The last Momusu autographs that I may ever need.

Of course right after typing in that heading I'm guessing that I will probably see another autographed item by them that I will have to have. LOL. This poster was autographed at last year's H!P Sportsfest by every member pictured on the poster. This includes Yossi, Makochan, Koharuchan, Kamei, Gakisan, Konkon, Mikitty, Tanakachi, Sayu, and Aichan. I've been waiting for the custom matted frame that I ordered for it to come in and it arrived today! Sorry I was having a hard time using the flash with my camera as I kept getting a glare off of the frame's glass so these pictures aren't as clear as I would've liked them to be. The previous owner of this poster took it to the H!P Sportsfest event and managed to get everyone to sign it and the poster has some battle signs on it but nothing too serious and when I saw it I knew that a large chunk of my work bonus was in trouble. I originally asked Ohta to find me autographs of just Aichan, Koharuchan, and Gakisan and he found this! I sent him $600.00 in advance so that he had a lot of ammo to fight for it with on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Amazingly he didn't need to bid anywhere near that high! Whew! A lot of times I frame things and the frame ends up costing more than the thing being framed but I'm happy that wasn't the case this time. This poster is not only worth more than the frame but it is now perhaps the centerpiece of my entire Momusu collection. I hesitate to say that firmly as it's really in my mind tied with my Asayan "Ai no tane" single with shashin and postcard autographed by the 5 original members of Momusu. That still may actually be tops. The previous owner of this poster had it pinned up on his wall as there are tiny pin marks on the far corners but with the matting none of that is visible anymore and I'm glad that it was done right at the edges. I can't believe he had this poster merely pinned up especially after all the hard work he must have gone through getting everyone to sign it. I got lucky with the color of the matting as I kind of guessed a good color since I didn't take the poster with me as I was afraid to take it out of the house. LOL. Had I been thinking clearly I would've just taken the first press edition of this single instead. 😛 Luckily the brownish pecan color that I chose worked out well and the glossy black frame accents the autographs. Something's coming off the wall soon to make room for this poster. One great thing about the timing of this signing is that Makochan and Konkon were still in the group. I will be framing my Gen. 6 autographed card tomorrow along with pictures. These frames are being custom made for me but I'm putting them together to save on labor costs and the long wait if I had them assemble them for me. With this poster, the autographed card from 2000, and my "Ai no tane" signed postcard I think the only momusu members that I'm missing autographs of are Ichii Sayaka and Mitsui Aika. I don't imagine that an Ichii Sayaka autograph will be available any time soon.

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4 Responses to The last Momusu autographs that I may ever need.

  1. MainMor says:

    Perhaps it was on the wall first and then taken down to get signed? =DThat sounds better. It looks great.


  2. paul.thomas says:

    That's really nice! (and that's am understatement!)MainMor I'd really hope that your comment is right, I can't imagine anyone putting pins into something like that, at least if it was unsigned it's less of a big deal.It's a tough one to decide to what actually is the better out of this and the original member signatures you have…I'm guessing the original members autographs would be harder to find. Ohta really seems to be pulling in some great finds lately especially on the signatures, what with your other signatures you got a while back, my koharu poster and the bunch of other ones on his store, he really is building up a treasure trove of H!P goods! And the great thing about him is how trustworthy he is, much like yourself when I got him to bid on my poster I sent him the money before it was purchased, but I had no worries about him running off with the cash or anything like that…he is one of a handful of people that I completely trust when it comes to things like that.The frame looks really nice, you done a great job! I still haven't managed to get my signed Koharu poster framed, went along on to the framers on Monday, but they are so crap! What sort of shop only frames pictures on weekdays between 10am and 2pm :S…Looks like I may have to call in sick to work one day.


  3. MainMor that makes a lot more sense. It would be funny if he tacked it up after it was signed. I'm just really glad that it was on the far edges so the matting covered the tiny tack holes easily.


  4. Paul it actually looks a lot better in person as I couldn't get rid of all of the glare as I'm not very good with a camera. And the autographs look a lot more defined. I think you're right about the original member's autographs being more rare. I don't know how many people would actually sell their copy and if they did the price is usually really high. I hope that you get your Koharuchan signed poster framed soon so that everyone can see it! Ohta is the best! He finds all kinds of great items and it's really great of him to bid on Yahoo Japan auctions for us as most sellers won't ship internationally. It saves a lot of money too as the middle man services out there for Japan auctions charge quite a lot while Ohta is very reasonable with his fees. Plus the fact that he even refunds shipping charges if they turn out to be less than expected. Yes very trustworty! If anyone else wants to check out his store and ask him for help finding an item check "my links" for his url address. It took awhile to center the poster as that was the biggest challenge. Thanks! I'm glad that matting color worked out. (sigh of relief) Sounds like you do need to call in sick to get your Koharuchan poster framed! Heheh. Those are some wacky hours that they have.


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