HM@ 6/3/07-”The one with smart kitty, retro games, Tsunku gets knocked out, & Kohachan freaks out.”


It's back! I haven't posted about HM@ episodes in awhile and I was wondering if it was entertaining to anyone especially since I'm always an episode behind being that I receive these DVDs from Saburo on Saturdays and the new episodes are being aired just a few hours later as Japan is almost a day ahead of us here in Hawaii. Anyway here's one episode and I'll see if I'll continue to post these. Don't get too excited about the Tsunku getting knocked out bit in the heading as he does get back up. lol.

Today's episode starts off with just 5 members of Momusu including Aichan, Gakisan, Tanakachi, Kamei, and Sayu. Highlights from today's walk with the girls: We start off with Tanakachi being given 2 white panels which will be delivered to a yet to be known destination later in the episode. It turns out to be really great stuff. First stop is at an eatery called Moses which has an American like menu including children's specials. One of this eatery's specialties is their hot sauce which comes in different degrees of spice. Nothing like a big hanging slab of meat to greet you as you order! Yikes! The cook pulls out his sword…I mean knife to cut some pieces off for a spicy sandwich treat. Aichan orders a milder sauce for her sandwich and has a slight reaction to it. We learn that Sayu's the one who has a fondness for heat and she gets and extra helping of the red stuff! "Karai!" But she handles it quite well. Aichan's now a bit curious and tries a small piece of Sayu's bread with some sauce. Now that's the reaction we were looking for!!! (See Aichan's mouth on fire above!) Next the girls get a tip on where they can locate Ishida Hiromi the owner of an incredibly smart cat. The first thing to note about this cat is that she walks it on a leash like a dog. If you're familiar with cats you know how bizarre this is! Cats really don't go for this sort of thing at all. In fact I've never in my life heard of a cat being on a leash and being happy about it. Cats are also not know to be trainable in the art of shaking paws or paying attention to you unless they're hungry. lol. I kid! Okay but the shaking paws thing isn't really common. It gets better as this cat not only shakes hands with you but this cat is also a master of picking the hand which has the food in it. We get a demonstration from Mr. Ishida as he secretly puts the food in one hand and then presents his 2 closed hands to the cat at a slight distance. Smarty cat then taps the correct hand with his paw without hesitation. Now it's time for one of the girls to try and Tanakachi sees if the cat will remain obedient with her. After shaking paws she tries the food hiding trick and the cat comes through with flying colors. And here's a funny moment as Sayu steps up to try next and the cat immediately turns around ignores her. Heheh. Poor Sayu. Next Kamei (cute pose!) and Tanakachi are appointed the task of seeing if they can try out some retro games in an interesting looking location. When the friendly owner gives them the green light everyone's invited in and it's Aichan vs. Tanakachi in a game of Street Fighter (a version from 1997). It's cute as Aichan is holding the little king in her lap as she plays the video game. And yes she's still pushing the little guy around in the stroller. Alas the girls are about to find out what those 2 white panels that Tanakachi has been carrying with her are for. They arrive at a Nintendo building and the excitement immediately starts to build among them. After waiting in the lobby for a short while they are greeted by Audy Kimura's cousin…well actually Nintendo Man and Tanakachi gives him the 2 white panels. He declares them very important items and they head upstairs. This room looks like a card store only that in those glass cases are every model that Nintendo has ever released. It's an impressive sight as some date back to the early 80's and look to be in immaculate condition. It turns out that those 2 white panels are part of Nintendo's latest release the Wii! With a display set up it's time to play of course! The girls are given a demonstration on how player's characters can be custom made with different facial features from a large variety. Who to make first? Well Tsunku of course! This is pretty amazing as the end result really looks like a cartoon version of the boss himself! Next it's time to pick one of them to create in video game land likeness. Gakisan becomes the model for the next character and the girls go old school creating a somewhat Gakisan looking character with her old hairstyle from when she first joined Momusu. Eyebrows were kind of thick though! Okay way too thick! LOL. What better way to first experience the Wii then to punch out your boss. While everyone wanted to play it's Sayu (using Tsunku's character) vs. Gakisan (as her old school self) in a boxing match! Gakisan knocks Tsunku down first and it wasn't looking good for the boss for a short while but Sayu quickly recovers and has Tsunku knocking out Gakisan and she went down for good! The look on Gakisan's face…priceless. 🙂 The look on Tsunku's triumphant character's face…hilarious! It really looks like a cartoon version of Tsunku!

