Gakisan's Alo-Hello! opens up with quite a different feel from previous releases in the series as we get to walk with her from her arrival at Hawaii's Honolulu International Airport to cab ride to her hotel in a sequence that really gives the viewer a feeling of traveling with her. In the background I catch a glimpse of Byron's Drive Inn on Nimitz Highway which has been a long standing landmark on the island of Oahu for many years as Gakisan rides in a cab on her way towards Waikiki. They're on a part of Nimitz Highway that I drive on 5 days a week on my way to work which in someway seems surreal. Or perhaps just the thought that Gakisan was here! Gakisan is staying at the Waikiki Shore hotel and upon her arrival she cutely practices her English outside as she prepares to speak with the front desk. Here both Gakisan and I learn something about the way a woman wears flowers over her ear. I had known of the significance of the side in which it is worn but was never sure which side meant single and which side meant married. Gakisan is greeted at the front desk with a flower and while contemplating where to wear it gets an explanation of its significance. For anyone uneducated in its significance like me, right means single while left means married. 🙂 Continuing with this different approach we follow Gakisan through the lobby into the elevator and along the walkway to her one bedroom seaside suite. Gakisan has a great view of the beach!! One thing that you notice right away is how much of a pro Gakisan is as she naturally converses to the camera. The weather was really great when she was here too!

Next its time for a walk on the beach where an animated man from Argentina has a conversation with Gakisan about the water, weather, soccer, and her beauty. 🙂 It's great to watch as Gakisan's grasp of the English language is on display with amusing results.

It's time to shop for food and Gakisan visits a very familiar site that's been in the islands for a very long time, Times Super Market. It's cute how she talks to anyone who's passing by even if they aren't looking towards her. It's that feeling of aloha while in the islands and Gakisan's all about sharing the aloha. 🙂 She starts off in the produce section and is amazed by the size of the produce as she shops for ingredients for a salad. It's funny when she reads the Japanese cucumber sign and marvels at the size of the local cucumber compared to the Japanese one. Gakisan actually reads English pretty well even though she has lots of questions along the way. The most amusing moment in the market for me was seeing her try to reach the top shelf for some pasta and can goods as she can barely reach it. She sure grabbed a lot of items as the total comes out to about $116.

The next segment involves a visit with a psychic reader and with the help of a translator Gakisan gets a reading about her future and family. They specifically talk about work and according to the reader Gakisan will be involved in 3-5 different types of jobs and she'll be able to continue in the entertainment business for 9-13 years more if she chooses to. A future actress perhaps and the reader also mentions that he's sees her ability to make others laugh so I'm thinking Gakisan…the stand up comedian! 🙂 Back at her hotel room she enjoys a sunset from her balcony and Gakisan wearing that flower in her hair is absolutely stunning to look at and the sunset was beautiful too.

Now we're in the kitchen and it's time to see how she'll use all those ingredients she purchased at the supermarket. Starting off with the vegetables Gakisan cuts the lettuce, cucumber, and brocolli as she prepares a salad. While boiling the pasta she doesn't realize that leaving the cover on the pot will eventually cause the water to boil over and she has to make a quick move to the stove to turn down the heat. She has such a funny expression on her face as she asks the cameraman what happened. lol. Next she cuts the bell peppers and combines the clam sauce with the pasta which is now ready. After a taste she deems that it needs a bit more seasoning…and a bit more. I got a kick out of watching her taste the different sauce/juice from the can goods and various salad dressings with a spoon. I don't cook much but I've never seen someone do that before in that way and with this we get a cooking with Gakisan tip. lol. Now it's time to eat and Gakisan has made a quite nice presentation with her pasta along with her big salad! Hmm…I'm not sure how much she liked it but hmmm…I guess she enjoyed dinner.

Next there's a brief clip of Gakisan in the kitchen preparing a smoothie in a blender. I'm thinking Jamba Juice! Well we have blueberries, strawberries, and milk so far and there's something exciting about seeing an idol use a blender or maybe it's just Gakisan as she finds her happy place as the blender starts to go to work! I wish I could have captured all of the funny expressions on her face while doing this but I did get a couple of cute ones above. This whole little segment is shot in such a frantic and amusing way that the transition to her calmly walking out to the balcony table to enjoy her breakfast is a strange but good one. I call it good direction! Gakisan is dressed in a  beautiful white floral top as she enjoys her smoothie and a cereal that looks like Cheerios while enjoying yet another great weather day in Hawaii. I really like the way that Gakisan looks here as well as when she's shopping for gifts later in the program. She will have you mesmerized.

For anyone wondering if Gakisan was ever going to take her bikini out of her suitcase and hit the beach nows that time. The day now looks a bit overcast as Gakisan is playful with the camera as she wears a black bikini. Later she starts playing with a bubble maker which makes some rather large ones as my favorite non single track from Momusu's album "Rainbow Seven" plays in the background ("Aozora ga itsumademo tsuzuku youna miraide are!"). I love it when they perform this one in concert!

