I took these out of storage.

The first guitar I ever got was a $100 Hondo Les Paul copy for my birthday. That guitar was extremely heavy! lol. Then I bought a white Kramer Focus. I can't remember which series number it was but it had the just the bridge and neck pickups. I never really like having the middle pickup as it gets in my way. Probably the reason I've never owned a Fender strat and probably shows that my picking technique needed help. 🙂 Then I got a classical nylon string guitar. I love the feel of the wide neck and the sound is beautiful. This isn't an expensive classical guitar and is rather on the cheap side. I've tried some more expensive models but for some reason this inexpensive classical guitar always felt the best…probably because I don't know what I'm doing! 😛 Perfect action and spacing on the neck. I still have this guitar. My most played guitar is my Ibanez radius model. It's the Joe Satriani model but it never helped me play like him. lol. 😛 I  replaced the 2 stock pickups and put EMG's in there. For rock music EMG's have a nice sound to them. Something about powered (9 volt battery) pickups maybe. I used to own a nice bright yellow Ibanez sabre model guitar. Frank Gambale inspired me and I had to get one. It lived up to its name as it's the thinnest guitar I've ever played. I sold this to a friend at work when money seemed more important. Looking back I wish I had kept this one along with some others. A couple of other guitars that I used to have are a Roger Mcguinn special edition Rickenbacker and a Jackson Randy Rhoads V. The Roger Mcguinn guitar had 12 strings and was tedious to restring! Maybe that's why I sold it. Heheh. It had a floating bridge which was the shape of an R and you had to keep constant tention on the strings while stringing them up since there was nothing holding the strings in place under the R bridge. Just a system which held the ball of the strings in place with no bottom to it. It's hard to explain and I hope that makes some sense. The Randy Rhoads V was the one with one point longer than the other. This was the only used guitar that I'd ever owned. I never really got comfortable playing it as its neck never really suited my hands. It looked really great though! Those are the 3 guitars that I sold and again wish that I had kept.

Getting to the ones that I still have. I've already mentioned the Ibanez radius model and the classical nylon string guitars. The other 2 are a limited edition John Lennon Rickenbacker and a steel string Takamine acoustic with powered pickup. This Takamine is really great as it also has a built in eq with gain, bass, middle, and treble slide controls on the top of the body. When I was working in the music store a friend that I used to play tennis with and worked with there got me into the Beatles. I would buy one album each week until I had them all and he would pick which one I should get next. When this John Lennon limited Rickenbacker was announced I knew that I had to have one! Next to the Roger Mcguinn model this is the most expensive guitar that I've ever bought. It was a little under $1400. I started to learn a few Beatles songs, mostly their simple ones like "And I love Her", "Eight Days a Week", "I'm Looking Through You", and "Something." I bought a capo just so that I could play "Here Comes the Sun." When they announced the Susanna Hoffs limited edition Rickenbacker I was very close to getting one of those too. I love Susanna Hoffs and her model was a beautiful white! A Sony rep got me her autograph awhile back…I was so happy! ^o^

So these 4 guitars are now in storage once again. I really should have at least polished them. But time has been kind to them as they are being preserved well. Maybe one day I'll get the doctor to hammer my finger so that I can play again fully. But hmmmm…probably not! I can still play for the most part but I've forgotten pretty much every song that I learned. I may still remember "Goodbye Blue Sky" and "Tears in Heaven." Those worked great on the classical guitar. 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to I took these out of storage.