Next we have an entirely different segment which features the 2 Momusu members that we were missing…and I mean really missing especially Koharuchan! The 2 of them make a really cute team and their task today is seek out a smelly dessert. Never thought I'd say that. After a short while they find a chef who has just what they are looking for. He does seem to find their request a bit strange though. Heheh! The dessert arrives and it's a strange looking one. Clear with some red stuff. Eh? After some sniffing they deem the dessert ready for ingestion. Mitsii doesn't seem to mind at all but Koharuchan is having some issues with the strange dessert. The chef returns and they ask what ingredients are used in this dish. The chef presents them with a tray with some really funky looking stuff inside and reveals the process in making this dessert. What follows makes getting this episode well worth it! "Kaeru" (frog/toad) is revealed as the key ingredient and Koharuchan freaks out in the grandest fashion! I haven't seen a reaction this good since Koharuchan was presented with the giant snake at the zoo on an old episode of H!M as the batsu penalty! Another really great thing about this is Mitsii, who continues to not seem bothered by any of it! 🙂 This is a really great episode complete with a great finale delivered by Koharuchan. I consider it must see t.v.! Sorry for any typos or runoff sentences as I didn't get a chance to edit…time for sleep! 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to HM@ 6/3/07-”The one with smart kitty, retro games, Tsunku gets knocked out, & Kohachan freaks out.”

  1. Craig says:

    Seeing as you are already wondering about what to do with this segment might I join in with what I think might be good? *Assuming yes* I really liked the last paragraph and if I'm not mistaken that part was like a higlight for you also as a viewer… My suggestion is that you take you're favourite part of the show each week and present it like so. I must say the last paragraph is the 1st time I've heard a description of this show that kinda made me wanna watch it… Obviously you can always have you're opening paragraph as you have here in this entry, that can cover whatever and feels like a nice touch.


  2. Craig I really appreciate your suggestion and it's just good to hear from somebody out there as I decide whether or not to even write about HM@ episodes any more. There doesn't seem to be much interest out there in this show and I can't understand why. I'd think that any Morning Musume fan would enjoy this show a lot. Even with the changes and shortened program this show is really entertaining and I absolutely love watching it every week. It's a great way to see the girl's personalities come alive and to see how they interact with each other as well and you sometimes even learn something. lol. Now getting to your suggestion. I just like to run down the activities in each episode and I usually highlight some moments in post's title. In the past its been usually one giant paragraph but with this one I thought that separating the segment at the end would work better to highlight Koharuchan and Mitsii's dessert adventure. I'll definitely try to highlight a favorite moment from each week's episode as you suggest, if I continue to write these. Thanks!


  3. paul.thomas says:

    I must admit to not watching of HM@ and I've no idea why, I've watched the first couple of episodes but then I forgot to download an episode and just haven't got back into the swing. But I must say the very next thing I do after I post this is download all of the episodes…then I have half of my Saturday planned, and from reading the last bit of your review I can't wait to the last segment!!Def keep posting, I don't know of anywhere else which has a run down of the episodes, always a good read.


  4. Saburo says:

    I think DJ Waffles still has all the episodes archived. I'd bet you could still torrent all of them at Hello Online if need be. Lemme know if you have problems obtaining them all.


  5. paul.thomas says:

    Just downloading the 3rd episode from DJ Waffles now and am currently watching the first episode again. I can't decide if the ice cream in the hot dog bun would be nice or not, im sure one day after a couple of pints I'll no doubt try it out, lol.


  6. Thanks Paul you've helped me make up my mind. HM@ is officially back. Ice cream in a hot dog bun…that's like pineapple on pizza. Then again there are some friends at work that love this combination. Maybe it's just me. They call that "Hawaiian Pizza" and yet I don't see the locals eating it. lol.DJ Waffles…makes me kind of hungry. 🙂


  7. Saburo says:

    I wonder what it'll take to freak out the new Chinese Musume, in terms of gross-out cuisine. I can't imagine them being too offended by froggies.


  8. Saburo while they seemed to have missed the H!M batsu game fun days I'm sure the producers will find a way. Maybe snail cookies with a nice cold aojiru to wash it down. lol. Rin Rin has the gift of charisma and she's going to be great in the group. I'm already looking forward to when we update our Momusu member lists including the 2 new members as the 8 month mark between our lists is quickly approaching.


  9. Hotaru says:

    I remember when watching the first few minutes of the show "Thats part of a Wii…isn't it…?" since all of my friends decided that they must have it when it came out…….so they're kind of like…advertising Nintendo with that episode *shrugs*


  10. Hotaru I'm impressed that you knew what it was. I had no idea. 2 white panels and a question mark above my heard. The "ten ten" in the next episode was even more puzzling for me. I like that they do this in each episode as it adds a little bit of mystery to the show. Now that you mention it they were advertising the Wii. I wonder if Momusu will get a video game on their system in the future. They had one on Playstation awhile back and it had a great looking music video for "Dance suru no da!" Saburo got me a high quality video of this. That's such a great song and the game PV for it is so much fun to watch as it's shot in the most unique way!


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