Of course Gakisan wasn't going to leave Hawaii without first getting a good scare from those wonderful producers at H!P. I'm thinking that with HM@ being kind of like a travel show now those producers heads must be filled with ideas of how to scare the girls but without any outlet for them. Enter the speed boat ride. With this green machine with all those teeth painted on the sides we know that we're in for something good! The boat is a pretty good sized one and when they speed up Gakisan starts freaking out! Something tells me that the driver of the boat used to race stock cars as he sure likes to turn left at high speeds! lol. The Gakisan freaking out meter reaches near its peak whenever said left turn is made and the producers help raise the viewers enjoyment level by supplying some simple graphics to show how the boat is turning while Gakisan screams. lol. At one point Gakisan declares that she "having a good time" and that prompts the driver to push the pedal down further reaching new heights of speed on the ocean as in a most amusing moment gets an "Oh my God!" from Gakisan which was pronounced perfectly! 🙂 Even the cameraman gets wet and I think I heard some of the other passengers screaming too! But wait there's more! As a bit of a joke there's a brief and I mean a very brief moment when the boat is cruising and Gakisan is able to take off her seat belt and actually stand for some relaxed shots…then it's right back to trying to scare the daylights out of her! See if you can find this pleasant moment in the pics above and remember it's really brief. lol. There's even some pleasant Hawaiian guitar playing in the background to help emphasize the moment. 🙂 Gakisan is now getting soaked from the ocean spray and where the terror factor stands now…think of all those roller coaster commercial segments on H!M in the past but with water. lol. This goes on for quite awhile and the shining moment for me and one of the highlights of this DVD occurs when between scares, Gakisan turns back towards the boat driver and shows him the fight sign as if to say stop messing with me! Don't blink or you'll miss it and it's extremely funny! (if you do miss it there's a pic of it above.) The post scare interview is great too as Gakisan tells us what a great time she had! 🙂 Sorry I couldn't tell with all the screaming! lol. 🙂

Back at her hotel room as the day winds down Gakisan has changed into a cute pink/reddish outfit as she talks about her experiences in Hawaii on this trip as the sun is nearly set. It's now night and Gakisan has a message to all the fans who are watching this DVD (and hopefully bought it! 🙂 ) After her message Gakisan sees an awesome fireworks display from her room's balcony which gives her a perfect view of it all!  After the fireworks finale we are treated to some fun out takes from this DVD including more blender fun cuteness. After the credits roll there's additional footage of Gakisan shopping for omiyage (gifts) for her fellow members in a tourist shop which is perhaps in the same hotel but I'm not sure. She also buys a gift that a lucky fan will receive by sending in the postcard which is included with the first pressing of this DVD. I must point out how absolutely adorable she looks here! There's also a cute moment when she sees a turtle design and thinks of Eri (Kamei). "Kame" is turtle in Japanese. This DVD runs about 68 minutes and includes optional audio commentary with Aichan and Gakisan. Enjoy! 🙂

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4 Responses to アロハロ!新垣里沙DVD。

  1. Hotaru says:

    Aww, Niigaki-san's adorable. My favorite part of the DVD was the Speedboat part…it reminded me of my childhood… ._.


  2. Hotaru Gakisan really handles herself so well and yes she's so adorable! The speedboat part is definitely a highlight…did you're parents try to scare you too?! lol. Just kidding! 😛


  3. paul.thomas says:

    I received my copy of this in the post today, but I've yet to get a chance to watch it and unless I get up early tomorrow…which at the moment it's not looking likely, it's sunday, it's just gone 3am and I've got to be up at 3:30am on Monday so want to get as much sleep tomorrow as possible…I'm not going to be able to watch it until Tuesday of next week :(I must admit to only skim reading your review, I'm keen to know what happens but I don't want to spoil the surprise (if you know what I mean) of what looks to be a great DVD. I'm glad she tries her hand at English, the results are always amusing. I'll make sure to come back and read this properly once I;ve watched the DVD…which I'm really hoping I'll do tomorrow.Hahaha, must admit speedboats remind me of a family holiday I went on when I was younger, my dad decided he would try surfing, he wasn't to bad, but at one point he fell off and had some trouble, so the tutors went over to him in a speedboat and got him on it, as they were coming back in somehow he managed to full off of the speedboat and they had to go and get him again, so funny to watch! If I remember right the resort gave him the most stupidest surfer award.


  4. Paul I'd like to hear your thoughts on this DVD after you've watched it. Hopefully you have time soon! That story about your father is hilarious! He's much braver than me and I'd stay away from surfing and speedboats and considering that I live in Hawaii that must sound a bit strange. lol. They gave him an award?! Heheh!


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