  1. OMG! -Did EVERYONE have a Hondo at some point in their lives?
    (he he he) I was always glad to have had a guitar, at any given time, but the name "Hondo" never EVER impressed anybody! Occasionally, it was called my "John Wayne Guitar". (Hondo?)
    My response here is probably going to be as long as your post….!
    As nice as the classical acoustics, with nylon strings sound, I never liked to play them. Nylon strings are just waaay to "slippery" for me, like the strings were trying to escape from under my fingers or something. I used to occasionally play with some of the classical guitars in the chorus room when I was in high school. (-They has guitar classes in the chorus room as well)
    I didn't care for pick-ups that were powered by batteries either, 'cause the batteries were ALWAYS in a place that was nearly impossible to get to, unless you had the tiny, little hands of a six year old.
    I've never owned an Ibanez, but they do rank among my favorite of guitars. They sound GREAT!!! I've never liked the "Flying V", because it just never felt right to me. -I don't know why… -Plus, it's a guitar you can't comfortaby sit and play. (obviously)
    12-strings are my FAVORITE!!! -Yeah, restringing them gets tedious, but it is soooo worth it! -What a beautiful sound these guitars make!!!! NOTHING is like a 12-string. -Can't wait to get another one.
    Your Rickenbacker is beautiful, and I'm almost envious. I don't understand their need to put the silly Lennon drawing on it 'tho… -I think it's distracting, and unnecessary. I think his autograph was all they really needed to put on it, but to each their own. Despite the silly drawing, this is a guitar you can ALWAYS be proud of having in your collection, and getting rid of it is sure to be a BIG mistake! -Don't even THINK about it, no matter how much someone is willing to offer you for it. (Well, unless they offer you a LOT…!) I would NEVER play one of these limited edition guitars, for fear of reducing is value. I would be too nervous about getting a scuff on it, or a ding on it or anything.
    I honestly wasn't ever a big Beatles fan. (don't beat me, and don't think less of me) Growing up, I was FORBIDDEN from music unless it was either Gospel, Glen Campbell or Sha Na Na. (no joke) I got my first taste of Rock when I was placed in a group home around age 11, just in time for 80's Rock, like Def Leppard, Billy Squire, AC/DC, then Zepplin and Rush, to name a few. When I finally heard some Beatles, I wasn't really impressed at all. -I did, eventually, like a few of their songs, but a lot of them were just silly to me. I respect their effect on todays music, but that's about it.
    Back to the guitars…
    I love your Ibanez!!! -Sleek, and beautiful! -I would probably enjoy playing that guitar the most out of all of your guitars, then I'd enjoy the Takamine next. Very nice guitars you have there!!!!
    The first guitar I ever owned was a 12-string Cordova. Oh, I loved that guitar almost more than life it's self, and I've yet to try to replace my first love!!! I played it on the beach in Florida all the time, 'till I was jumped by some drunken hooligans late one weekend. -They smashed it to bits, and I was unable to do anything about it. -Three on one is bad odds, and I'm definately not Jet-Li.
    I've had MANY guitars come and go during my life, most of them lost to a pawn shop somewhere. (-Life getting better some, I haven't been to a pawn shop in a few years) As soon as my financial picture brightens a bit better, I plan to get another nice acoustic 12-string. -I can hardly wait!!!! -It would TOTALLY improve my plans for the remakes of some of my old songs.
    Thank you for posting these pics! -I really didn't expect you to get them up so quickly! You should be VERY proud of these guitars!
    -You obviously have good taste in guitars too!


  2. PS: Susanna Hoffs… I had the "hots" for her for a little while…


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Wow, that's a nice collection of guitars you have! I'm loving the cases for the acoustic guitars, they look very Desperado! And the John Lennon Rickenbacker looks really nice to, it has a really nice shape.I played a little guitar when I was younger, I started off with a really cheap acoustic from cost me about £30, but it was good for learning the basics, then I moved onto a Tanglewood Sabre, again another cheap(ish) guitar but I'd now moved onto electric so I felt really cool, hahaha! But that's where it stopped for me, it's currently sitting underneath my stairs and probably needs restringing.For some reason I never got around to learning to play any of the Beatles songs, I have no idea as they are all classics. I only ever managed to learn a couple of songs by Blur, Oasis and The Presidents of the United States of America (if I remember rightly they were a pain as they only used three strings).Once I've done typing this I think I'm going to have to dig out my Presidents CDs it's been a while since I listened to them.


