HM@ 6/24/07-”The one with the luck of Pokupon, flower dance, & Aichan wins a copy of herself.”


In today's episode the girls are at Jiyuugaoka in search of the most popular spots there. Shortly after leaving the station they encounter a funny looking yarn figure seated on a chair on the sidewalk. I've seen a teruterubozu but this is totally new to me! It's called a Pokupon and you can rub it like Buddha's head for good luck. Now while everyone could use a little luck the girls don't hold back in rubbing the little yarn man. lol. The yarn man isn't here for mere enjoyment…well maybe he is but there is an an actual store here called "Yo.Ro.Zu" that sells these Pokupon in a wide variety of sizes and styles!

It's HM@ so of course it's time to eat! Next stop is at Momi & Toys where their specialty is crepes and tapioca drinks. And yes since it's HM@ the girls have to pull straws to see who gets a treat and who doesn't. Gakisan, Kamei, and Tanakachi pull winning straws and celebrate in euphoria Aichan and Sayu look on in disbelief and disappointment. Kamei is so wonderful as she points out that it was the Pokupon that they encountered earlier that is responsible for her luck! lol. And thanks it! Watching Kamei eat is happiness…Gakisan too…and Tanakachi has the best reaction of all as she lets out an "EH!" Must be wonderful crepes!

Next stop Engiya a shop that sells a very impressive selection of specialty craft (for lack of a better description) items. Some of which are quite pricey! These are very original and well made items as you will witness as you watch this episode. Aichan and Sayu are appointed to go head to head in drawing straws against one another in a batsu like game as they are the 2 members who didn't get to eat crepes at the last stop. Sayu draws lucky but Aichan doesn't have the luck of the Pokupon…or does she. After selecting an item in the shop she is presented 2 cream puff desserts, one with a good filling and one with a filling that will…well probably make you ill! Luckily she has the blessing of the Pokupon and she picks correctly. Whew! Out of being curious Tanakachi opens up the other cream puff and smells it and we get a great "kusai!" reaction out of her! Aichan checks it and agrees! Batsu games can be cruel! :O

It's on to the next popular spot. "Ke:miyu" is all about pudding! We get a look into the method of creating these sweets and then Sayu and Tanakachi each get to try a piece. It's declared to be dessert "genius." lol.

Now the next stop of interest really hits home! "Na Hoku O Kahealani" is a Hawaiian hula dance studio or as the Japanese like to call it "flower dance." The girls enter during a dance lesson with 9 kids and get a funny greeting from Tanya who's a dance instructor here. It could be the bunny ears that they're wearing all the time! lol. After getting dressed in proper Hawaiian styled skirts it's time for the lesson to begin. The little King declares Aichan the best as they practice hip and step patterns. Although the girls say that they haven't yet memorized the movements the King says it's time for a test. Tanakachi even tries the old stomach ailment excuse to try to get out of it but the King will have none of that! lol. They dance to the song "Pineapple Princess" and the King who appears to be judging this competition tells Sayu that she's  the worst and Sayu replies that her smile is the best amongst them which makes up for her dancing! lol. After the dance test if over even one of the kids has some praise for their efforts! It's no shock as the King picks  Aichan as the winner as his early praise of her would indicate. In their PVs and concerts Aichan does look to be the best dancer among the group. Just my observation and opinion. But really if you watch constructively I think that you'll agree. She's so natural in her movements.

Now for the most entertaining stop on today's episode. "Sokkuri Nuigurumi." As the girls approach they are greeted by some interesting looking dolls which sit just outside and are further greeted inside by wall to wall lifelike dolls! They have a distinct style which is their realistic appearance. Some are based on real life people and there's even a "baby face" line of dolls which amaze Tanakachi and Aichan with their realistic weight and feel! As a gift for winning the flower dance competition earlier Aichan is presented with a doll made with her likeness!! Complete with the bunny ears accessory that they've been wearing on this show! It retails for 26250 yen! Tanakachi can be seen bouncing in the back while voicing her jealousy! lol. This doll is pretty remarkable! Kind of reminds me of the Sgt. Pepper dolls. I got this set as a gift awhile back and foolishly got rid of the stage. Doh! What was I thinking?! Anyway I still have the Beatles dolls which are really well made with their cool Sgt. Pepper outfits. I wonder if they have dolls resembling all of the members. Aichan just won that challenge and it seems so quick to have a doll made of her already! Perhaps the King tipped them off! lol. In any case they would be really great collector's items if you could have the whole group! Collect them all! 🙂 Aichan has a funny moment with herself…uh I mean the doll when she accidentally knocks the ears forward in her excitement. Now isn't that cute! Aichan with Aichan. 🙂

Now it's time for the let's learn about China segment with Koharuchan and Mitsii. Enter a chef who likes to yell! After startling the girls it's challenge time to create a special dish. After picking the ingredients Koharuchan begins by cutting the cabbage and then has a Koharuchan moment as she puts a bit of meat into the heated pan which splashes hot oil towards her getting an "itai itai itai itai…! reaction. Mitsii also gets a feel of the heat…"Atsui" as the chef looks on. Alas it's Kohachan and Mitsii's meat and vegetable stir fry special! The chef sees that there's been an error with the ingredients and that "suan miao" should have been used instead of the cabbage. This vegetable is long stalked and kind of resembles wide green onions. The chef is preparing a pork dish with the use of suan miao and various sauces and seasonings along with an assortment of complimentary vegetables to complete his stir fry masterpiece. Mitsii says it's nothing like cabbage and both declare it "delicious!" after the chef demands a reaction! lol! Talk about the pressure! 🙂

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2 Responses to HM@ 6/24/07-”The one with the luck of Pokupon, flower dance, & Aichan wins a copy of herself.”

  1. Hotaru says:

    I thought I commented on this earlier but it appears that I haven't! I actually saw this episode though, yay! I always get envious when I see the girls eating crepes, for I've never had one and they look really good. The dancing segment/part was the best, with that one little girl talking to the members. This was actually a pretty entertaining episode!


  2. Hotaru I haven't eaten a crepe either and the first time I wanted one was when I saw Fukakyon making them in the drama "to heart." I don't even like sweets but it still looks good. Of course when Kamei was eating one in an earlier episode and making a mess that took crepes to a whole new level for me! lol. That little girl was really outspoken! So adorable!


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