Kindai, looking back almost 10 years…

While going through a couple of stacks of old Up to boy issues trying to find those Hamasaki Ayumi's bikini pics, at the bottom of one stack were some old issues of Kindai magazine. Kindai has always been a puzzling magazine to me as they feature both female and male idols in their issues. Makes me wonder what the target audience is. While glancing at the covers this one immediately got my attention and I had to laugh a bit. The cover of the January 1998 issue has some familiar faces on it! Faces that I didn't know back then but are very familiar to me now! 3/5th's of Arashi and 1/2 of Tackey & Tsubasa are on the cover along with another guy whom I haven't the faintest idea of who he is. lol. Sakurai Sho is featured inside the issue but for some reason there's no sign of Riida. Where's Ohno Satoshi? Future leader where are you?

This Christmas issue has a bunch of articles on all of them plus other familiar faces such as Okina Megumi, Max, Speed, Hirosue Ryoko, Hinagata Akiko, Yoshikawa Hinano, Tomosaka Rie, Matsumoto Megumi, and Enomoto Kanako to name a few. Hirosue Ryoko used to appear in what seemed like 90% of all idol magazines back then, usually on the cover and I never understood why. It wasn't until a bit later that I got it and really began liking her looks and personality. I loved it when she started to release music and I bought all of her albums and her PV and concert releases. I love the sound of her voice as it's gentle, sweet, and soothing to listen to. She's also a good actress and along with her numerous t.v. dramas has also done some notable movies including "Wasabi" in which she starred alongside Jean Reno.

Kindai magazine has changed it's look over the years as they used to feature pull out poster and this issue includes a giant 2 sided one of Hirosue Ryoko. One thing hasn't changed though as they still feature both female and male idols in their pages and this is the reason that I still find this publication to be a bit wacky. I've taken a few pics and scanned a few pages from this issue. Fellow Arashi fans and Tackey & Tsubasa fans might get a kick out of this! Before they were (really) famous!

Heheh on the far right is the future star of "Letters From Iwojima." 

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