  4. Dark Knightingale you're right as it does seem that everyone at some point owned a Hondo! Hondo hmm…does sound funny. I just remember that it weighed a ton and the action was kind of high on it. On the Ibanez the battery for the EMG's are with the control knobs so that ones easy to get to but yes when it comes to the Takamine it's a different story. You definitely need little hands and luckily I have small hands. This may be the only good reason to have small hands. Heheh. The Randy Rhoads V was hard to play with because of its shape and part of the reason that I sold it. It just looked nice though. Maybe it should have been framed and hung on the wall instead. I kid! The Roger Mcguinn 12 string did sound incredible! With those old style pickups it really did have that Byrds sound. I regret selling that one the most when I think about it. I did use it to record a song a long time ago. I layered 3 guitars for the recording using the 12 string, steel string acoustic, and the John Lennon Rickenbacker. This was the one and only time that I played the John Lennon model as it was always intended to be a collector's item only. This is the only song that I've ever recorded and well…think America meets R.E.M. LOL! Funny how it kind of sounds like what I was listening to at the time. Bass, drums, and 3 guitars. That was it no vocals as that was never finished. It will NEVER be heard though. NEVER! Heheh. As far as selling the Rickenbacker. I don't intend to ever sell it unless of course someone makes me an offer that's too good. But I don't ever seeing that happen so it will always remain in my collection…uh storage. Never a Beatles fan! Eh! I'm just kidding. I love the Beatles and when I started to listen to music from the 60's my father told me that I should have been born in another decade. LOL. I love big band music too and all types of Jazz. Yes the Ibanez is by far my favorite as it's just so easy to play with and feels really great. The rounded shape of the neck, perfect action, and the absence of a middle pickup really make it comfortable for me. That's really sad what happened to your 12 string. Some people who get crazy when they drink shouldn't be allowed to drink. I hope you can replace it soon as the sound it creates is really great. Thanks for you comments! It means a lot coming from someone who loves guitars too!


  5. Paul I love that! Desperado! Heheh! The Rickenbacker was released right around the height of my Beatlemania period. LOL. It was amazing as all this great music was out there and I never knew about it until a friend turned me onto it. I really had to have this guitar and even if it meant not eating for awhile I would've done just that. Luckily there was such a thing as financing. It's great that you played guitar for awhile too. Now we both have them in storage. lol. That's interesting that they used only 3 strings. I can't imagine it.


  6. OOOPS….! -I suddenly need to make a small correction about something I said in my response, above.
    (rolls eyes) Sorry, but here's another long post for ya…
    I incorrectly (and inadvertantly) might have led you to believe that, at around age 11, I had never listened to the Beatles. I suddenly, and distincly, remember two instances, from my youth, where I HAD "experienced" some of the Beatles, but I guess I just didn't get it then.
    The first instance I can recall was a play my school had put on, when I was VERY small… -Elementary, I think…
    -No, actually a music presentation of some sort. NOT a play. I remember holding a piece of cardboard, cut and painted to look like a sub, and I wore a white sailers cap, which we "tipped" at the end of the song. We, of course, sang "Yellow Submarine". I don't recall how old I was at the time, but I was very young.
    The second instance I recall, was distincly 6th grade music class. (in hindsight, my music teacher, Mrs. Wert, was AWESOME, and I was just too dumb, then, to know it…) -Thaaat's where I heard, and LOVED the song "Elanore Rigby".
    That's also where I began to hear some of the Beatles library. -About the same time I had begun to nose-dive in to Rock. I never really "followed" them, like their fans do.
    I don't dislike the Beatles. I like quite a few of their songs! -I'm just not what most might consider to be a "fan".
    I DO have quite a bit of dislike for Yoko Ono 'tho…, But I don't want to go there. Julian Lennon put out a record that I heard a couple of songs from, and liked, but I haven't heard anything since, from him.
    OK. -Enough about the Beatles already! (for now…)
    The action on the Hondo WAS a little high, wasn't it? -I didn't care 'tho. -I had a GUITAR!!!! (smiles – It's about the MUSIC, NOT the name of the guitar, right?) I was glad to have it when I did.
    Next, I prefer to use guitars, who's pick-ups are externally powered. I dunno, I guess I just like to be able to see my footpedal power source. -And, three pickups never really bothered me, once the sound is set right.
    The flying V… Hmmm… -As if guitar wasn't hard enough to play as it was, here comes a body design that seemed to make things harder. -It's uncomfortable to me. -Maybe it's an acquired taste, but I don't see why things have to be harder than they need to be, or already are.
    So hey, what was this three-guitar/Bass and Drum layered song you did? -What do I have to do to get you to let me hear it? -Can, and would you post, or send it? -C'mon, don't be shy…
    I regret the loss of ALL of the guitars I've "lost" in my life. -I wish I still had them ALL!!! -The stories I could tell….
    Uh, storage. he he he -That's funny! lol
    ALL people are "different" to some extent when they drink. -Some just seem to "drink too much" sometimes. -They should just drink at home.
    -If I have my way (which is rare anymore) I hope to have some sort of beautiful 12-string no later than the end of this summer. -I have an "old" song (from the early 90's) called "Lost Within A Song", which I'm dyin' to recreate… -But, it requires a 12-string. (-It will not EVER be right without one!!!)
    It's nice to talk about some things, and I'm enjoying this current conversation with you. Thanks for talking to me!


