Before she ruled the Oricon: 浜崎あゆみ in Up to boy.

While I’m still going through my old issues of Up to boy looking for those Hamasaki Ayumi mizugi pics I did manage to find a really cute photo shoot of her from the April 1996 issue of Up to boy. Before she began her music career Ayu was an idol active in t.v. dramas. These are really cute pics of her especially the first one where she’s making that funny expression looking out of a vehicle’s window. You gotta love that! Below I scanned her 6 page article. On the cover is Enomoto Kanako who was one of the first idols who really caught my eye!

Up to boy used to also have a feature back then called “Lets Invade! ——–‘s Room.” It was pretty funny as a different idol would be featured in each issue and along with some pics of the room there would even be a map showing where different furniture and objects are located. Then the idol would reveal some of her interests, hobbies, etc. This issue features Sakurai Ayumi’s room. “Let’s Invade! Ayumi’s Room.” lol.

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12 Responses to Before she ruled the Oricon: 浜崎あゆみ in Up to boy.

  1. Kaz says:

    haha this is a cool concept mag :)) even the name is so different


  2. kalinkross says:

    wow, awesome. She looks soooooo young, and so very different than what she looks like now.


  3. Hotaru says:

    Ayumi's so cute! She looks amazingly different…but thats probably due to plastic surgery…


  4. Chiakii says:

    Is it just me, or does young Ayu look a little like a cross between Ichii and Yaguchi Mari (when they joined, anyway) in that shot where she's looking the mirror?Also, is it just me, or do all pre-career idols ALWAYS somewhat resemble Ishiguro Aya in some way?


  5. Kaz Up to boy is a strange sounding name for a magazine or anything for that matter. I have no idea what it's supposed to This magazine has gone through a lot of changes through the years but it remains as one of the best if not the best idol magazines out there!


  6. Kalinkross back when I bought this issue I had no idea who she even was. The only reason I remember her being in old issues of Up to boy is because of her last name. But we're not related. lol.


  7. Hotaru I wonder if she's had any done. I'm really bad at telling if a person has had any work done. I guess I always figured that she just grew up into her present beautiful self. lol.


  8. Chiakii now that you mention it there is some Marippe and Sayaka in her looks in that picture. I'm trying to morph them in my mind. lol. Yes it's them…I mean her.Ayappe! now that's some high praise to pre-career idols everywhere! Ayappe has such a wonderful look. Has me thinking…mmm cute! Who could've know that she was such a big Luna Sea fan!


  9. paul.thomas says:

    The feature "Lets Invade! ——–'s Room." is such a great idea! I would really like them to start it up again. It's a really interesting feature. I remember watching an Idol DVD awhile back (think it may have been a Chinatsu Wakatsuki DVD but I'm not to sure) and one of the sections was a tour around her home, I was really surprised to see how small it was. It's a nice feature and reminds me of a show that was on TV ages ago in the UK, 'Through the Key Hole' basically a quiz show where you'd tour a famous persons house and then the contestants had to guess who lived there by asking yes/no questions. With the DVD included with Up to Boy it could be an added feature, each issue an Idol could take you on a tour around their home, would be a great insight into that particular idol…if slightly stalkerish, lol!


  10. Paul I too wish that they'd bring back this feature but it's been gone for quite awhile. It was a long running feature in the magazine though. That's an interesting sounding show that you had in the UK! It's quite an original idea. Heheh sounds like you should be working at Wani and guiding them in some new directions with new features. With the DVD feature there are so many possibilities! That would be a great feature if it was done in the right way. Well for now I can only look at the idols' rooms that they've "invaded" in the past. lol.


  11. mikeymikez says:

    Let’s Invade – MBchan’s Room! 😮 lol

    I saw some of her bikini pics before. A little plumper then, but cute. Your “sister” is awesome! 😛


    • Oh it’s tiny… may get claustrophobic!! For newer fans of Ayu it may seem so unlikely that she would have started out so idol~y and just seeing her stature now in music and entertainment =). If only we were related!!…but it’s just our last names (人∀`*)....


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