H!P gone wild Vol. 5

I thought that Volume 4 would be the last in the series but apparently Kaorin thought this series should be continued. 😛

A couple of days ago I first read this news on Hotaru's Blog and Chiakii's Vox Blog about Kaorin's pregnancy. Kaorin had really fell off the edge of the earth or at least H!P's planet. Being part of the 10th anniversary group had Kaorin back in the spotlight and with their 2nd single being released next month and an actual tour going on which I wasn't aware of until Saburo mentioned it yesterday this comes at a most unfortunate time. Unfortunate, if she wants to continue in the music entertainment business but I guess I wouldn't use that word if she's truly happy with this new development in her life and that it was planned. I can't imagine it being planned though but she is getting married so who knows. I wish her the best and hope that this is what she truly wants.

Now how about the effect on the 10th anniversary group. There's always an after effect and if she needs to be replaced in this group who will they pick? With Kaorin being a part of the 1st generation I would think that Yukosan would be the obvious and best choice period. Saburo mentioned that people online are mentioning Kei's name but that would be wrong wrong wrong. No offense to Kei but Yukosan would make way more sense and blend in with the group a lot better. Of course they could decide to not replace her and in that case that'll be okay too. This is such sudden news and I'd imagine that an announcement will be coming soon. Just have to wait and see.

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4 Responses to H!P gone wild Vol. 5

  1. Hotaru says:

    I just hope that if Kaori-san gets replaced, the replacement wont be like "Meh…." like Abebe.


  2. With their 2nd single being released soon they will probably have to rush with this decision. I'm figuring that the song is already recorded and quite possibly the PV is already shot so it's going to be interesting as to what they decide to do. In any case I hope that the finished product doesn't look rushed. Maybe they'll keep her on the single and in the PV and just replace her for the tour. That could work okay too.


  3. Chiakii says:

    I'd love seeing Yuko in there, especially since she is THE original leader of Morning Musume. But man, I want some more Kei. Anywhere.


  4. You never know, you may just get more Kei if they decide to add her to this group. Outside of the recent "Uta Doki! Pop Classics" DVD releases she hasn't been seen much if at all. These DVD releases are good so it's great that she's a part of this series and I think that 2 more volumes are being released. I wonder if I'm the only one who bought these. LOL.


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