  7. That's really great that your school used Yellow Submarine! My cousin gave me her 45 of Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine was the b-side. I didn't know how valuable it was back then and I have no idea what happened to it. I loved Yellow Submarine but Eleanor Rigby used to sound scary back then. It was only years later when I heard Paul McCartney's Give My Regards to Broad Street did I find this song really great. I still didn't know about the Beatles then though until awhile later. Yoko Ono…heheh yes lets not open that can of worms! I have Julian Lennon's albums and my favorite songs are Valotte and Saltwater. He has disappeared though. That's too bad I really love the sound of his voice. I just loved the way the EMG's sounded. I used to have a Mesa Boogie simul class head 15/75 I think it was. It had a switch which allowed for 2 different watt settings. It was an off white cream color and I had it hooked up to a 4×12 Mesa Boogie cabinet with black shadow speakers. It had a really nice looking black metal grill in the front but it was huge and I had a hard time getting it around. I didn't drive so a friend would pick me up and we'd try to fit it into his back seat. lol. It must have looked like a comedy act. The Gambale Ibanez had a middle pickup and I used to screw it way into the body so that it wouldn't get in my way. Heheh. I guess I picked funny and since I never used the middle setting it didn't matter if I had it sunk in that far. Yes you couldn't sit down with the Randy Rhoads V. It would just slip off of your leg. The shape was awkward too. A friend sold it to me for a good price and I guess I just thought that it looked nice. Plus having heard Randy Rhoads guitar work on Ozzy's albums it looked like an attractive deal. I guess it was a collectors item and I wish I hadn't sold it thinking about it now. I'm thinking put it into a shadow box and display. Guess that's why my room's starting to look like a museum or store. lol. Sorry that song is just to wacky to venture out. I'm keeping it hidden forever. 🙂 Just think moody folk with a jingly R.E.M. thing going on. Heheh. The "chorus" chord progression though is something that I was always happy with. It really evokes emotions when I listen to it. It has a sad to happy sound to it if that makes any sense. Probably not. lol. I like people who become happier when they drink. But I guess they'd have to be happy people to begin with. I hope you can acquire that 12 string! Redoing that song would be great as the sound it creates is really sweet and some songs demand that.


  8. I used to have a Crate G212 for a short while (it was stolen) I liked it's built-in distortion, but I'd have to physically switch between the clean channel and the distortion without the luxury of a footpedal. But, MAN, it sounded GREAT!!!
    -I kinda miss it…
    I wasn't driving at that time either… I guess we ALL had moments of looking like a comedy act whenever we transported our gear, but we thought we were cool…! (he he he)
    Yeah, I'd say the Randy Rhodes V would work better in a collection, rather than actually playing it. Randy was great with a V (and any other guitar he touched) but not me. -I just don't do well with a V.
    Too bad you won't share your song, but that's ok. -I don't share all of mine either… (They're not ALL great… he he he)
    Yeah, I'm going to scrimp and save, and with any kind of good luck, I'll have that 12-string in August! (I hope, that is…) -I'll keep you posted!


  9. wu-san says:

    woh…I'm in love with the John Lennon LE…my kind of thing. Not so bothered about the Ibanez models, as a lot of my musical friends had them in the past and well, I was never too crazy about them. Sorry.
    Anyway, you must have been quite something to of had a string of guitars down the line.


  10. wu-san sorry about the messed up address and I'm surprised you could find this page with it. 😛 This is all that's left as I've sold all of the others after I injured my finger and "retired." I miss my Mesa Boogie simul class head & 4×12 cabinet but when I moved there simply was no room for it anymore. Plus I don't think the neighbors would have been too happy with them. 😛 It's funny I hardly played the John Lennon model…guess I was trying to preserve it or something. But since I don't plan on ever selling it what am I preserving it for? lol!


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