Someone’s created their own H!P playing cards!

Thank you Craig for getting this pic to me! Awhile ago we had a conversation about which members should represent particular cards in the deck after seeing a picture of one of them. I was wondering who was made to be the Ace of Spades. And upon seeing this, Yukosan is absolutely perfect! This is really a great idea! Turning your H!P pics into playing cards. Whoever did this is really onto something. I think that H!P should release official playing cards. It'll be a great seller I'd imagine. Who wouldn't want to be dealt the Joker with Chinami on it?! I'd pick her for the Joker and the 2nd Joker card would have Yurinachan on it because Yurinachan and Chinami are Berryz Koubou's top jokesters earning them those 2 great cards in the deck. Other notable cards would include: Aichan on the Ace of Hearts because she's the ace in my heart lol, Risakochan on the Queen of Hearts because she's soo adorable that she'll steal your heart 🙂 and Yukosan has the Ace of Spades so Mikitty will be on the Queen of Spades. Cards anyone?

This picture really is amazing! I mean look at the zillion copies of C-ute's new single in both limited and regular editions! I only ordered one of each edition. lol.  

Even Rin Rin and Jun Jun are represented above on the 9 and 10 of clubs! That's a cute picture of Rin Rin! Now for a game of 5 card draw and Aibon and Nono's are wild. Ante up! 🙂

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13 Responses to Someone’s created their own H!P playing cards!

  1. kalinkross says:

    Now this deserves a great big.. WANT!


  2. paul.thomas says:

    That's really cool, although I'd be far to worried about getting finger prints on them on all if ever they were used. But the idea of a deck of cards featuring H!P members is a great idea, the fun they could have with it, I'd imagine if they sat down and done it properly, certain costumes for certain decks, getting them to dress up as the Jack/King/Queen/Joker it would make for a really amazing set with some great photos, they really need to release an official deck!!The amount of copies of Meguru Koi no Kisetsu in the photo are amazing, that must have cost so much!


  3. Hotaru says:

    Wow! Thats awesome! Now I'm really interested in a Hello! Project Playing Card Deck…


  4. kalinkross it'd be a great seller no doubt. Maybe one of us needs to make them ourselves. lol.


  5. Paul that's why you need to buy 2 decks at least. Heheh one to play with and one to preserve! You can give all your friends a deck for Christmas! lol. Some of them might be like…"what the…" and some may say "kawaii!" I didn't even consider the possibilities if you used different outfits for a variety of decks! There would be like a 20 different decks. lol. Collect them all! And you could make decks with just one featured member and as you say they can dress up in different costumes representing the King, Queen, and Jack and…hmmm how do you dress up as a number?:P Oh oh now there'd be like 50 or so different decks to choose from! I'd like a Kamei, Koharu, Risako, Momo, and Maimi deck first. And when Christmas rolls around you could have a limited edition Risakochan Santa Claus deck! And a Tsunku deck…heheh just kidding! But you know he'd want one so he can try and one up the girls! lol.


  6. Dark Knightingale I'd send you a deck for Christmas! 🙂 Now if only they existed. H!P are you listening?! Tsunku needs a new sports car and another wing on the house and this will get it for him! lol.


  7. Hotaru there must be a specialty store that'd make these for us. But then they'd be like…"who are these girls?"…and we'd be like…"Uhhh…just some friends"…and they'd be like…"sure they are…" Okay it looks like they need to be made in someone's basement. lol. I don't even have a basement. 😛


  8. Sounds good! –Hope they come out with them!


  9. paul.thomas says: Was browsing the MMUK forum and noticed that someone had posted this up.


  10. Wow! Paul these look professionally done! Those other ones were made from H!P pictures but these are really cards. I wonder where they came from. The choice of pics and the fact that Heike Michiyo, Rinne, and Ishiguro Aya are in this deck along with Koharuchan makes them seem fan made. They look really well done! I want to buy a deck! It's funny that Kei and Michiyo are the Jokers. lol. I'd still opt for Yurinachan & Chinamichan instead and I'd like Yuko as the Ace of Spades. Does anyone know how to make custom playing cards? This is such a great idea! H!P should really make these and watch them sell like crazy!


  11. paul.thomas says:

    I was just searching eBay and stumbled across some H!P playing cards! And they look to be official decks as well. They look to be about 4 years old, but they still look great, they should really release a more up to date set.H!P Playing Cards


  12. Paul I just saw them on your blog! It's amazing that something like this actually exists! And 3 different decks! I imagine that they must have sold well so an updated deck shouldn't be too much of a stretch for them to produce. I do wonder though if I would actually use them…ah I think you would have to! I want to buy one and even though it'll be the most expensive deck of playing cards that I ever buy it'll be totally worth it! You find the most amazing things while searching the web!


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