HM@-6/17/07 “The one with bunny lattes, Kamei’s bread,& Kohachan shows off her jianzi skills.”


Today's episode finds the girls in Kichijoji in search of some of the most popular spots. Absent are Koharuchan and Mitsii who'll appear later in the program as part of the ongoing let's learn about China segment. We begin at Kichijoji Station and the King quickly points their attention to the jumbo screen across the street which has a greeting message to HM. Kamei is carrying a basket and we'll find out about the use for its contents later in the show. First stop is at the sweets shop Petit Sier. Japanese really know how to make their sweets look appealing and no exception here. Gakisan enjoys an eclair, Sayu jokes that the raspberry on her cheese cake looks like caviar, and Kamei enjoys a cream cheese dessert. Kamei has such a cute way of speaking and as she tries her hand at describing her dessert she has a bit of a Kamei moment. 🙂 Due to time constraints we don't get to see the others eat and it's off to the next stop. lol.

The next popular spot is a store called Carnival which sells a large variety of food items as well as house wares which come in some pretty cute looking designs. It's game time and when the girls are told that they'll have 10 minutes to do some idol shopping Gakisan and Kamei have the funniest looks on their faces as they ask why. Gakisan quickly finds a cute heart plate and makes a set out of it while everyone else looks to be a bit unsure of what to purchase. As their time is up they gather back outside to present the King with their purchases to see who has won the challenge. Gakisan has her heart plate set which gets a warm reaction from the others. Aichan has purchased Bisquick, maple syrup, strawberry preserves, and has one of the most interesting items of anyone, a bib for the baby…uh King to wear! lol. Kamei looks to have underachieved with her purchase which includes Hershey's caramel syrup and caramel sauce. She tries defending her purchase but winning looks out of the question. Heheh. Tanakachi has purchased a chocolate fondue set, Skippy peanut butter, and a bag of Haribo gummy bears but is is Sayu who gets my attention with her purchase of a whole bunch of hot sauce!! If you remember in a earlier episode we learned that Sayu has a great love for the heat and she may have gone a bit overboard here. lol. My favorite one is Blair's Sudden Death sause which comes complete with a skull chained to the bottle and a warning on the label! The funniest thing about this is that Sayu thinks that there's something cute about these! lol. I would've picked Sayu as the winner but the King picks Gakisan as I guess her heart plate set really is the most fitting.

Next stop is at Medeo & Dine which is a cafe restaurant for some pretty amazing looking lattes! What a wonderful idea as they specialize in decorating your beverage with cute images of bunnies, hearts, and kittens made with cream just to name a few. The girls have great reactions as their beverages are brought out! We get a demonstration of how these cute cream toppings are drawn onto the top of your beverage by a real expert who makes it look amazingly easy! These designs are really great looking and you almost don't want to drink them!

Now it's on to an eatery called Iseya which has a long history and specializes in yakiniku and yakitori. Kamei who often is the spokesperson of the group on these trips asks which is most popular and the girls all get to try their hinadori which sell for 80 yen each. As you can imagine Tanakachi is very happy with this treat and everyone really enjoys them!

Animals and H!P have long been a great combination with some of the cutest and funniest reactions to date. Today's main attraction is Hanako a 60 year old elephant and the girls have a present for her which is what Kamei's been carrying with her in the basket. The basket contains bananas, bread, apples, peaches, and cherries. Each member gets to pick one as the game is to see which Hanako likes the best. Somehow they get to pick in the order they are standing at the moment from left to right and as Tanaka picks the apples first we get a great cute pouty reaction from Kamei who's on the far right signifying either that she wanted to pick the apples or that she knows she's going to be "picking" last. lol. 2nd is Sayu who picks the cherries, Aichan picks the bananas, Gakisan picks the peaches, and alas it's Kamei's "turn.". Heheh. After Gakisan picks the peaches she looks at Kamei with such a great expression on her face as she sees that Kamei is stuck with the bread! Kamei is now cracking up and declares hers the bread which is all that's left. LOL. Too cute!!! All of the treats and Kamei's bread are layed on the ground side by side and Hanako starts to approach them. Tanakachi wins as Hanako eats the apples first then it's Sayu's cherries, Gakisan's peaches, Aichan's bananas, and last…there's a brief moment when I was wondering if Hanako was going to even eat the bread. lol. Happily Hanako wraps up the bread neatly in her trunk and devours it in one bite. 🙂

Now it's time for Koharu's and Mitsii's Chinese corner!!! The main reason why you should be either getting this episode right now or watching it if you have it but haven't given a it look yet is this segment! Koharuchan gives us a demonstration of her skills with a soccer ball which doesn't last long as she fumbles with it and then kicks it away. lol. This should be rewound several times and rewatched for total amusement!. Koharuchan and Mitsii meet an expert of the "jianzi" in the gym as Koharuchan learns that the soccer ball won't be used for this hackey sack like game. It's really amazing to watch when performed with expertise! Koharuchan doesn't lack any confidence as she states that she can do this! and gives the jianzi a try. But after 2 tries resulting in only one kick each she stands defiantly with the pose of the day! This is soo cute that words can't even describe it! Adding insult to injury…lol…Koharuchan then has Mitsii cutely telling her that she can't do it and that 5 experts are now here to help. One of the guys points out how the side of the shoe is the best area to use due to it's large area and starts a demonstration which has the jianzi getting closer and closer to Koharuchan in the air causing her to let out a "Uwewewewe…" sound that's so funny and then as the jianzi flys towards her she starts to run away and hits it away with her shoulder. There's absolutely no way that I can describe this well enough to do its cuteness justice! You must see this entire segment to really appreciate how comical and cute Koharuchan is!! When they try kicking the jianzi back to each other and Koharuchan misses the 2nd time she lets out a "AaaaAAaaAaaa…!" that only Koharuchan can produce! It's a familiar sound that anyone who's watched H!M in the past will recognize. lol. Next is a team game where a volleyball type net is used and when Koharuchan receives a pass from her team mate she sends it straight into the middle of the net getting a triumphant gesture from Mitsii. Next Koharuchan calls to Mistii as she tries serving one over and she completely misses it with her foot! (see pics above for Koharchan's adventures with the jianzi!) A couple more bad practice kicks on the side by Koharuchan has Mitsii declaring her "no good" to the camera. lol. I found this to be the funniest segment on HM@ since the show's new shorter format started. (Kamei is still the holder of my all time favorite funny moments on this show's predecessor H!M.") It doesn't matter how much of a Koharuchan fan you are even if you don't like her much or are like me and absolutely love her, this is must see t.v. at its best! 🙂

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2 Responses to HM@-6/17/07 “The one with bunny lattes, Kamei’s bread,& Kohachan shows off her jianzi skills.”

  1. Hotaru says:

    I haven't seen this episode yet…! Theres an elephant? Thats special…poor Eri getting the last 'pick'….at least she made the best out it!


  2. Hotaru the elephant segment was really amusing. Seeing Kamei fold her arms with a slight cute pout when Tanakachi got to pick first from the basket is really great as well as the priceless look on her face and her body language when she "picks" last as there's only bread left! This will make you smile. 🙂 This episode is worth a look especially when you get to see Koharuchan with the soccer ball and jianzi!


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