From Russia to Serbia with love…

In about a day Maria Sharapova will meet Ana Ivanovic on a clay court in the 2nd major of the year, Roland Garros. It's the first time that Sharapova has reached the semis in what is often called the most grueling major tournament in tennis. While Sharapova admits that clay is her worst surface she has managed to blast her way into the semis while not adjusting her game. While clay court tennis usually demands excellent footwork, that not being Sharapova's strength (she is really tall!), as well as the clay's surface negating a lot of her power game she has managed to fight her way to this point overcoming some difficult matches even fending off multiple match points against her. A 3rd major title is just 2 matches away for one of Russia's most explosive players. Early in her career she was often compared to Anna Kournikova. But she has quickly shed those comparisons as she has won tournaments and even 2 majors including Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. Not just a pretty face…this girl can play!

On the other side of the net will be one of Serbia's quickly rising stars, Ana Ivanovic.  The 2 have met only once before and Ivanovic holds a 1-0 edge. However on paper it would seem that Sharapova should be favored considerably as she's ranked much higher, has even held the #1 ranking, and has an impressive amount of titles under her belt. I don't get much tennis in my diet in recent years but this match has the real makings of a classic battle.

I used to play a lot of tennis before I slightly injured my shoulder. For a stretch of about 4 years I may have played too much tennis. About 7 hours a day on weekdays and 9 hours on weekends every week. All 7 days. It was then drastically reduced to only 2-3 days a week and every Friday was doubles at night. I've always preferred playing singles as I sometimes had a hard time getting into doubles matches since you're not covering every shot. I loved playing tennis although I was never really great at it and I used to think that being only 5' 5" made my serve a disadvantage but later seeing Justine Henin who's just as short hit powerful and well place serves quickly dispelled that thought. 😛 I haven't played in years but I still like to follow the game and watch great matches (mostly the Grand Slams). Roger Federer is incredible to watch and if he can capture the Roland Garros title a calendar year Grand Slam is definitely a strong possibility as his 2 best Slams remain after this one that being Wimbledon and the U.S.Open. Standing in his way will most likely be Rafael Nadal whom to say excels on clay is a huge understatement. He pretty much owns the clay! A much anticipated final between them is what I and I think most fans hope to see. I'm pulling for Federer. I've never seen anyone play tennis as well as he does. Between Sharapova and Ivanovic? That's a toss up and I'll have to remain neutral on this one. Okay if I had to pick…sorry I just can't. Heheh.


Those tennis photographers! LOL.

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4 Responses to From Russia to Serbia with love…

  1. Saburo says:

    I don't follow tennis except when they yell about it on PTI.Based on the pictures above… it's Sharapova all the way. Lookit that rump!Oh… there's a tennis match?


  2. All I can say about Tennis is that it's GREAT exercize, and you've GOTTA LOVE the ladies!!! They look GREAT, and it's SIMPLY because they get such great exercise!!!!
    Personally, I think I'd handle the solo indoor raquetball better. Why would I hit a ball at someone…? -Unless they hit one at me first….
    -I wish I had better things available to me sometimes…
    As for tennis, do they ever have matches featuring males against females?
    -I haven't heard of any yet…


  3. Heheh! Saburo, Sharapova is really great! She is easily one of the most marketable athletes in the world. Sharapova not only holds the edge in titles but in endorsement contracts as well. In fact in terms of total revenue I think that she may be one the highest paid female athlete in the world right now if not the highest. See any of those Canon commercials? The one with the little dog is cute!


  4. Dark Knightingale you're definitely right about the fitness! Tennis players are such well tuned athletes. Anyone who's ever been on a tennis court knows that there's so much physical activity involved with all the running, jumping, quick change of direction, and sometimes even sliding. And in singles since you're all alone that's a lot of court to cover on every point. As far as male vs. female tennis matches the closest thing to that on the tours is mixed doubles. However back in the 70's there was one arranged match between a male and female which was more like a hyped up exhibition. It was billed as the "Battle of the Sexes." I've only seen a little bit of video from this match. Bobby Riggs whom at the time was a bit old went up against Billie Jean King and he got clobbered a bit. I'm trying to remember what the other match was which happened a bit more recently. I think it was Navratilova vs. Connors or something like that. There might have been something about Navratilova being able to use the doubles alley for a bigger court while Connors was only allowed the regular area within the doubles alley.I'm not too sure about that though. These were really hyped up like boxing matches! Let's get ready to rumble!!! But like a lot of hyped up boxing matches it fell short in competitiveness as well as entertainment value. Must have sounded like a good idea at the time.


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