pics seems a bit odd as well as the inclusion of members who have left H!P long ago along with a newer member like Koharuchan. In any case it looks really great! I wonder if there's a place that'll make cards for you if you just supply the pictures.


  3. I'm sure there's a place somewhere that could do that… Maybe you could take the pictures to a printer, such as Kinko's, and have a set made. -Might be worth looking in to…! I mean, suppose you were able to meet them at an autograph signing, (or a concert, or something) and were to show them such a cool deck of cards you had made of them. I think they would like that!


  4. Dark Knightingale after thinking about it the one thing that I wonder about is that although it's just a deck of cards and something not being sold to anyone there is the issue of picture rights. I think it needs to be fan made but who can make their own cards? But it does appear as though someone did above.


  5. Picture rights… -You're absolutely right, but look at Vox, which kindly allows us to post and share whatever pictures (and other…) we're able to get our hands on, and without financial gain… (COOL thing, right?)
    #1: I can't think of ANY good artist who would object to a fans flattering, and FREE presentation of them. Successful artists know that they are nothing without their fans, and good exposure is good exposure.
    How could an artist ever be upset over receiving a fans free advertising for them? -I would not have known of any of these artists here, if you had not caringly posted such nice things about them.
    #2: On the other hand, maybe they wouldn't appreciate their "squeeky-clean" image being lent, associated or advertised, in a gambling capacity, which is respectable.
    #3: -One could always just ask them their thoughts… -What good celebrity would just totally ignore their reasonable fans requests? -Send them a fan letter, through their management agency, or post your request through their online fan site (if they have one…)


  6. -Some of us do kewl things merely because we love our artists, and the things they put out for us!
    For someone to appreciate, and love an artists work sooo much that we're willing to talk to our friends and aquaintances about them, or even create something in tribute to them should be considered as flattering and free advertising, rather than "stealing".
    I make NO money from posting good about anyone…
    (-Hell, my own music doesn't really make money…!)
    -But, it makes me feel good to share my perspective of their greatness with others.
    Generated interest generally = increased sales and free exposure for them.
    -How could it possibly be so bad, when a flattering service was done for free, and paid this fan nothing?


  7. Let me give you, what I think is a good example:
    For example, I've blogged, twice, about a fellow Vox member who calles herself "ClaudiaJessie"… -And, both times, I asked her for, and received, her permission to do so. (Now, I understand that some REALLY FAMOUS artists are harder to get in touch with…., but, that's besides the point I'm trying to make…)
    The point is, this particular artist seems to understand when someone appreciated her music so well he'd want to post about it, and FOR FREE..,
    -And, she found it to be most flattering, which was my good intent. -I felt that she deserved my recognition for her good, and original musical efforts, and she seems to understand my innocent, and good efforts in promoting her good works like that.
    + I, in NO way "ripped her off", and she knows it. I merely showed her some of my appreciation of her good efforts by sharing a little bit of her with EVERYONE I know who respected my thoughts, enough, to listen to my thoughts about her and her works.
    -And she's flattered, and appreciative of this particular good deed of mine.
    I guess that what I'm saying is that if you love an artist enough to do something creative with, or about them, AND for free, then why shouldn't we? Reasonable people would acknowledge a good deed, THen maybe think of a mutually-prosperous venture, which could profit both contributing members to the good thought.
    -It's ALL good in the end results….


  8. Dark Knightingale you make a good point about picture rights. And yes it has nothing to do with financial gain as it's just a fan's love for a group. I guess fan sites are kind of like a form of free advertising and that's all positive! That's really great that you supported a friend a Vox! And fan sites probably do help generate sales. Still I wonder if making something like this is possible. lol.


  9. Sure it is! -All you need is glossy paper of proper thickness, and a really nice printer. If you have the pictures you want to use, and really want to make a nice set of your own, once again, I'd recommend Kinko's. I'm sure they could do a very nice job on it!


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